Chat with the Champs: Faron Whitelock

Note from Adam: Faron is a junior that has qualified for Worlds, but needs some financial support in order to get there. We decided to do this interview to get him some publicity.

Name: Faron Whitelock
Age: 11
Ranking: 13th in the world
Hometown: Lutz, Florida

1. What do you like best about the Pokémon TCG?
A lot of the players are really friendly there and you can get prizes for winning.

2. What do you dislike about the Pokémon TCG?
That people only really use a few decks and always win with the same deck.

3. Do you find casual play or organized competition to be more fun?
Organized competition because you have to really think about what you are doing.

4. Where do you usually play?
At home with my family as we all play the game.

5. How often do you play?
Usually a few times a week.

6. What was your most thrilling victory?
When I won regionals.

7. What was your most crushing defeat?
At US nationals in top 8 because if I had just been able to draw a good hand then I could have beat the kid because I donked him and the 2 games after that I got garbage and when I got something he would Power Spray me.

8. Who is your toughest competition?
There are about 4 guys that I dread playing and I always end up playing them at the tournaments I go to and I think that they would even give masters a hard time and could probably beat them.

9. What is your favorite card?
I don’t have a favorite card really.

10. What kind of deck do you dread having to play against?
Luxchomp because it is really annoying and they Power Spray you to death.

11. What does it mean to you to be ranked as one of the best Pokémon players in the world?
That it is kind of cool but I get lucky sometimes like anybody else does.

12. How can the SixPrizes readers help you get to Worlds?
By going to my website and by sponsoring me or by telling other people about my website.

13. Anything else you’d like to add to this interview?
I would like to thank Adam for doing this interview and thank the tournament organizer that told my dad about this website.

You can learn more about Faron by visiting his website, I’ve personally donated $10 toward his cause, if you could donate a couple bucks or just spread the word, that would be awesome. He is a great kid and is well deserving of being in attendance for Worlds.

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  1. Karol Nowak

    Nice interview! This is certainly nice to chat with a junior champion who won a regionals and came 6th place in nationals, as well as being 13th in the world right now.

    I also agree with psmcsskater. This really is a great thing you are doing for him Adam. Maybe you can do interviews like this more often to make this site even more popular, especially when interviewing the champs.

  2. Sledd

    I hope you get enough money to go! I can't donate anything, but i'll do all I can to spread the word.

  3. josh f

    i can tell peeps at league but there are some jerks there so i dont know if ittl help

  4. Adam Capriola


    Check out Faron's website. I think it's admirable how hard he is trying to get out there. I don't know of any other 11 year olds that would be pursuing this with as much resolve as him.

    Faron is doing what he can and I think it's really cool. I know there are plenty of other people that need money to get to Worlds, but what are they doing to alleviate their situation?

  5. Kevin_7

    Not to be mean but do you know how many people need money for worlds?
    Almost all of Europe cant go unless they got the trip and many other places wont be able to also, and if i was gonna give my money to someone it would be a good master or senior that i knew was very talented, sorry but winning regs in juniors isn't much.

  6. mewuk85

    Thats awesome sounds like a great kid. I bet he could KO my decks. Keep it up Little Man.

  7. mewuk85

    Winning anything is awesome!!! yeah of course we all no not everyone could attend worlds and if they could, They would have to increase numbers and days plaid. Millions of people play pokemon. Millions, were talking over 16 countries.

  8. mewuk85

    Thats awesome that everyone can come together and help a fellow pokefan in need their are still good people in this world. HOPE YOU GO FARON. Remember everyone, every little bit counts.

  9. Kevin Chao

    So as to appease the growing female player base, SixPrizes should interview one of the many top-performing female contestants to appear at large events. It is crucial that SixPrizes show all female fans that they do appreciate all that they contribute to the public image of Pokémon Organized Play as well as the important role they play in combating negative and hurtful stereotypes about the Pokémon player base. SixPrizes should demonstrate that it appreciates the immense contributions made to the game by female players by officially acknowledging their presence.

  10. vivalavida

    “At US nationals in top 8 because if I had just been able to draw a good hand then I could have beat the kid because I donked him and the 2 games after that I got garbage and when I got something he would Power Spray me.”

    he donked the kid, then talks about bad luck. I know getting to top 4 is what everyone wants, but still. I hope he gets to worlds, though.

  11. Joshua Pikka

    At first seeing this article I was annoyed. I don't really like juniors in the first place, to me Pokemon is a grownup game, you need money and its best enjoyed with beer and classic country music.

    But then I thought of how I was when I was his age and I know I wouldn't have had the balls to be calling radio stations and asking for donations. And I would have loved to go to worlds and to go to hawaii, and I would have wanted someone to donate money so I could go, so why shouldn't I throw a little something together.

    So i followed Adams lead and donated 20 bucks to the kid and just hopes he has a fun time and wins one for Pikker.

    If everyone just donates 5 bucks we can at least get him a one way ticket, he never said anything about wanting to come back.

    But seriously if everyone pitches in we can make a little snot nosed brat very happy, and send him to worlds.

  12. Joshua Pikka

    man that kid looks an awful lot like I did when I was his age.

  13. Slowdog

    I wonder what he will do with the money if he doesn't raise enough :)

    I think it is a good cause, but there are many other causes that I would donate to before this one. Still, I hope he goes to world's of course.

  14. Adam Capriola

    That's really generous of you pikkdogs. :)

    I know I wouldn't have had the balls to be calling radio stations at that age either. I probably would have just accepted that I couldn't go, but he's really trying hard to get there.

  15. Chris Barrieau

    Dude. Like, chill? It was never stated that 6p said dudes were more present or anything like that than chicks. They interviewed someone who was putting a lot of effort within what they could do in order to get to worlds. I'm sure if it was a girl doing this they would have interviewed her anyways. I completely acknowledge and agree with your point of view here. But quite frankly, this is the first interview they do… And let's face it, the statistics are that more guys will play the TCG than girls, on average. It doesn't mean that guys are better, it doesn't mean girls aren't under appreciated, it's just the way the world works. I think what you're trying to do is nice, and respectable, but maybe not the right article on which to post this, hmm? A kid's putting effort to get to worlds and you try and change the topic about gender issues. I think maybe you should post a new thread on the forum to help your case instead, maybe?

  16. Faron

    The kid that I played was ALREADY going to Hawaii which is why I got so annoyed.

  17. eli moses

    ya know ill say this right now this kid has guts asking and if i had any money i would go to worlds 2, but when i wanted to go 2 nats i worked so hard it wasnt funny and im 13! i worked from 8:00 in the morning till 7:00 at night and when Nats came around my mom decided that she didn't know my friend bobby enough to let me go

  18. Henry Prior

    Dude, Kevin, “Many of the top preforming girls” Many? like there are 2 really good seniors girls. Amelia and Anne Marie, seriously. And there isn't any stereo type here, just more guy's play pokemon, it's a fact.

  19. mewuk85

    Jut checking back to see how are little faron is doing with the transportation funds. any update?

  20. Kevin_7

    So, the kid still wants the payed trip and the more prizes, you think he should have let you win so you could go?
    Also how can you complain about having a bad start when the only time you beat him is when you donked him, IMO he was a better player and thats why he won and is going to worlds. I may sound mean but this is just the reality of it, i've had the chance to go to worlds and wasn't able to go too but i dont go on and on about it, But i gotta say that it shows something that your trying this hard to get there.

  21. Jason Annichiarico

    What a spoiled brat, do you know how much I had to give up to go to worlds? Yet you're going to beg for people to give you money? Get a job, you've had a year to collect money to go to worlds. I'm sorry if others don't agree with me but this is sad. Like Kevin said, there are tons of people who don't have the money to go, but they just move on. What have you done for me to give you the money that I have earned? Sell stuff, do odd jobs. Go outside and beg for change. Don't give me a bullshit excuse like “I'm too young to get a job”, because I'm sure people will let you baby sit, or mow lawns. Hell look at the illegal immigrants that work their asses off just to feed their family. You live in Florida, with a family that provides food, education, shelter and Love. Some people would pay any price for that.

    And if this post gets deleted, it'll just be another reason that Six Prizes is worse than Heytrainer.

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