Underground Updates: A New Twist

Hey everyone,

I thought long and hard about whether to go with Plan A or Plan B from last week’s update. I’ve decided to go with:

Plan B…with a twist

The idea for Plan B is to have all the premium content online as protected posts directly on the site. You would register either for a monthly subscription to gain access to those posts or purchase the posts on an individual basis.

Right now I am thinking there will be 2 new premium articles each week.

I have decided to go with this plan over Plan A, where you would either be either physically mailed or e-mailed a newsletter containing about 4 articles twice a month (for a total of 8 articles).

There are some basic reasons why I think this is the best route to take…

– You get immediate access to the content (no waiting for the mailman)
– If you subscribe at any point, you will get access to every single past article (not just the current month)
– You will be able to interact with the writers and ask them questions
– You will have the option to get a monthly subscription or purchase individual articles (you would not have this choice otherwise)

Though I admit a printed newsletter or magazine would be sweet, there are just too many technical constraints tied to those options.

But there is more to it…

The Twist

vam.ac.ukI’ve been home pet-sitting our Pomeranian, turtle, and cat the past few days and thus have had ample time to research all the membership software options out there to figure out what would be best for our site. I sat through tutorial after tutorial, not really sure if I would ever find something to suit our needs.

Then today it finally dawned up me as to what software would be a perfect fit and make Underground even cooler.

I am 99% going to go with Amember. You can check it out if you want. There are two really cool things I will be able to do with it:

1. Give You Coupons

I forget if someone had proposed this idea in the comments of one of the other posts, but what this will enable me to do is give people who submit articles that get published to the site coupons toward articles or a subscription.

This is big.

This will give you more incentive to contribute and should improve the quality of the articles on the site as I will become more stringent in picking what gets posted.

So even if you’re just a casual reader, better articles will be posted.

If you want to join Underground or access premium articles, this will help alleviate those costs.

To be clear, credits is probably a better term than coupons. They will have monetary value toward products and can accumulate.

The other cool thing is…

2. Private Members Forum

One thing I realized would be an issue is that comments left on Underground articles would be pretty much unprotected from the public. They would appear on the sidebar widget and also within everyone’s Disqus profile, which is publicly viewable.

I’m sure that by simply reading the comments left on an article, one could get a pretty good idea as to what it’s about. I needed to come up with a workaround for this issue.

Comments for Underground articles will have to be closed because of this, so I was thinking that maybe instead the writer could leave their e-mail address within the article so you could contact them with questions.

I then realized that there was an even better solution…the software I will be using not only integrates with WordPress (what this blog is run on), but it also integrates with vBulletin (the software the forums are run on).

What I can do is create a hidden forum visible to Underground members only. This will be a place where you can discuss the articles with the writers, get deck help, talk strategy with other Underground members, or whatever! I really think this will make having the membership even more worthwhile.

The software will pretty much make all the site integrated. Before you had to sign up separately for the main site, the forums, the newsletter, and Disqus. Amember integrates all that stuff except for Disqus; I’m hoping that functionally is added in the future. This means I may start up a newsletter e-mail list again, just to more directly keep everyone updated with the latest .

Your Thoughts?

I think this configuration will improve the quality of the site, for both subscribers and non-subscribers.

What do you think? Should I go ahead and start setting things up for this?

Any changes you would make to the plan?



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  1. Chris Barrieau

    I think that sounds pretty sick, Adam!! =] What is the approximate pricing you're planning on putting up for here?

    Also, do you have a page that shows how the signup/login structures work, just to have a global view of all the different things on the site? (Since you mentioned having to sign up for Disqus, the forum, and the newsletter, all seperately…) I'm a person who understands a lot better with a visual and/or global view of things… Is there something you can link me to, show me, w/e to help me out please?

    Thanks a bunch! And I can't wait to see the premium articles start showing up on here! =]

  2. Drew Stillwell

    looks good to me, I'm starting to look forward to this Adam. I don't know how I feel about an exclusive forum, but I suppose it will give a better place for more dedicated players to discuss stuff. Does paying by the article give you access to the forum? If I bought access to one article would I have the clearance to view the private forum?

  3. Karol Nowak

    This is looking great Adam! Six Prizes Underground is surely going to have some exciting things in it. That private forum looks interesting too.

    Yep, can't wait until it comes up!

  4. Theo Seeds

    yes luke youre right. back when I was a junior my parents wouldn't let me buy cards online and it hurt my playing skills. I believe this would be similar.

  5. Chris Barrieau

    Dude did you even read what the article is about? Or did you just go “Oh not what I want I'm gonna bitch about it”?

  6. Chris Barrieau

    True, but that's exactly why there are Junior/Senior/Master divisions in POP. To do their best to separate those who have money to spend on this game, and those who do not… It's the best POP can do without asking everybody to show their budgets and declare how much money they make and stuff. =

    However, I do have a suggestion for you. =] If you're able to make some friends at a local league, you might be able to find a Senior or a Master who will be willing to share some premium articles for you. =] Given your position, I think this might be a good way of going about for you. =]

    Hope this helps! ^^


  7. Chris Barrieau

    ….Ok, but this article is talking about trying to make the whole entire site better. If you just want to stick to 6p's basic articles, then so be it. But don't come and complain on other posts ranting on about how you're not receiving what you want, in return for nothing.

  8. Chris Barrieau

    Alright.. I guess that logic makes good sense. And I agree with you on that. I guess I slightly got out of hand here, most likely because I've been seeing many people who just complain and post negatively on this site (such as saying “This decklist is horrible! here's a totally different strategy to use with the same cards, basically butchering your article!”) and the such. That, or I notice them more because negativity always stands out more. Therefore, I would like to apologize for my comment. I am not a moderator, it was not in my place to say this. I also know from experience that arguing over the Internet is senseless, and if I participate in the argument, I'm just as low as the other. However, my intentions were never to cause an argument… ^^” :P My objective was to reduce negativity… But by trying to do so, I possibly caused more. So I'm sorry about that.. ^^”

  9. Chris Barrieau

    PS: I like the way you explain. =] A lot of people fail at explaining. =]

  10. Luke

    but if it costs money some of us juniors cant access it

  11. Ed Mandy

    I actually think that having the comments (or at least some of them) publicly visible is a good way to generate interest in the articles. Yeah, you don't want to give too much away, but you also want people to feel like there is something interesting going on behind the curtain. Maybe they ought to pay to join the party.

  12. Slowdog

    Yes. I find it pretty un inspiring to read an articles about that articles will come in the future. It is like when if i don't get payed and my boss instead says i will have a good investment opportunity in the future :)

  13. Martin Garcia

    Mmm, this idea is starting to take a more realistic form. I agree with what you have created so far, so im seriously considering getting a premier.
    I like the idea of a premier forum, sounds like a circle of top players discussing everything about decks and metagame, and i also like that you can get credits if your articles are good enough to be posted.
    Thumbs up.

  14. Chris Barrieau

    totally agree with all of this. =] I'm thinking of maybe getting a shared premier or something with my friend. We're like a duo who've been in the game for three years together. =]

  15. Slowdog

    I found this article irrelevant, since it is not about the game, hence this “:/” face. I don't really see why you think I am not allowed to express my disappointment. I am not breaching any site rules, nor do I find the comment offensive or amoral in any way. The reason for my disappointment is simply that I enjoy the usualy high quality articles here nearly every day. Thus, finding an article like this is disappointing, which I express with a “:/”. You are really not allowed to decide if I am allowed to “come and complain”.
    If the site owner feels as strongly, I am sure he will ban me from the site. However, I don't think he minds that much. The reason most people have a comment section after their articles is too read what people thought of it.

  16. Sledd

    First of all, do you still plan to do a free trial such as 1 month free or something, so people can get a feel of what it'll be like and how good the articles will be?

    Second, can you give me an approx range of what the prices may be?

    Third, I think this is a good idea and you should get started with it asap.

    Please respond to either this message or email me at ihoppop@gmail.com


  17. Chris Barrieau

    Actually, I would say that the article is placed perfectly. If you look at the home page of 6prizes, there's a blue navBar and a gray navBar. In the gray one, there's a News section. By going in there, you'll see that this is the first article that comes up. The home page articles is a collection of all the articles of the site. So since it englobes all the articles, it included this one.

    Having that said, I'd say that this article is perfectly placed. =]

  18. Joshua Pikka

    who knows I've been going back and forth with this idea.

    At first I thought the newsletter sounded terrible now I think that it would be cool to have something tangible in the mail and wiht some other content like art and stuff.

    But this could work too, it just sounds a lot more boring.

    If you can really pull it off and get people to give you money and players to give you decklists it might work. Just remember card players are pretty poor, and Pokemon players never like to share their decklists. So if it does work it would be something.

    One question is how much will it cost per subscription?

  19. Slowdog

    Hey it is no problem. I think less negativity on sites like this is a good mission. I really didn't mean to offend the article or the initiative either, but as previously mentioned, I just feel that these “articles” are misplaced when all other articles here concern the game.

  20. Travis

    i was the one that commented about tokens, or what you now call coupons. very cool haha.

  21. Robert1

    Sounds great, nice going with the incentives. That’s a great way to always keep viewers reading.

    Also if you made a magazine in the future would their be an issue with copyrights and Trademark laws? I know that trade names or trademarks can be considered within a domain, witch can protect you. Since you copyrighted sixprizes.com. Just talking about outside sources Pokemon TM. Pokemon Co.


  22. ESP

    I am definitely not liking this idea. I don't want to pay money for articles on the internet. I'd pay a small fee (like a dollar an issue to cover stamps and paper cost) for a newsletter I could hold, but definitely not anything for something on the internet. I personally think that this is a bad way for the site to go.

  23. Adam Capriola

    Hey Luke, thanks for the comment.

    I know Juniors themselves probably won't be able to purchase a subscription, but how do you get cards in the first place? How do you get to tournaments? Somebody is spending money.

    Like I've been suggesting, you should subscribe with a couple friends and chip in for it together. If you yourself can't get a subscription, like SkyAioSora has also mentioned, you could work together with a Senior or Master that has the ability to purchase it.

    Or just ask your parents. :)

  24. Adam Capriola

    Definitely! That's the way to do it, I really think this should be treated as a social thing.

  25. Adam Capriola

    Thanks for the comment Rhin.

    I think the forum will be cool. It will be a place where all the Underground members can discuss decks and strategy together and get input from the writers.

    Jason Chen has also suggested some more things we could do with the forum, he's got a post coming up in a few days with some ideas.

  26. Adam Capriola

    Yup 1 month free trial for everyone. I agree you should see what you're getting before making a commitment.

    I can't give any prices yet as we are still over a month away from this happening. I'm aiming to open things up after Worlds, in September I guess. I don't want to give any price quotes until I'm sure of what it will be.

    I will purchase software and start setting everything up though, maybe even this weekend.

  27. Adam Capriola

    Hey ESP, thanks for the comment.

    The articles you would be getting online would be exactly the same as the ones that would be in a paper newsletter, there is no difference except that you would get immediate access when they're online. You would also get access to all the back articles online which is really nice.

    A stamp, envelope, paper, and ink would cost me about $1.25 per newsletter, fyi.

  28. Adam Capriola

    Hey Robert! I don't really know what the deal is with copyright and trademark laws. I think it's ok to use card images. I have some old Pojo magazines and they used images without and issues I think…they cover does say “unofficial” magazine so I guess that's the disclaimer.

    No pricing yet, we still have over a month until this opens up. I don't want to name a price and then change it in that time period (causing outrage :P).

  29. Adam Capriola

    Hey Travis,

    Jason has actually written a post extending your token system idea…look for it in a few days. :)

  30. Adam Capriola

    The newsletter wasn't going to have art, it was going to be black and white printed on computer paper. Costs to do it more extravagantly would have been way too much.

    I do still think it's cool to get something in the mail, but with how information changes so quickly these days I don't think it's the best option for this. With this setup, someone could write a column and it could get posted to the site that day.

    Otherwise you might have to wait 2 weeks to get that information in the mail, and it might not be as of much use.

    No pricing yet, we have over a month till this opens and I don't want to name I price I'll regret naming later.

  31. Adam Capriola

    Yo Ed!

    I'll be giving a free month subscription to anyone that signs up, so that should be enough of a preview.

    I just think too much info could be gathered from comments. Try reading just the comments for a post without reading the article and you can probably get a good idea as to what it's about.

  32. Adam Capriola

    Hi awesomedude,

    I would suggest making friends with a Senior or Master player at your league and getting a subscription with them.

  33. Adam Capriola

    Hey JPN-Gallade!!

    Awesome, I'm glad you're looking forward to it.

    I think the forums will be cool. All the Underground members will be able to discuss decks together and get input from all the really good writers too. :)

  34. Adam Capriola


    I think the separate forums will need to be exclusive to give the best environment for Underground members to talk about decks and stuff. The writers will also be included there to help people and discuss their writing more in depth.

    Right now I'm thinking that you will need a full subscription to get access to those forums…all premium articles on the site will be discussed there, so if you buy 1 article I don't think you should basically get access to everything.

  35. Adam Capriola

    Hey SkyAoiSora!

    I don't have a visual for you, but let me explain to you the structure a little better.

    Basically there will be one registration page. Whether you are to register for the main site, forums, or e-mail list, it will direct to the same page where you fill in your name and e-mail.

    After you register, I think if you log-in to any portion of the site, it will log you in everywhere.

    The only exception is disqus comments on the site here, which is separate. It can't be connected as of now.

    It will be pretty simple…I'll make sure it's easy to follow what to do. I might even have everything set up this weekend. :)

  36. Adam Capriola

    Hey Slowdog,

    Thanks for your concern about there not being a strategy article today.

    I am sorry to disappoint you, but some days I gotta post news. I don't have any other way to get this information out there.

    If you send an article in, then I will be able to go an extra day before doing posts like this. :P

  37. ericmeckley

    Hey adam,
    I rarely post on here, but I always find the articles and forums on sixprizes to be by far the best. There is also a greater sense of community on this site from what I see. Anyways, this project sounds like a great idea and I can't wait to join in. I havent played too much this year but I think after worlds when this site goes up it will give me more of a reason to go out and play again. I just wanted to say thanks and good job with the site.

  38. Matthew Tidman

    Question about the free month: is that going to be standard for the site from this point on i.e. person creates and gets one month free on Underground? I would suggest not because it would be pretty easy to scam out the system then, also it's a nice bonus for those who have been coming to the site for awhile now.

  39. Matthew Riddle

    To be honest, the current working idea sounds like another money-grab from the well-informed players.

    I liked the original idea mainly because of how attractive a tangible pokemon newsletter would be. Remove that key aspect (tangibility) and you're left with another hidden-forum-like, members-only, money grab.

    I just don't see players' advice and lists being worth the kind of money this endeavor is turning into. I think I'd rather play a good MMO and have fun for countless hours each month than pay for a few articles where the “well-informed” players tell me the same information I know. I guess I gotta side with what some other guy said in another underground discussion; the current discussions you see online, even the articles written by some of writers signed up for this project on sites like Pokegym, aren't worth paying for in their current state. If you expect people to spend money on it, it better be leaps and bounds better than those articles, and I don't think you can guarantee it will be every time.

    Another issue I have: Lists change. The current “popular” list one week before a tournament can be drastically different the week after the tournament. Not only are you encouraging what many players frown upon (netdecking) but you set un-experienced players up to disappointment when they walk into a tournament feeling high and mighty about their 'current best list' version of a deck just to get told by another player that their list is so last week. I just don't see how you can charge money for something that doesn't guarantee success and is always changing. Actually, I know how (easy) you can charge money for it, because next week, when the list changes, the well-informed players don't have to feel insecure about helping their opposition at an event and can laugh at the people that paid money for an old list.

    I do wish you luck in your endeavor, but I think you're definitely neglecting a huge player-base and possible consumer-base by catering only to the most competitive of players. Only they will be willing to spend money on 'pro' lists. And I'd bet that the huge player-base that your neglecting played a large role in the popularity and growth of this site.

    Just my 2 cents. Someone has to be negative, might as well do it myself.

  40. Ben Ward

    I really wanted to comment on the negatives raised about this just being a money grabbing idea by l33t players and that it will allienate a portion of the sites users.

    1. you are being very cool with the idea of sharing the costs of site membership and I know that there will be teams of players who will be very pleased with this :D – this I really like.

    However the price becomes the main issue and if it is too high then you may exclude players or find that your subscriber numbers are lower as larger groups of players club together to buy into the site

    2. is the content really goin to be up to the standard required if you are asking users to pay for it?

    Personally I think if the site continues to deliver the quality and the quantity of material that I have seen so far then that is a no-brainer YES!

    But again price becomes the issue together with how you are going to take payments and how do us foreign players pay – with the usual issues with currency fluctuations etc…

    I hope you get it working, I think it is a really good way to pay back for the work being done here and it is usual with other TCGs for players to pay to get access to the TOP Table Minds and the deck strategy and tactics that they can deliver.

    So a definite two thumbs up from me as long as the price is right..

  41. Chris Barrieau

    No, I don't think that's how it would work. :P From what I understood, Adam will be posting the Premium Articles “as” regular articles, but mentioning them as premium ones. They will be better quality, better written, I'm sure with more insight, details, etc than regular articles. These will be viewable on the newsfeed as normal, and they will appear I think once every two weeks, or two articles per two weeks, I don't remember, for the duration of a month, starting sometime soon. After that, you will not see any more premium articles arriving in the “free zone”. However, you will still have access to these articles, but not the other Premium Articles.

    After that month has passed, people can sign up and start paying either for their separate articles, or for their monthly issues. Personally, I think I'd sign up for 12 months at a time if I can. =] Also, what you can do, and what I'm planning to do, is to sign up as a group of people, and distribute them solely to my small group of friends who pitched in. =]

    From what I understood, this is how it will all work. =]

  42. Chris Barrieau

    Hi Matthew,

    I respect, and think I understand your opinion here. I also don't think you're being particularly “negative”, you're simply trying to see both sides of the coin; which, as opposed to being negative, is something I very much encourage.

    In my opinion, the main objective of the paid section of 6p would not be to “give out pro deck lists” so players can win. There are many, many more factors that should come into play when planning a deck for a tournament. You need to know and understand how the metagame works, know what decks are mainly being played in order to know what to expect at a tournament, how to play against them, and therefore reduce your misplays as much as possible, and know what kind of deck feels best for you by testing all of them out yourself.

    Sure, decklists are useful because they guide you in a certain direction. But every player has their own style of playing, and everyone's version of a given decklist will vary from person to person. The reason for this is because everyone has an ever so slightly different point of view on many factors of the metagame, and depending on your location, you will play against different decks.

    The points of the articles are therefore not to simply give out “pro decklists”, but to bring you one step closer to understanding the metagame better, knowing your cards, and knowing what feels best for you to play at a tournament.

    I have to agree however that the paid section of the site certainly isn't for everyone. But if you feel you can profit from the paid section because you know how to use it properly, then I think one should at least give it a go. =]

    Furthermore, I know and understand that usually, discussions over the Internet aren't that great. However, there's a difference between a paid forum and a non-paid one. The paid forum, anyone can post on it very easily. The non-paid forum is reserved for players dedicated enough to want to pay for it, and therefore who want to know they will be with other dedicated players.

    I find the paid section of this site will pretty much be useful for players who like to discuss decks, learn about more decks, the cards, the metagame, combos, counters, and basically who like to interact and participate in the community of the Pokemon TCG. =]

  43. Ed Mandy

    I wouldn't mean to have all the comments available, but if you included those ones in the sidebar's latest comments, it would be rather difficult for someone to follow an entire thread that way, I'd think.

  44. Slowdog

    Okay, I did that. I cross my fingers that next time, an article comes the same day as the news about this stuff :)

  45. Adam Capriola

    Hey Eric, thanks for the comment and support! I am looking forward to it
    too. :)

  46. Adam Capriola

    Good question. I've thought about this a little bit, and what I might do is
    open up the free month trial for a few days at certain points during the

    Or instead I could have you pay up front for the first month and if at the
    end of a month you are unhappy, I will refund your money.

    If I went that route, I would give that option to everyone at any point
    (meaning it wouldn't be like the first scenario where there is maybe a week
    where I'd be giving a free trial away).

    I'll think more about this.

  47. Adam Capriola

    Hey Matthew, thanks for the input.

    I am not sure what you mean by money-grab, can you elaborate on that?

    I agree that the tangible newsletter would be really cool, but there are
    just so many constraints tied to it. The more I looked into it, the more I
    realized how difficult it would be to pull off.

    One of the biggest issues is that non United States players will have to
    receive some kind of digital copy no matter what. This means that I will
    have to physically mail half the people a newsletter, then e-mail the other
    half the newsletter but get protection software that costs $100 a month to
    protect the PDF file.

    The overhead is huge to do that. $100 a month plus about $2.50 to $3 per
    person for shipping costs in the U.S. That easily adds up. Instead I can
    just buy a few hundred dollars worth of software and be good for years if
    need be.

    The quality of the articles will be very high, otherwise I will scrap the
    project. If people are unhappy, I will give them full refunds. The
    articles you see good players writing publicly are not the same quality you
    would see if they were getting paid to write. There is a difference. John
    Kettler commented on this in one of the past updates.

    I see what you mean about rather playing a MMO, but a lot of people play the
    Pokemon TCG instead of doing something like that. This is their hobby.

    Your point about a list becoming obsolete one week later is another reason
    why this will be better online. If it was a mailed newsletter every two
    weeks, there would be even more issues with that type of thing. With the
    additional forum for Underground members, they can be kept up to date with
    the latests findings.

    If I have the time to start playing again, I'll make sure people are kept up
    to date with the latest advancements even if the writers develop tight lips.

    This has been geared towards competitive players from the beginning,
    otherwise I would let anybody write and it would just be a community type
    mailed newsletter. I want to help people that want to become better at this

    Thanks for the input though, I'm sure many people hold views similar to
    yours Matt. :)



  48. Adam Capriola

    Thanks for commeting ukpokemonpro.

    I know there could be the issue of too many people sharing an account, but I
    don't think that is really price dependent. You are going to share with the
    people you work together with, and that number is unlikely to change in my

    If I was purchasing a subscription, I personally don't think I would add
    extra people to my testing group to lower the cost a little bit per person.

    I will keep that in mind though when coming up with a price.

    Foreign players will be able to pay through Paypal, that will be the default
    payment for everyone. I think that will work for you, but let me know

    Thanks again!


  49. Adam Capriola

    Basically the site will look the same, but premium articles will get a tag
    that says “Underground Content” (like how Featured Articles now have a
    tag/banner at the top).

    There will be a preview of the article like all articles on the site, but if
    you click it to read, you will not be able to access it unless you have a
    subscription (or I deem it a freebie article).

    I am planning for 2 Underground articles/columns to be released each week.
    Probably every Monday and Friday, something like that. That means a total
    of about 8 columns from different writers each month.

    Splitting it up with your testing group is the way to go man, I know that's
    what I'd be doing. :)


  50. Adam Capriola

    You can click on somebody's profile and see all the comments they made
    though (even if they aren't listed in the sidebar anymore). It's not worth
    it…there will be a teaser of the article to check out anyway, that should
    be enough.

  51. Adam Capriola

    Haha thanks man, I'll get it edited and on the site soon. :)

    There is one more post about this stuff coming up soon unfortunately (I
    didn't write it though!!!)

  52. Chris Barrieau

    Awesome!! =] Thanks for the detailed explanation on this, Adam! =]

  53. Matthew Riddle

    I can't believe you guys are being so polite to me after my overly negative and slightly rude post. What has this world come to?

    My feelings on the topic aren't as strong as they were when I posted my original comment. I was disappointed that the newsletter idea had been trashed. I guess when the idea was first proposed, I imagined all the great things that could have come from it, and to see it turn into another hidden-forum, pro-boards, pay site just tipped me off the edge.

    There is not a good quality Pokemon printed item on the market as we speak. The Pokemon Company produced an one-issue “Premiere Issue” Pokemon Official Magazine, and it was fantastic, and then they never made another issue. Since then, I've searched everywhere for a good replacement, and I guess I thought your newsletter could somehow fill that spot.

    You have ideas for your product and you know what is best for it better than a random stranger. The best thing I can do is wish you best of luck with it, and hope it is as much of a contribution to the pokemon community as this site is. Because this site is one of the best things to happen to the game in a while. So many sites have come and gone (or are lingering around accomplishing nothing) and I think SixPrizes has made a decent name for itself, and I hope it keeps growing as time goes on.

  54. Randy Arnold

    Sounds cool, hopefully after the month is up I'll have enough to pay for it.
    I think you should have 3 and 6 month options and a year option for subscribing.

  55. mewuk85

    Sounds like u got all of the kinks figures out the cant wait to read the aricles.

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