Metagross Unleashed and Untouchable!

pokemon-paradijs.comOne card that I have seen played very little is Metagross from HS Unleashed. I was looking at the card trying to think of how I could put it to good use. Its first attack “Pulse Blast” does 60 with a Double Colorless Energy and 80 with an added Expert Belt. I don’t know about you, but I think 80 for two energies is pretty good.

Another great aspect of this card is its Poké-body which gives any of your Pokémon with a Psychic attached to them free retreat. While looking through my other cards I also saw and Gallade from Secret Wonders from when I used Plox, which is being rotated out sadly. But then next to them I noticed Gardevoir from Platinum.

Its Psychic Connect Poké-Power allows you to move Psychic energy to your active Pokémon as often as you want per turn. Use one Toxicroak G promo to Knock Out troubling Luxray GL LV.X’s and use Mewtwo LV.X as an SP counter.


The basic strategy of this deck is to attack with a Belted Metagross, whose Pulse Blast will do 80 and since it already has 130 HP which will be boosted to 150 with the Belt you will be able to hit for 80 several times before being Knocked Out. That would enable you to get knock outs in two turns at the most. Use Gardevoir PL to move Psychic energies whether they are needed to attack or to retreat your active Pokémon at no cost because of Metagross’ Psychic Float.


Because the deck is going to be legal after the format change, we can’t use Claydol, Roseanne’s Research, or Moonlight Stadium.

As a Claydol substitute we just boost our Uxie LA line up to 2 and add one Level X.

Roseanne’s can easily be replaced with Pokémon Collector minus the reliable search for energy. So, throw in two Interviewer’s Questions.

Moonlight Stadium has already been substituted with the use of Metagross’ Poké-body.

Now for the list:

(As for which basic and stage 1 Pokémon to play, that’s for you to decide.)

Pokémon: 22
4× Beldum
2× Metang
Metagross UL
2× Ralts
1× Kirlia
2× Gardevoir PL
Uxie LA
Uxie LV.X
Azelf LA
1× Toxicroak G Promo
Mewtwo MD
Mewtwo LV.X
Trainers/supporters/stadiums: 24
Pokémon Communication
Expert Belt
Rare Candy
Pokémon Collector
Bebe’s Search
2× Interviewer’s Question
Broken Time-Space
Luxury Ball
Premier Ball
Energy: 14
Double Colorless

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  1. Karol Nowak

    Ahhh, an article about Metagross UL has appeared on Six Prizes. Metagross is surely one pretty interesting card, and I never actually knew that it could be comboed with Gardevoir PL. Now that makes things even more interesting. In fact, it looks like such an idea can actually work. The list looks pretty decent too.

    Yep, great article. I did enjoy reading it.

  2. Chris Barrieau

    Hmm… I think this has potential… But would need to be much more elaborate and thought through. I like the idea of 80 dmg for 2 on a nice little tanker, while swithing around… But it's not that difficult to get rid of this guy because though he's doing 80dmg for only 2 energy, it's not always that easy to get to stage 2, especially getting two pokemon to stage two. I'd rather this deck a 3 out of 5, in my opinion, because it's got some synergy, it's a nice little decent strategy, but it needs more speed, more help for setup, and maybe some disruption to promote the bit of speed by lowering your opponent's.

    Don't get me wrong, I think this is a nice idea. I just think it's a good starting point. =]

  3. Garrett Williamson

    Ya I wanted to find a use for Gardevoir PL seeing as how the other one is being rotated out and when I got a Metagross UL I thoght “Hmmm I think I've found a match.” Haha

  4. Garrett Williamson

    Ya i see what you're saying. But since I wanted this deck to be legal in the next format, there couldn't be any Claydols or Rossie's, which obviously are big in increasing speed. So I couldn't really think of how to boost the speed. And like a lot, if not all of stage 2 decks, Rare candies and Broken Time Space are givens when it comes to fast evolutions and both are heavy in this deck.

  5. David Burnett

    Wow, that's pretty cool! The only thing I would worry about is getting matched up against DialgaChomp, that could give you some serious problems.

  6. Garrett Williamson

    Ya i know what you mean. I used Dialgachomp and I really like Dialga G because it countered Mewtwo.

  7. Luke Santos

    take out some things for crobat g and poketurn for some eaisier knockouts maybe

  8. Chris Barrieau

    True, but sadly, a lot of decks still use SP and basic bases. So it puts us evo-users at a disadvantage. I've just seen so many T-1 donks everywhere, or insane setups, and a lot of disruption. It might just be because of the area I play in, but I think this deck would have a lot of trouble setting up, even with all that support. Also, the entire strategy just seems plain to me? I'm not saying it's a bad thing. I'm just saying it seems lacking… That or I try too hard with techs when playtesting and building my decks. :P

    But then again, I guess, as I've told my friends before myself, 6p articles are to give players a base, a lead, and not a decklist to site deck. Shrugs I just think this strategy could be taken one step further, you know? =] I think it's a very nice base.

  9. Garrett Williamson

    Thanks for your input :) I wanted to keep it simple because a lot of decks like SP decks take so getting used to. And in some cases, a lot of thinking. It would be cool if some kid that's just starting out takes this deck and wins some tournaments with it. Now im not saying big ones but maybe local card shop one's and maybe Battle roads sometime in the future. lol

  10. Brandon Bittinger

    Toxicroak G doesn't work without Energy Gain.

  11. Chris Barrieau

    Yea, I totally agree. =] I think that would indeed be awesome. =]
    And I didn't mean anything bad, really. ^_^” Simple decks are great for starters, and also great as a base for more advanced decks. I'm just wondering as to what this could become, and how much it could evolve as a deck. =] 'Cause 80 for 2 energy, or rather 1 energy card, really isn't that bad. It sort of reminds me of donphan but with more speed for retreat (so less prizes taken) but with less defense (lack of exoskeleton pokebody), and a bit more difficult to use 'cause you can only have 4 DCE's.

  12. Chris Barrieau

    Yea, I totally agree. =] I think that would indeed be awesome. =]
    And I didn't mean anything bad, really. ^_^” Simple decks are great for starters, and also great as a base for more advanced decks. I'm just wondering as to what this could become, and how much it could evolve as a deck. =] 'Cause 80 for 2 energy, or rather 1 energy card, really isn't that bad. It sort of reminds me of donphan but with more speed for retreat (so less prizes taken) but with less defense (lack of exoskeleton pokebody), and a bit more difficult to use 'cause you can only have 4 DCE's.

  13. Garrett Williamson

    Why not? Its only a 2 energy attack and Toxicroak's main reason in the Deck is KO Luxray GL Lv x. Its the only SP pokemon in the deck and if you were to put in an e-gain there would only be one which would be hard to get without Cyrus Conspiracy and that will just take up room. And plus, If a Luxray KO's one of your pokemon it would be more reliable to have just attached the 2 energy.

  14. Collan Baker

    Except for the fact that Gardevoir lets you move the two energies to him in one turn.

  15. Garrett Williamson

    Ya i know you didn't mean anything bad. Another reason I wrote this was to bring about some new ideas for the next format. A lot of people are going to be trying so new things so might as well brainstorm right? lol

  16. Garrett Williamson

    ya that too. You cant say that an SP doesn't work with out e-gain. E-gain just boosts speed so you can attack faster.

  17. Garrett Williamson

    That would work but then again SSU is a 50/50 chance. But this is kind of a base for the deck. Its up to whoever wants to play it to add their own techs :)

  18. Chris Barrieau

    Actually, I think that would be useful, 'cause you wouldn't need to move all that much energy anyways, right? And Jirachi can go get up to 3, plus you're attaching energy from your hand. You probably wouldn't even need SSU. But I do think this would be a good addition. =]

  19. Theo Seeds

    this looks like an awesome list dude! I thought Metagross was just a prerelease card, but you've proved me wrong! Way to post something rogue, metagame lists are practically useless since we alerady know about them but this is original, great idea. DialgaChomp is a bad matchup thank god not many people play it. You probly should add some draw triners like pokedex and pokedrawer or even twins when it comes out!

    Article: 4 1/2 out of 5
    Deck: 4/5
    List 3 1/2 out of 5.

  20. Thomas Djerf

    I'd add either spiritombs or sableye's to use as a starter to help you with setup

  21. Martin Garcia

    Dont you think 4 expert belt are an overkill? I would play 2, 3 at most, and i would switch one comunication for 1 more bebe.
    Also, this deck needs spiritomb, without that, SP are going to eat you alive.
    4 candy and 3 bts seems like too much, but since you dont play spiritomb (which you should), i guess its ok.
    If you decide to play it, however, i would go with 4 BTS and 2 candies. Also, add a few judges (maybe 2) to have hand disruption, and to refresh your own hand.

  22. Chris Barrieau

    Oooh! Now that's something that could fill the void that I found this deck gave me! =] Very good idea! Neat indeed! Thanks man! =]

  23. Chris Barrieau

    I think spiritomb would be better because there are so many evo's, and since this deck seems a little slow to start with, locking your opponent would help you (provided you don't lock yourself in the process. =])

  24. Brandon Bittinger

    Oh yeah that's right I forgot about that! It is a good tech!

  25. AtTheCorner

    What about teching in a Metagross from La? it might throw in some disruption on their side of the field while you control yours with the retreating.

  26. Garrett Williamson

    Oh my god…my friend, who doesnt play but knows how to, bought the heatran deck that came with that card and for some reason it gives me an uncalled for amount of trouble haha

  27. Joshua Hall

    I would focus more on the bench damage and using the new Lunatone/Solrock to prevent bench healing. Add in Jirachi to devolve a few guys, and the idea shifts a little, eh?

  28. Garrett Williamson

    Ya the reason I chose 4 is because the main attacker is a belted metagross and with 4 metagross in the deck I included 4 belt. That fact that your opponent would take 2 prizes everytime they get a ko is troubling but still with metagross having such a high 150 hp with the belt itll be hard for them to take all their prizes befor you take yours.

  29. Chris Barrieau

    Correct. I think he meant LA, referring to the one with Magnetic Reversal. Flip a coin, if heads, switch your opponent's active with one of their bench. Then you do 80, so basically, a 80 dmg “snipe” (with weakness/resistance counting) for 2 energy when belted. I think that would work wonders. =]

  30. Chris Barrieau

    Yea, but this article is about its first attack and how to use it with other techs. Personally, there's a LOT more WAY better spread than a stage 2 dealing 40 to two bench…….

  31. Martin Garcia

    Im not so sure about taking all your prizes so fast, doing 80 damage in 1 turn is not THAT impressive, things like gyarados, gengar, or tyranitar can easily take that damage and hit you back for more than 80, not to mention SP decks have poketurn and garchomp to heal, meaning that on a 1 on 1 match, you would lose, so I dont think that depending entirely on the belt is such a good idea.

  32. Slowdog

    A tech to concider is metagross rising rivals. If you run miasma valley too (not nessesary though) you could do what is equal to 2x sniper for 80 (same as garchomps attack) in 1 move with the metagross from unleashed. Something to think aboot :)

  33. mewuk85

    Sorry I was a little late getting to the article today at 1:20. lol But this article was pretty good. It look's like everyone has given pretty good advise on this topic. I looked at it the same way when I first scene the card and my wife and I played the theme deck challenge when they first came out. Of course she won with metagross.

    With mismagius to move your energy for you while you attach one you could have 2 on him no problem, and hit for 60/80 fast!!!! Remember Spirtomb, spirtomb, spirtomb HA HA LOL.

    Id have to say you have something going here keep it up and hope we see a tournament article from this deck. Once again great article.

  34. mewuk85

    Great input…. That’s knowing how to really strategize!!!!!!!!

  35. Garrett Williamson

    Well ya all decks have trouble with other decks. Its not dependent on expert belts. But another thing you can do is have a Metagross active and a fully loaded one on your bench and if you active one is damaged you can retreat using psychic connect to move an energy to it and bring up a new undamaged one. 150 HP is still pretty high so KOing one can still take some time. And like in anther comment you can try using 1 Metagross LA and use it to bring up benched pokemon, like against sp, you can bring up garchomps and luxrays (not lv x) and ko them in one turn. This deck is still worth testing and some techs could be added.

  36. Garrett Williamson

    Ya thats what I was thinking. I still havent tested the deck. I dont have all the cards to build it. But i want to and metagross LA does sound like an awesome tech considering this deck has no luxray x in it.

  37. mewuk85

    Exactly!!!! I have always told people is for input and learning how to strategize, and never “SITE DECK” because people are already finding ways to counter the exact one. and chances re you won know how to play it even if you know the some of the cards.

    Unless you know every card out their from MD on!!!!!! LOL

  38. Sledd

    I would add in 3 spirtomb by taking out 2 expert belts and 1 poke communication. Overall, this article is pretty good, something different and new that you can't always get from 6p, but nothing groundbreaking.

  39. Wegothem

    Interesting idea but the speed is not there, one good gyarados start and it is done

  40. mewuk85

    I got the cards. I'll make the deck and test it league Sunday, were having and uncommon and common tournament……”SP watch out for my dragonite FB”

  41. Colin Peterik

    hahaha what's the difference between deck and list?

  42. Colin Peterik

    If you are basing a deck on doing 60 for DCE or 80 fpre DCE then you should just be playing Donphan or Jumpluff, who get the job done a lot easier.

  43. chrataxe

    I think the idea is good but the expert belt thing is a bad idea, as mentioned by many other people. The problem with this and the expert belt is that EVERYONE runs a psychic card in their deck (Uxie?) and will hit you for 120 easily with the X. Your strategy states that it will take 3 turns to take out Metagross, but it is really only 2. Keep in mind, Garchomp C hits for 80 (2HKO), Dialga G hits for 80, TTar hits as hard as it wants (with belts and Sp. Dark), belted Donphan does 80-110, Gyarados does 90, Jumpluff hits for no less than 70 usually, so there are a LOT of decks that will dish out just as much, if not more, damage faster and will take 2 prizes for every 1 you take as you will have to 2HKO most things as well. I think this card has tons of potential and the gardevoir tech is pretty cool as well, but there are too many good Psychic cards out there that are played a lot (Mewtwo, uxie, Gengar…)

  44. mewuk85

    my buddy is going to play that. Shuppt, and a turtwig Gl with and split bomb tech as well so i figured i would change it up a bit.

  45. Will Youngblood

    just an idea but he could try teching an exploud line if he doesnt play a bad matchup. that way the plan would still work. just a thought

  46. Martin Garcia

    i know many decks have problems against others, but i think yours have problems against all top tier decks. Its not a bad idea, you have a clear concept of what you want your deck to do, but you are overestimating metagross tanking capabilities, trust me on this one.
    If you plan to switch metagross around using its free retreat, however, i would recommend SSU and a strong line of BTS, to get the metagross back in game quickly.

  47. Will Youngblood

    someone at my league plays this and it is a little slow but once it gets going its really hard to stop. he plays a little differently though. he uses nidoqueen and metagross as attackers. he constantly rotates pokemon around with a 0 retreat cost thanks to metagross while the others heal thanks to nidoqueen. if it works out he heals like 100 by the time the same attacker comes around. but like i said… its slow and hard to set up. however i tech a dialga g x which frustrated him to no end haha

  48. Garrett Williamson

    I trhink what he mean by deck is the concept of the deck is good but the build could be better.

  49. Slowdog

    No I meant spreme victors :) It gives them -20 hp so your double 40 snipe because much more efficient, possibly giving 2 KO's on a few turn.

  50. Coolguy

    that is a really good review i will definatelly be looking 4 that card thanks

  51. Cam Graybill

    Read my article about my tournament :0 I played mighteyena donk and got second :) if ya need a list contact meh on the forums

  52. Cam Graybill

    I would add 1 sabeleye and 2 tombs, the tombs are good for disruption early game, and the sabeleye is good t1

  53. Cam Graybill

    I think you could use hunter from the new set. You pick up one of your pokemon, then your opponnent picks up one of his/her pokemon.

  54. Cam Graybill

    good idea, but that takes up too much bench space for this deck. It is a stage two, so it needs more draw power…

  55. mewuk85

    HGSSprime ill send you a pm with deck test results. from todays game i had cali state champion test it. got some great results with awesome new tech ideas…………..dont agree with “UNTOUCHABLE” though.

  56. mewuk85

    didnt make it to turny but. They said mightyena was the one who got donked. was great idea though.

  57. Darrian Goode

    see i was telling a friend of mine that using gardevoir pl and metagross ul would be a good combination together with steelix prime

  58. Giovanna Furness

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  63. William Whitehurst

    i play this card with crobat prime and espeon undaunted. one thing i have to say about the list i run is that it seems to get better as the game goes on. a little slow to setup, but once it’s setup it’s hard to beat because of espeon moving damage counters.

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