The Luxray that isn’t SP.

Editor’s Note: I’m not really convinced this list or deck idea is that great, but things are slow right now…

pokemon-paradijs.comI looked through PokéBeach card scans for Legends Awakened with a buddy the other day, and we noticed the Luxray. It was an OK card; 100 for LLC and 40 for CC and search the discard for a lightning and put it on Luxray.

But what really makes this card shine is its Poké-Body, Rivalry. When your opponent has Pokémon LV.X in play, Luxray’s attacks do 50 more. There should be a long list of decks that run Pokémon LV.X. I’ll state a few here:


And that’s just a few of them. Basically, Pokémon LV.X almost always get 1-shot by Luxray. The only exceptions are Rhyperior, Flygon with its resistance, and Salamence, who don’t see much play.

It can also do 100 damage for 3 energy without a Pokémon LV.X in play, if you don’t mind discarding 2 of the energies (or, if you aren’t careful, 3). Its other attack does well, getting them out of the discard.

But the deck is designed to focus on Shock Bolt. This means a lot of techs, but also a lot of consistancy. I’m also trying to make it as MD-on as possible.

Here’s a list of the techs I want to use:

Delcatty PL for energy recycling

Salamence AR for energy acceleration partnerred with Delcatty

Nidoqueen RR to heal Delcatty and…..

Dusknoir SF for draw engine. It’s better than Uxie LV.X When you have Nidoqueen, since it draws more cards and doesn’t need a LV.X to work.

Here’s a list:

Pokémon: 24

4-2-4 Luxray LA (AR, AR, LA)
1-1-1 Salamence AR (SF, AR, AR)
1-1-1 Nidoqueen RR (all RR)
2-1-2 Dusknoir SF 1/100 (SH, D One-eye, SF)
2 Uxie
1 Azelf
1 Unown Q


4 Bebe’s Search
4 Pokémon Collector
4 Rare Candy
2 Pokédex
4 Pokémon Communication
4 Energy Pickup
2 Conductive Quarry
2 Sunnyshore City Gym

6 L
4 Call

The Order of Necessity:

Get your Luxray out #1 ALWAYS!!! You need attacking A LOT and you need it right away.

You need Nidoqueen to make Luxray a tank. Keep him up as long as possible and make sure you don’t need a secondary one out yet.

Since your Nidoqueen is in play, use your resources left to get Dusknoir. It should do the work from there.

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  1. James Dickson

    maaaaan the shit storm thats going to go down here.

  2. Chris Barrieau

    1- I find Luxray to be a little sub-par. It's a straight on attacked with a questionable amount of hp so it's not really that great a tank, even if it hits hard. It also has no secondary effects other than adding damage. This isn't very well rounded whatsoever…

    2- You have three stage two techs…. Good luck getting those out.

    3- Why is Unown Q even in there? All your pokemon are either of high retreat, 0 retreat, or a sprite.

    4- Wtf are you doing with 4 pokemon collector in there? You have twelve basics in your deck, I doubt you're going to have to search them all, especially with 4 Call energy.

    Overall, I think this is a subpar deck that does not even havep potential. Sure, it can hit hard, but good freaking luck getting everything out.

    Furthermore, that Delcatty you mentioned in your article? It isn't even in your deck list. -.-

    Sorry, but this was a very, very poor quality article.

  3. Chris Barrieau

    I didn't mean to say that it wasn't ok to put up here. ^_^” I just meant to say it was sort of… sub par compared to the articles we're used to. =]

  4. Chris Barrieau

    I would, but I haven't had a single moment of “What should I do tonight?” all summer, and so far, it doesn't look like I'll have one anytime soon. :P I am ridiculously busy. :P If it weren't for that, I totally would. :P

  5. Martin Garcia

    The lxuray in itself is not that bad, and considering that all top decks include at least 1 level X, it could work.
    But the list is a little bad, and when I say a little, i mean its garbage.
    1) You dont need 4 collector, 1 o 2 should do.
    2) 4 stadiums and no BTS? take out those quarries, you wont need them with luxray´s attack.
    3) Take out the dusknoir line, and add an uxie lv X, and another luxio, to get a 4-3-4 line.
    4) This deck needs palmer, night or fisherman, now, one palmer and one night should be enough.
    5) Take out the salamance line, its not worth it. Put sume expert belt, judge, and maybe a few tombs to slow down SP.
    6) I would recommend sableye in this deck, its a fantastic starter.
    7) Take out the energy pick up, and the pokedex. If you want, add blower+ and/or drawer+, of course, 4 of them.
    I guess that should at least make it decent.

  6. Slowdog

    It's fine for me that this gets posted. There is really nothing better atm. and everyone deserves a chance.
    I don't think this great has that much potential, it seems pretty hard to get up and running with several stage 2 techs. I miss a deeper strategy.

  7. Slowdog

    Yeah, I agree. I guess we should get to writing so that we can get some articles on par then, eh?

  8. Chris Barrieau

    -Ampharos HS uses an attack to power up the energy. Not a power or body. Luxray's attack requires for you to discard ALL lightning energy. Not two energy. This would not work for your idea of banking energy. I think that using two rainbow energy, or a double rainbow energy, along with the Nidoqueen, or whatever other healers you like, would work a lot better than ntrying to recycle energy for this particular case. 4 Sableye and 4 Spiritomb is just abuse. I have 1 spiritomb in my cursegar deck and that's it and I take down a lot of stuff very easily. 4/4 SableTomb is abuse. :P You don't need all that. =] I think your T/S/S line could use some work too… maybe ressemble more Rhin's list.

    sorry man, but this doesn't work. :P

  9. Chris Barrieau

    No prob man. :) I hope they help you learn how to make nice decks. =] (And I didn't mean that as an insult. I meant I hope they help you progress in the game. =])

  10. Chris Barrieau

    Heey, I never thought of that before! :) Thanks for the input man! =]

  11. Martin Garcia

    15 energies seems like a lot, i would take out the darks, and 3 lightining, to get 4 doubles. I think this decks best chance is to attack for 90 using luxray´s first attack, combined with its body to get more damage, and maybe an expert to deal 110 per turn. The second attack is too expensive, and discards a lot of energies, its not worth it.
    Interviewer is a mediocre supporter at best, and as sky said, the ampharos doesnt work.
    Also, 4 tomb and 4 sableye is too much, choose one of them, or make it 2-2 (I would choose tomb, but thats couse there´s a lot of SP in my metagme)

  12. Pho

    Hey, I'm not the author, and I'm new to putting together okay decks, so if this is a bad list, sorry in advance lol. Anyway, I think that this Luxray could work with Ampharos HS. Ampharos can grab 2 energies and attach them to Luxray, so if Ampharos lives for 2-3 turns, Luxray can do Shock Bolt 2-3 times in a row. Here's my list:

    4-3-4 Luxray LA – Main Attacker
    3-2-3 Ampharos HS – Power-up Luxray
    4 Sableye SF – use supporters to get pokemon out
    4 Spiritomb AR – trainer lock/evovle pokemon
    2 Uxie LA – draw power
    1 Uxie Lv. X – faster draw power
    1 Azelf LA – so Uxie isn't lonely. :( …I mean to look at your prize cards.

    2 Expert Belt – So Luxray does 120
    3 Rare Candy – evolve pokemon
    2 Sunnyshore Gym – No weakness/gets rid of opponent's resists
    1 Fisherman – get your discarded energies back
    1 Interviewers Questions – to get more energy
    1 Engineer's Adjustments – draw power
    1 Pokemon Collector – get uxie/azelf out or get a mareep and shinx out
    3 Bebe's Search – get Luxray/Ampharos/Uxie Lv. X out

    12 Lighting
    3 Special Dark – for Sableye donk
    Strat: Get Ampharos out and Luxray on your bench. Get out Sunnyshore gym, power up Luxray and attack.

    Any thoughts?

  13. Theo Seeds

    i did forget the delcatty – puickup +2-2 delcatty…
    why sableye? I don't think Uxie LV.X is good since it's a LV.X, With Heal Dusknoir can be better, and Amphy is pretty bad. I could use BTS, you're probably right about that. I'm trying to post something for next month, so night maintenance doesnt work. I use Conductive Quarry for the energy back causes.

    Sure, the stage 2s are pretty hard to get, but I'm just trying to put something up on 6p (I dont know about you, but I want to see a new article every day) I'm just trying to throw an idea out there, I'm not saying it will be the BDIF next format.

  14. The Wii Man1234

    I find that a Memory berry with Luxio LA works better because, that's 120 (with LV X in play) and if you have a DCE attached you just discard 1 lightning and it leaves more room for flexibilaty.

  15. Pho

    Oh, I didn't read Luxray's attack correctly. Okay, thanks for the tips. :)

  16. Chris Barrieau

    Alright, that's fine. And you should maybe reply to each thread separately…

    Sableye is good for two reasons:

    running a 2-2 Sableye/Sp. Dark energy wins you about 10-15% more games through donk. Seriously. :P
    Sableye makes you go first, and its first attack, impersonate, for 0 energy, lets you search your deck for a supporter, discard it, and use the effect of the supporter as the effect of the attack. Go get a pokemon collector, and with it, go get an uxie, a tech, and a main attacker. Next turn, after praying you don't get judged so early on in the game, lay down your tech and attacker, empty your hand as much as possible, use Uxie, and you've got a fresh hand with a nice field to deal with. Of course, if you have a better supporter to use for this, go ahead. I just find that this produces absolutely wonderful game starts. :)

  17. Colin Peterik

    “Nidoqueen RR to heal Delcatty and…..”

    This comment is SO out of wack. That combo is twice removed, as in, your adding a tech to help out another tech. This is the kind of thinking that makes lists cluttered and inconsistent. Running a Psychic deck with 4 Candies and throwing in a 1-0-1 Queen line is called “Synergy”, just the fact that you can't attack with queen in this version makes it almost pointless. And you aren't exactly automatically tanking just because you have queen in play. Donphan makes quick work of Luxray Nidoqueen or not. As most people have said, you don't need Energy Pickup or Quarry or even 4 Collector. I would take out the Salamance, Dusknoir and Delcatty lines and add 4 Spiritomb AR, 2 Judge, 1-1 E+R Legend, a mini Cyrus engine, something like 3 Cyrus, 4 Turn, 2 Radar, a 2-1 Luxray GL line and 1 or 2 bats. But that's a different deck…

  18. Kevin Kuphal

    Might want to consider Rainbow energy to get around the discarding of the two Lightning on attack. Or am I reading that wrong?

  19. mewuk85

    Nice article. I enjoyed seeing something different! Thanks….

  20. Papa_Mash

    Can someone provide the rule that supports the use of Rainbow to get around the discarding of energies? It was my understanding that Rainbow (plus Multi, Double Rainbow, and Scramble Energy), while in play, all provide every type of energy at once, and the player doesn't get to choose which type is being provided. So if you have a Rainbow Energy and two Lightning Energy on Luxray and use Shock Bolt (which says “Discard all L Energy attached to Luxray”. You would discard the Rainbow Energy, because it's providing a L Energy as well as every other energy type, including colorless energy. I thought that the Rainbow would not be discarded only if the Luxray read “Discard all Basic Lightning Energy attached to Luxray.”

  21. Chris Barrieau

    Nope. It -provides- the energy, but is still counted as a lightning energy. Though I'm at work right now so I can't get you an official reference.. sorry. :P But I'm sure if you check poke-gym or then you'll be able to find it. =]

  22. Papa_Mash

    I want to make sure I understand what is being said…. are you and Kevin saying that if you have a Luxray LA with a basic Lightning, basic Lightning and Rainbow Energy attached and you attack with Shock Bolt, you only discard the two basic Lightnings? or are you saying you discard all three? I thought you would have to discard all three. In the meantime I will go check out the other forums.

  23. Papa_Mash

    Thanks, Adam. That's what I thought but the responses were confusing…at least to me.

  24. Sledd

    I agree that the luxray is pretty good and great against SP, but 4 different stage 2 lines!

    Here's what I would do
    4-2-4 Luxray
    2-1 Uxie Lv.X
    1-0-1 NidoQueen
    1 Azelf
    3 Sableye SF
    1-1 Delcatty

    4 Rare Candy
    2 BTS
    2 Sunyshore
    4 Pokemon Collector
    4 Pokemon Communication
    2 Pro Elm
    2 Bebe's Search
    3 Judge
    2 Night Maintenance
    1 Luxury Ball

    8 Lightning Energy
    2 Call Energy
    2 Sp Darkness energies
    1 Multi Energy

    This list is much more consistent than yours. It also has the chance to donk with Sableye. Also, the Sp Darks can be used late game to help pay for the colorless attack costs in the deck. The Multi for the Luxray, Sableye or Nidoqueen. More lightnings will add consistency and 2 Night maintenance will help recovery and get those discarded lightnings back. Uxie will be a better engine along with Sableye to help give good, quick starts. 3 Judge for disruption against slower decks and Sunyshore will help against Donphan and Machamp.
    Delcatty to help get energy back, Nidoqueen to help heal Delcatty and keep Luxray in play.

  25. Len Deuel

    Plasma + Rivalry + Expert Belt = dead Luxray X, Garchomp X, etc, for two colorless, now thats where its at, not this 3 for 100 plus 2 discard junk.

  26. Martin Garcia

    i still dont like the delcatty idea, nor the 4 collectors.
    And 14 energies is too much, i would replace 1 ligthining with a 3rd call, and take out the multi. Other than that, good changes, that list looks solid to me.

  27. Alex Pike

    I find that Sableye tends to slow your deck down if you're aiming for a fast setup.

    I'd leave it out and beef up the Trainer lines. Or in this case maybe run a 2-2 uxie.

    It's a good deck idea but could do with some work on the list :)

  28. Travis

    why did you even list dialgachomp? i know you were listing things with level x cards in them but it still doesnt make much sense, considering luxray is using a body.

  29. Perry Going

    are you talking about the current or next season? because next season this could work, however lv xs wont see as much play as primes (with the exception of uxie x, and of course any SP variant.)

  30. Perry Going

    if you wanna have a faster set up with luxray. i recommend running engineers, regice, or (in current format) felicitys. So with a good set up T1 you couold get a Luxray out with DCE and have a lighting energy in the discard and then use plasma. On T1 you could have out LLCC on Luxray thus hitting for 100 on T2 instead of T3. Just a thought. this is the same concept as Steelix Prime.

  31. chrataxe

    What make you think this? As of right now, we have 1 Deck from a Prime (Donphan) that is competitive. Yeah, Steelix is seeing some play, as is Tyranitar, but, at this point in the game, to say Primes will see more play than Lv X seems…for lack of better words, a stupid comment, especially since the general consensus is that SP will dominate even more next format without Claydol. And, I don't know any SP decks that don't run Lv X's or any that do run Primes…except for maybe the occasional Donphan tech.

  32. Chris Barrieau

    But if you have two Rainbow energy and one other type of energy (not lightning), wouldn't you have to not discard anything?

  33. Matthew Tidman

    No, you would have to discard the Rainbow Energy. Think of it this way: when Rainbow Energy is in play it is Lightning Energy. It's also Fire Energy, Grass Energy, Psychic Energy, Water Energy, Fighting Energy, Darkness Energy, and Metal Energy. It only provides 1 unit of energy though. This means it can be affected by anything that affects a certain type of energy, once it's in play. For example, it can be Leaf Transed to move it from one Pokemon to another because it is a Grass Energy, but once it's on the new Pokemon it could provide the Lightning Energy that was needed to attack. It also means that when an attack is used that requires you to discard a specific type of energy you have to discard Rainbow because it is providing that type of energy.

    I love Rainbow Energy, but like most really good cards, it sure is confusing.

  34. Chris Barrieau

    Oh shit. :S I've bee thinking of it more as a “generator/provider” as stated in the description of the card. As in its name is “Rainbow Energy” so it cannot be affected from effects that talk about specific types of energy because its “name”, if you will, is “Rainbow Energy”, and that it fulfilled attack requirements of any type for one energy.

    I'll look it up on tonight actually. I'm not saying I doubt your judgement. Not at all. If I doubted your judgement I wouldn't pay attention to your comment and keep using it the way I used to for so long. :P I'm just the type who NEEDS proof, or a citation, from the original source, in order for something to really click in my head, and so that I stop wondering “what if?”, you know? :P

    Thanks a bunch for the insight though! I have to say, you explain very well!! =]

  35. Shi-ke Kuraido

    SkyAoiSora is right about what did he said on the cards on your deck it has no specifications on what to do on other cards in cases of emergency. a good timed garchomp C lv. X will freak your deck out from all of your hardwork. luxray is kinda suicidal but managable maybe a little more improvement and youll be able to come up to a good article that everyone will like

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  43. Maxwell Sage

    Theo, dude. You knew that this list was crazy at best prior to posting it. I dare you to actually play something like this at league.

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