Tech Please! #01 – Donphan Prime

We all know Donphan is as annoying as it is popular. A force to be reckoned with, Donphan can turn any player, newbie or veteran, into a potential round loss at a tournament. Don’t get me wrong, Donphan is a great card, and arguably the most game changing card of the last 3 expansions, barring maybe Jumpluff, Spiritomb and Expert Belt.

The thing that makes it one of the most frustrating cards is the fact that it can be played by just about anyone, and with a few lucky coin flips, can win matches that shouldn’t be won under normal circumstances. Being a Stage 1 with a 1-for-60 attack is unmatched by any Pokémon in the format, coupled with a fantastic damage reducing Poké-Body makes it a fantastic card.

That is to say it is not without its weaknesses, of which there are many. Besides the fact that the deck relies on up to 8 coin flips per game, (4 Pokémon Reversal, 4 Super Scoop Up), there are many Pokémon in our format to counter and exploit his weaknesses. I believe Donphan will be played for as long as it is legal, and my goal in this article is to show you how to tech against it.

Non-SP Deck Counters:

1. Glalie (AR)
Glalie is a Stage 1 Water type with a very good Donphan killing attack. “Wreck”, for a single Double Colorless Energy, will 1HKO an Un-Belted Donphan if there is any Stadium in play, doing 20 damage plus 50 more damage and then discarding that Stadium.

This is particularly good because you don’t have to commit to playing any Water energy, and it exploits the often maxed-out Broken Time Space line that many Donphan variants include. 90HP and a +20 weakness to Metal makes it less susceptible to an easy revenge prize. A Retreat Cost of 1 is payable or Unown Q abuse-able.

Great for decks that already play 3-4 Double Colorless Energy, can’t afford to play another specific energy type, already play 3-4 Stadiums.

2. Shedinja (SV)
Shedinja is also a Stage 1, although it’s stats are less impressive. 60 HP and Grass type. The thing that makes Shedinja a good Donphan counter is it’s Poké-Body “Marvel Shell”, that prevents all effects of attacks, including damage done to it by Pokémon with Poké-Bodies or Poké-Powers. A fully set-up Donphan play field will usually include: Donphan (Active), Donphan, Donphan Uxie, Uxie, and Mespirit on the bench.

pokemon-paradijs.comThis means none of them can hit Shedinja for any damage, essentially giving you the win. Your opponent even sets you up perfectly for Shedinja’s only attack “Spike Wound”, which will hit for 30 anywhere on the board to a Pokémon that already has damage counters on it. If your opponent used “Earthquake” at all during the game, this gives you a 30 snipe for a single C energy.

Of course, there is a downside to this strategy. “Spike Wound” will only do 10 damage to any Donphan in play, but this can be increased to 30 on the active with Expert Belt. The bigger problem is a Nidoqueen tech, which will essentially turn your 30 snipe into a 10 snipe, or worse yet, disable “Spike Wound” all together due to the massive healing of “Maternal Comfort”.

Great for decks that already play 2-3 Expert Belt, can’t afford to play another specific energy type, can’t commit too much space for a Donphan tech.

3. Frost Rotom (RR)
Frost Rotom is another viable counter, though perhaps the most finicky on the list. It’s 2nd attack “Crushing Ice” will do 40 damage plus 10 more damage for each energy requirement in the Defending Pokémon’s Retreat Cost. This will 1HKO even a Belted Donphan, which is really nice.

This strategy has many cons, however. This is the most cost-defective of the techs in this list, forcing you to commit a Double Colorless energy and a Water energy to take down Donphan. The Retreat Cost of 3 is horrifying, so pack Warp Points. Another downside is that a common tech in Donphan is Flygon, giving Donphan free retreat, and finally, a Mesprit drop will turn off his “Type Shift” Poké-Power, and therefore make Donphan resistant to it rather than weak.

The fact that Donphan lists are packing Mesprit’s and Flygon’s along with Rotom’s own shortcomings seem to make the cons outweigh the pros, but it is still a good, if not risky counter.

Good for decks that already run 3-4 Double Colorless Energy, already run Water/Rainbow energy, already run 2-3 Warp Point, need to improve their Gyarados matchup as well.

4. Dewgong (SV)
Dewgong is the other card that can 1HKO a Belted Donphan. “Ice Shard” does 80 damage to any Fighting type Pokémon for a Water and C energy. It does share some of the cons of Frost Rotom, however, and is arguably less versatile. 3 Retreat makes it slow, requiring you to run Warp Point. It is a Stage 1 with a terrible potential starter, as both legal Seel’s have a Retreat Cost of 2. Finally, it requires you commit to 2 turns of energy attachments, one of them being specific.

Good for decks that already run 3-4 Warp Point, already run Water/Rainbow energy, need the option to 1HKO a Belted Donphan.

pokebeach.com5. Crobat Prime (UL)
The last of the non-SP specific techs, Crobat can be a devastating tech. “Severe Poison”, for a single Psychic energy will poison Donphan for 40 damage in between turns. Crobat’s own fighting resistance makes it difficult for opposing Donphan’s to KO, and the Poison will kill Donphan by the time you announce your next attack, usually sniping another Pokémon on your opponent’s bench with “Skill Dive”.

In a deck already running 3-4 Rare Candy, I feel a 1-0-1 Crobat Prime line would be a very smart play in a deck that needs a good Donphan tech.

Great for decks that already run 3-4 Rare Candy, already run Psychic/Rainbow energy.

SP Deck Counters:

1. Crobat G
A Donphan counter in and of itself, it can poison for 20 in between turns for a Psychic and an Energy Gain. However, it’s free retreat, Fighting resistance, and SP engine abuse-ability makes it a key card in the other 2 SP specific Donphan counters.

Great for decks, heck, every SP deck runs 2-3 of these guys anyway, and if you don’t, you should!

pokemon-paradijs.com2. Quagsire GL
Quagsire is perhaps the most utilized of the SP-specific Donphan techs. for a Water and Double Colorless energy, “Punch and Run” does 40 damage and gives you the option to switch to the bench, where it becomes immune to damage thanks to it’s Poké-Body “Submerge”. The combo is to then promote Crobat G, who can easily take a hit from Donphan, then either retreat or Poké-Turn back to Quagsire GL to “Punch and Run” again to finish the job. You will need 2 Crobat G drops to kill a Belted Donphan using this strategy.

Another pro for Quagsire GL in LuxChomp is that it gives you a place to discharge Luxray GL LV.X’s “Trash Bolt” thanks to “Submerge”. Lightning resistance is also a huge plus. Overall, it is a great tech to counter Luxray GL’s fighting weakness.

Great for decks that can afford to run a tech Water energy, already run Luxray GL LV.X, run 2-3 Crobat G, run a standard SP engine.

3. Froslass GL
This is one of my favorite new Donphan techs because it can serve multiple uses. Her first attack “Sleep Inducer” does just what it says: You get to switch the defending Pokémon and bring up a new one that becomes asleep. This not only usually makes them waste an energy attachment to retreat, but it gives them a 50-50 chance of not being able to do anything, making it a fantastic early game disrupter.

The best thing is that this attack can operate for a single Energy Gain, meaning you can commit your energy for the turn on your main attacker. Her 2nd attack “Wake-Up Slap”, for a Psychic and an Energy Gain, does 20 damage plus 30 more if the defending Pokémon is affected by a Special Condition. Hmmm.. I seem to remember an Pokémon SP that inflicts a Special Condition for the same exact price. Ah yes! Crobat G.

So essentially, the combo would be this: Promote Crobat G, attach Psychic and Energy Gain to use “Deep Poison”. Next turn, take the hit from Donphan, Poké-Turn Crobat G and promote Froslass GL. Attach the very same Psychic and Energy Gain and “Wake-Up Slap” for the KO. This 2HKO combo is more cost effective than Quagsire GL, and combined with her great disruptive ability, makes this a legit Donphan tech to consider for your SP deck.

Great for decks that run P Energy, 2-3 Crobat G, standard SP engine.

Well there you go, my favorite Donphan counters specific to SP and non-SP decks. Some are better than others, with my personal favorites being Shedinja for non-SP, and Froslass GL for SP. I included several things for you to consider when choosing a tech. Look at the italic description below each tech that best describes your deck and give it a try. I also need to add, that not every deck needs a Donphan counter!

Have a good day, and happy Teching!

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99 replies

  1. Chris Barrieau

    Hmm! Nicely put, Cpeterik! This is definitely a very useful article that should really be paid attention to. These are very useful ideas to add into decks. =] Thanks man!

    Personally, I like the Shedinja tech and the Quagsire Tech. Shedinja basically cannot be hit… But there is a major downside for Shedinja. A common tech to put in a Donphan deck that I have seen is Manetric PL. My friend Erica played a Donkphan deck this weekend and totally wrecked our utld tournament. :P (I know it's ultd, but it's still a very good deck! :P) T-1 she often had a benched Manetric with a Belted Donphan using Earthquake. She had a solitaire-style trainer line to scroll through many many cards on T-1/T-2. But with Manetric PL, she prevents all damage inflicted onto her bench, including damage from Earthquake. If your opponent plays Manetric in their Don(k)phan deck, Shedinja may be a good staller, but won't exactly be hitting very hard…

    The other one I really like is Quagsire… because of its hit&run style strategy, combined with its nice amount of HP, its pokebody, and its ability to be poke-turned. (And of course it being a basic) At first I totally overlooked that card, but now I see it can be very useful. If you replace the e-gain with a DCE, it can be surprisingly even more useful!

    Overall, thanks for the article, man! =] Much appreciated. I'll definitely run a Donphan tech when I see I need to depending on what tournaments I attend. ;)

  2. Slowdog

    Just a great articles. Lots of interesting stuff. Well written.

  3. Slowdog

    And yes – i laughed at “tech please”. It is pretty funnny.

  4. Anthony Desiata

    you said the wrong move its not “trash bolt” its “flash impact”

  5. Peter Bae

    Skuntank G would work better with Froslass, especially in DialgaChomp which already runs Galactic HQ/Snowpoint Temple, Skuntank G, Bronzong G and Psychic Energy

  6. mewuk85

    Thats a great article… Glalie and Shedinja are some great cards.

  7. Colin Peterik

    It is. Although you can almost never count on “Sleep Inducer” to keep them asleep by the time you would want to use “Wake-Up Slap”, as they would have to flip 2 tails in a row which is very unlikely.

  8. Colin Peterik

    Manetric is less of a problem than Nidoqueen, because as long as they don't put a Bench shield on it, you can kill it in 3 turns with “Spike Wound”.

  9. Colin Peterik

    That would work too, but it seems more laborious to set up. You need to add the Stadium and the Skuntank G to the bench, whereas Crobat G is always on an SP bench anyway. Also you would only be doing 90 in between turns to Donphan, and then Donphan wrecks Froslass right back, whereas Crobat takes the hit with stride.

  10. Martin Garcia

    Nice article, donphan is really getting annoying, so a few techs like these should come in handy.
    The only thing is, in the SP specific techs you forgot to add Empoleon FB. I think ist a great donphan counter, as for 1 water and a gain, it will deal 20 damage to donphan and move away 1 of his energies, to the pokemon you choose, and his seccond attack, for 1 water and 1 colorless with gain, you can deal 40 damage, and 60 if you used a supporter, wich, combined with the first attack in your previous turn, can take care of donphan.

  11. Chris Barrieau

    Yea, about that… :P My friend Erica, who ran the Donkphan deck… She misread Manetric, and I took her for granted. We were playing so that Manetric was protected as well. …That could have been match-changing for me…. I guess it just goes to show I shouldn't take my opponents' statements for granted even if they truly think they're right. :P It was my own fault. :P But thanks for pointing it out man! =]

  12. Slowdog

    Actually, I think it's only 80 since poison gets removed.

  13. Chris Barrieau

    actually, even if you use Empoleon's attack the same turn you played a supporter, you're forgetting about its Exoskeleton Poke body. 60*2 = 120, 120 – 20 for exoskeleton is 100. Donphan has 120HP and is often belted to 140.

  14. Chris Barrieau

    Belts to KO back. Maybe some Buck's Training. Basically, get ready to take a hit, and when you do, get ready to hit back harder to get rid of hopefully their only anti-donphan tech. However, for that Quagsire… I've no idea what to tell you. It seems to be death to Donphan. I think that's gonna be my personal fav for Anti-Donphan decks. :P

  15. Martin Garcia

    Thats why i said, you need hit with the first attack, to do (20×2)-20=20 damage, and remove the energy so he cant EQ you back, then you hit for (60×2)-20=100 -> KO

  16. Chris Barrieau

    oooooh ok. I guess I was focusing on OHKO's too much. ^_^” My bad. =]

  17. kevin kupiec

    in order to beat quagsire you need to be able to one shot it once it hits the field by reversaling it up. if you cant kill the quagsire with reversals the game is pretty much over

  18. Chris Barrieau

    And that is why I love Quagsire. It's near-untouchable, is Poke-Turnable, is basic, and with e-gain doesn't need much energy. Or you can go for OHKO on unbelted donphans with an e-belt instead of the e-gain. So long as you are actually able to stall long enough against that beast of a tank Donphan. :P

  19. Alex Pike

    Really well written article. I enjoyed reading it.

    Included some things I hadn't thought of. Froslass is a lot better than it looks. I should probably look through my folders again!

  20. Karol Nowak

    This was a really well written article Colin! Great job writing this article. I always wanted to know more Donphan counters, not just Frost Rotom, Shedinja, Crobat G, or Quagsire GL. I did learn a lot from this article. In fact, I never knew Froslass GL and Glalie can work well as a Donphan counters. 0_0 Well, now I know.

    Thanks to this article, now we all know what to do against Donphan. I really did enjoy reading this article very much.

  21. Chris Barrieau

    Haha! Seems like you had a much better knowledge of Donphan counters than I did before… :P I knew of Glalie, and Shedinja. But hadn't related Shadinja as a Donphan counter. So… yea.. :P I personally REALLY like the Quagsire one. Switch with a crobat, switch/poketurn, hit. =]

  22. mewuk85

    Well their are so maybe deck possibilities. So its hard to say. What I mean, is it depends on what your running really. What are you working with?

  23. mewuk85

    u can always SSU or Poke turn your active and move in a weekness defender like dialga g to ko froslass rite. but thats if your running that.

  24. Martin Garcia

    you can try to get the active pkmn first, then, with no bench to retreat to, quagsire will have to fight one on one with donphan.

  25. Chris Barrieau

    Yea, but Quagsire still has a bit of an advantage vs Donphan.

  26. Adam Capriola

    Really nice article Colin. I like that it's actually relevant since Donphan will probably be seeing a fair amount of play once the format turns.

    The Froslass/Crobat combo sounds pretty effective, good work on that.

  27. Collan Baker

    I often hit the like button instead of reply…but anyways Luxray is a good tech in Donphan. It gives you a fighting chance against Kingdra, which otherwise, is an autoloss.

  28. chrataxe

    Awesome article, though I must say I'm disappointed that you forgot one of my favorite Donphan counters: gyarados G! Gyarados G takes care of Donphans OTHER weakness, hitting his own bench!

  29. Colin Peterik

    I fail to see how this is an effective counter? Flipping for hitting benched Pokemon isn't hitting Donphan, and Dwindling Wave will do nothing by the time you have 3 energy and a Gain on him

  30. chrataxe

    Of course you do. First, if you want to use Dwindling Wave, the POKE TURN Bronzong G, that or use DCE with a Bronzong, either way, not rocket science. BUT, that's not the counter. Donphan will most likely have to 2HKO your active, probably more than that since SP (and this is a counter for SP, of course) switch out and Poke Turn regularly and most have enough to survive a OHKO from Donphan. If Donphan Earthquakes 2 times, he puts 20 damage across his bench. Gyarados hits for Donphan'ss weakness and hits Donphans bench. Who cares if Donphan stays active if you are mowing down his bench and making his attacks less effective. Yeah, its flippy (but, like you mentioned, so is Donphan), but it sets up in 1 turn and has good potential to take multiple prizes in 1 turn, aided by Donphan, and may put Donphan in a situation where he can't attack or he will knock out his own bench. Being an SP, it can take a hit then be Poke Turned to repeat

    Just give it a try…you'll love it!

  31. chrataxe

    Just in case I wasn't clear in my reply, Donphan spreads to his own bench and Gyarados spreads to Donphan's bench while hitting for Donphan's weakness.

  32. Joshua Pikka

    Gyarados G is a great attacking card, but he has a lightning weakness and a 4 energy attack. So those things make him virtually un playable

  33. mewuk85

    You better be ready to hit with donphn because of his 4 energy retreat, unless you have a tech that u lets retreat for less but uhhhhhhhhhhh………Quagsire GL will take his checks. and kingdra can one shot a donphan, with 2 spray splash and a 60×2 hit putting donphan at 0 hp witch then we all know what to do. haha ha aha ha ha ha. theirs many different possibilities. even ebelted. but that’s my thoughts.

  34. mewuk85

    HMMMMMMMM i got some thing for ya.. give me a little while, we tested it at league today..

  35. mewuk85

    Darn!!!!!!! wait till undaunted comes out hopefully they will give us some thing new.

  36. venny kid

    Nice Article! I'm playing/testing a Donphan build, and its cool to see what it'll b up against. I think Crobat Prime can be a pretty effective counter, given they don't SSU. Quagshire and Shednija will definitely see some play, as they have other rolls in decks (Quagshire to take hits from “Flash Impact”, Shedninja as a wall card replacement to Mr. Mime MT)

  37. chrataxe

    As an SP tech, he is doable against Donphan. He only needs 3 energy, which is easily achieved in one turn with SP decks running DCE, Bronzong G, and Energy Gain. As for the lightning weakness, there are tons of great cards that are playable that have lightning weakness, one of which was featured (Crobat G). Honchkrow G also has lightning weakness, as does Kingdra. Granted, I know it is horrible to have lightning weakness, I'm really getting tired of that argument against cards, especially techs that aren't main attackers. If lightning weakness is the worst thing a card can have, is lightning resistance make the card the best?

  38. Joshua Pikka

    No his good attack needs 4 energy.

    His 3 energy attack is very inconsistent and unreliable. And even if you get a heads on Donphan you would only do 60 damage.

    And even to pump up a 4 energy sp pokemon takes 3 turns, 2 if you have a water or dce on something else that you can galatic switch.

    One thing about crobat g and honchkrow g that you forgot to mention is that they aren't really main attackers, could they be used as an attacker, yes, but ideally you never rely on them. Crobat G is there to be put on the bench and maybe use as a free retreat, while honchkrow is used to get tools and to snipe when the other person can't really attack anyway, so you dont care about weakness with those 2 guys.

    If Im spending 3 energy cards for his second attack I don't want him to die the next turn, which he will against any luxchomp or deck with luxray in it.

  39. Chris Barrieau

    Yea, but here we're trying to find counters to KO donphan. Also, what if your opponent plays Manetric with a Bench shield? It's very easy to integrate that into a Donphan deck… I would know. I've faced it enough.

  40. Chris Barrieau

    Totally agree. I officially love Shedinja and Quagsire. I'm actually starting to wonder if I should run a pure defense deck… where I could try to always have so much defense that my opponent cannot hit me. I'm wondering how it would work? It probably wouldn't really be for competitive play though… o-o Just for fun. =]

  41. mewuk85

    Remember take sixprizes as input and advice don’t “Site Deck” because no one is going to put their exact deck because, were all trying to win HA HA lol.

  42. eli moses

    i have actually been running a very succeful donkphan build the only way people can get this stuff out is if they dont get donked, could someone help me find a counter for all of these cards,

  43. Kurama

    No mention of water arceus? He goes past the body and looks so cool :D

  44. mewuk85

    i sat back and watched a kid in bad condition with 5 prizes left take them all with Shedinja. it was EPIC!

  45. Darrian Goode

    huh never thought about using froslass sp good idea all around. couldn't kingdra prime ohko donphan prime if it used it's power

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