Farewell, Oh Claydol

Claydol, Claydol, with Cosmic Power,
Is it now thy final hour?
Other techs were sure to cower,
Can I please buy you a fancy flower?Oh how dearly we would pay,
Sometimes $30 in your day.
You were a star on eBay,
2-3 we used to play.

Your attack, of course, was really lame,
But with other props, why should we blame?
Many crappy hands you overcame,
Will the game e’er be the same?

How we loved to tech you in,
To draw more cards again and again,
More than one game you helped to win,
You should have had your own tin.

We now wake with up fear,
And wonder why you’re no longer here,
We’re just bummed, that is clear,
Let’s all go out and have a beer.

So here’s to a card that had it all,
Adios, farewell, your last role call.
I’ll keep your photo on my wall,
My dear beloved friend Claydol.

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  1. Luke Santos

    I actually only used claydol in one of my decks and it never helped me one bit.
    for that reason i don't really care that it's gone because i never really used it!!!


  2. Chris Barrieau

    Hahaha! This just turned my shitty morning into an awesome day XD

  3. Austin

    XD I should announce this on Sept. 1 at my tournament. VERY GOOD, APPLAUD, APPLAUD!!!

  4. ESP

    Your attack, of course, was really lame, but it actually won me a game (3 of the finals of my BR xD).

  5. Chris Barrieau

    o.O Really?? How did your decks even come out and refresh then??? Do you play competitively at all? What kinds of tournaments have you won? And if this is true… Tell us your secret of how your decks come out so well! XD

  6. Karol Nowak

    Now that's a really well done poem. Very good job writing it. It certainly brings in a sad feeling as we see Claydol rotated right before our eyes indeed.

    Once again, great poem. It was great reading it.

  7. PKMNPrime

    Pretty dumb actually, I hope we get another article for the day.
    I'm tired of seeing all these pre-rotation/post-rotation posts.

  8. Martin Garcia

    Ahahahaha, i loled really hard xD
    It was really good, and i read it twice, but seriously, lets get an article xD

  9. Chris Barrieau

    They see it rotatin'.. They hatin'…

    Jk man. :P I agree. Claydol's great to use, but I think the game might become more fun with it gone. =]

  10. Chris Barrieau

    Eh, I like the pre/post-rotation posts…. but I'd like to have more analysis articles.. And most of all, be told what the upcoming articles are. o-o It seems a little dead here?

  11. Brandon Bittinger

    That was beautiful, It seriously almost made me cry.

  12. Brandon Bittinger

    It's okay Tony it was a good poem! It was so touching.

  13. Jordan Baker

    everything is a little dead right now. We're stuck between rotations and the new set isn't out yet. Just be patient. Once the new set comes out everybody will be going out trying to figure out the new meta-game.

  14. Scott Christian

    Just started playing a couple of months ago so I never got to use Claydol. I think it will make people become more innovative with the loss of Claydol. Looking forward to some more MD on decklists……..

  15. Jason Chen

    Yeah agreed, it's kind of a dead time because people are preparing for Worlds, and except for them, no one really understands what the new rotation is going to be like, or even what is in the next set. It's hard to speculate on decks that are going to be impactful for the next format, and those that are playing at Worlds probably want to unleash their new decks then instead of right now.

    But yeah, we schedule as many articles as we complete. Right now we don't really have any in store so it's hard to tell what we will post in the future, but if you have some thoughts for an article and we've refined it a bit, we'll definitely show it on the schedule.

  16. Colin Peterik

    Claydol was a great card because it leveled out the playing field and actually slowed down game play if you can believe it. See, now a days the game is RIDICULOUSLY fast, or sluggishly slow and I'll tell you why. There are 3 types of decks now:

    -Cyrus decks are stupid fast, having the best engine in the game.
    -Turbo decks use an engine involving PokeDex Handi, PokeDrawer, Unown R, Pokemon Rescue, and Uxie to blister through the deck and try to achieve a donk or otherwise superfast setup.
    Tomb decks max out the Spiritomb line to slow down the previous decks to your level so you can actually set up those Stage 2's.
    So you see, before the rotation there would have been a 4th category that sort of merges all of the above together, but no more. Stage 2 decks now have no chance without Spiritomb, and these Turbo style decks take most, if not all of the fun out of the game. Claydol will be missed.

  17. Matthew Riddle

    Battle rap time!

    Who cares about the oldie,
    Claydol is rotten and moldy!
    It's on its death bed a cryin'
    People worried it's dying.
    Well, don't fret, don't cry.
    Listen up, I'll tell ya why.

    There's a new dog in town,
    begging to take the crown
    away from this ancestor of a card
    thats always been a flee in her yard.
    she does the job tens time betta
    she wins you games if you let her.

    this is her time to shine,
    no more obstructions like mime,
    no more x's, now just primes,
    she's so powerful, its a f'ing crime.

    so bring out weak and bring out your dead.
    claydol don't touch the uxie,
    uxie's already in his head.
    nothing left of him but a scrap,
    as you can see, uxie won this rap!

    p-dog out!

  18. Evan Baker

    Hahahaha as soon as I saw this article I immediately began scrolling down to find out what you'd say.

  19. PKMNPrime

    Keep with the TCG Puzzles, that's fun and keeps things interesting.

    I'd like to see articles on what people are doing to REPLACE Claydol, not moan about the card being rotated.

    My friends and I have been working with an Uxie draw engine/SSU as well as PONT based decks, but both are obviously a lot slower than the Claydol engine.

  20. Tony

    Dude, that was a fly reply,
    But you got wonder why,
    If Uxie really is all that great,
    Why he can't he draw up to 8?

    Seriously, great reply! This was just a fun post that I couldn't resist submitting. I'll submit some real stuff later on, but since we are in a “dead zone” competition-wise, it was fun to do something a little off the wall

  21. Matthew Riddle

    Uxie knows the game,
    and she plays it old skool,
    you only draw 7 at the start,
    it's a rule!

    if she needs extra power,
    all she has to do is flex.
    she'll pull out her big gun,
    and level up to uxie x.

    next season,
    there will be no doubt.
    there's no competition,
    no deck can do without.

    you pick her for your crew,
    if you have any clue,
    her limelight is long due,
    she'll stand back and watch the view.


  22. Collan Baker

    You don't need to recap something you said when you only say three sentences.

    Once again, you don't need to recap.

  23. bolt 997

    I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!! its true… now speed decks will be REALLY slowed down, such as my jumpluff :'(

  24. Jordan Baker

    you want more articles about what's going to replace claydol? nothing is going to replace it. When something does, you'll know.

  25. Chris Barrieau

    I'm not liking this to be mean. I'm liking it because I'll have less trouble against Jumpluff. :P Also, if you want a really good jumpluff line that I find works absolutely amazingly, email me at SkyAoiSora@hotmail.com :P I have trouble fighting it with some of my top decks. :P I'll answer you tonight 'cause I'm at work right now :P

  26. Chris Barrieau

    A car? :P No offense but the last guy's comment was better. :P

  27. Tony

    I agree Uxie X's a star,
    But do I buy it or a car?

    Dude, you're aweome! I concede- I'd love to see you rap it out some more on the boards

  28. Karol Nowak

    Okay, fine with me, I'll take your advice the next time I try to post. Now, lets just stop making jokes about my comments and everything will be fine.

  29. mewuk85

    Tears, tears……….. you will be missed…………..”lets all go out and have a beer”……..Awesome words!

  30. mewuk85

    its 50/50 but you need to have played it rite, for it to really help you out.

  31. Chris Barrieau

    Despite you not even having a question mark here, and also having next to no punctuation, inaccurate spelling, and an odd way to construct sentences, I'm going to assume you intended to ask me if I wanted to hear the tournament report.

    If it's better written than your comment here, then sure. Link me.

  32. mewuk85

    WOW!!! ok Mr. professor you BURNED me! WHA WHA BOO HOO don’t get angry it shows poor attitude! wow I miss spelled a word……..OHHHHH no the worlds going to end!!!!!!! I was being nice!!! NERD don’t be a dick……. get back to work…..IF YOUR NOT 1st your Last.

  33. Chris Barrieau

    o-o ..dude… you need to chill out. >.> I just meant to state that your sentence was confusing, and that it could have been interpreted in other ways than I had read it, I stated why, and gave my answer in case you had intended it in the way I read it. Like srsly. chill out dude. o-o

  34. mewuk85

    I have edited my statement! but alright we'll keep it frank.

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  38. Derrick Li

    Ya. The whole thing back in the GOOD ol’ days
    Pokemon was fun until everyone started to use claydol.

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