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  1. Chris Barrieau

    Wow!! Seems like it was a lot of fun! Wish I could have been there! Also: That Mutant game, looks EPIC!!! I'm totally having mutant games with my friends! :D

  2. Karol Nowak

    Nice episode JWittz! Part 1 of your nationals coverage was great to hear. Nats was indeed an awesome time, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

    Keep up the good work on Profit!

  3. mewuk85

    Nice got rid off all the cards! good deal. not bad on what place you took but no good either. LOL

    Great vids cant wait for next one.

  4. Alexander Stewart

    Man i hope Canadian nats is a 2 day next year, Masters were playing until 1AM.

  5. Adriane Less

    Discovered your website and decided to possess a fast understand, not what a normally do but great a single. Great to see a weblog to get a change that isnโ€™t full of spam and rubbish, and actually makes some sense. Anyway, great write up.

  6. Filiberto Govindeisami

    Im not gonna lie, youve lost me here. I know which you meant well and you clearly know what youre talking about, but I cant say that I get where youre coming from. In the event you want folks to comprehend your points, you need to think of the other side in the argument, too. Youve got a wealth of knowledge, Ill give you that. But, quite frankly, you turned me off together with your tone.

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