Card of the Day: Lucky Egg

Editor’s Note: Again, things are slow right now so that is why I am posting this. I would take this strategy with a grain of salt. -Adam

pokemon-paradijs.comA fresh look at Lucky Egg from Arceus
Hello 6P! I am (as usual) coming up with crazy ideas for unusual cards. This time, I am looking at Lucky Egg.

The Card:
Lucky Egg (AR 88) is a Pokémon Tool card, and when attached to one of your Pokémon, if they are KO’ed by damage from an attack, you draw until you have 7 cards in your hand.

Okay, so you say, “Great, another useless Tool Card to deal with!” Wrong. I have found a few jobs for this card.

*Note: Decks with very tight builds may not be able to fit this card. That’s okay!!* Uxie (LA)
With Claydol’s shoes to fill, this is the number one card to use along with Lucky Egg. Claydol needed Baltoys to evolve from. Uxie doesn’t. Use these spaces (where Baltoy WAS) to fill with Lucky Eggs.

Attach an Egg to Uxie, after it has used “Setup”, because after using “Setup”, it’s basically waiting to get KO’ed by Garchomp C’s “Dragon Rush”, a “Bright Look” + “Flash Bite” + “Flash Impact” combo, or another Bench-Sniping attack. Once KO’ed, you get another “Setup” Poké-Power, only this time through Lucky Egg.
I would recommend adding as many Lucky Eggs as you do Uxies to your deck.

#2: Jumpluff Builds
Jumpluff got hit hard when Claydol left the format. One way (not a complete fix, but…) to help this loss of drw power is to “Egg On” your Jumpluff. Because of its low HP, Jumpluff is known for KOing, getting KO’ed and setting up revenge Jumpluff the next turn.

An efficient way to do so is to attach a Lucky Egg to Jumpluff, and when it gets KO’ed, draw until you have 7 cards in your hand. Bingo! Revenge Jumpluff is on its way. I would run about 2-3 Lucky Eggs in this type of deck. Jirachi (RR)
I’m not sure this makes for an awesome combo, but I’ll go over it anyway. We all know (hopefully) of Jirachi’s super effective Poké-Power “Final Wish”, that when Jirachi is KO’ed by damage, you get to search for any 1 card! Well, with Lucky Egg attached to Jirachi, not only can you search for the card you need, but you also draw up to seven cards!

Gives Uxie one more “Setup” ability
Can’t be sprayed

Takes up deck space
Can be trainer locked

Feel free to share your ideas about the card or how Lucky Egg may be able to be used!

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  1. Alex Pike

    I like this.

    It could be squeezed into Jumpluff as they do die pretty fast.

    I'm not sure I'd pop it onto an Uxie as if I'm running a snipe deck I simply just… wouldn't kill it.

    As for jirachi it actually makes a pretty awesome attachment and as a good starter pokemon is definetely a worthy play if you run Jirachi

  2. Chris Barrieau

    I agree with Pikey. It would be rather useful to play this on Jirachi 'cause you can use Jirachi's attack to go get some supporters, then draw more cards when it dies. As for Uxie… That would just make your opponent leave your uxie on the bench to take up space. Srsly. :P I don't have much experience playing jumpluff so I don't have a professional opinion, but for the bit that I've played jumpluff, I do find that my hands seemed to get a little small when I had a few jumpluff set up.

    Tip: Jumpluff decks should have 3 pichu with playground in it. It's the absolute perfect setup for Jumpluff. I play this on redshark and it's one of the fastest hard-hitting decks I've ever played. Spam RC's, BTS and a few skiploom with 4 Hoppip and Jumpluff and voila. I originally had some SW furret, but I think it's a bad idea now. I think Giratina Let Loose MIGHT help… But maybe not. Uxie might be better. :P But seriously! PICHU in Jumpluff works wonders! =]

  3. Sledd

    I think the idea with Uxie is meh, will see little to no play. However, I do recommend adding 1-2 of those in Jumpluff if you're running a low Expert Belt count because it will help cover for claydol.
    Basicly, now my Jumpluff Looks something like this:
    2-2 Sunflora
    4-3-4 Jumpluff
    4 BTS
    3 Expert Belt
    1 Lucky Egg
    2 Uxie
    4 SSU

    that's only a part of it. I think adding 1 lucky egg to Jumpluff is actually a great idea.

  4. Zebadiah McGill

    I am definitely throwing a couple into every deck with Jirachi. Also might work well for Probopass.

  5. Chris Barrieau

    Could you explain the probopass combo please? o-o

  6. Matthew Tidman

    One other huge problem I see with this card is that it doesn't trigger if you're Pokemon is not knocked out by an attack. Flash Bite, Splash Spray, and Special Conditions do not give you draw power, meaning it ends up being a waste of space if your opponent decides to Flash Bite you to death. Which is sad, because it's a cool card and it would have been all the rage before Pokemon started using steroids.

  7. Slowdog

    It's a pretty cool card. The problem is that it doesnt work if you KO yourself, so it is really up to your opponent to trig it. Jumpluff is a pretty solid choice for it I guess.
    Also good if you play Mightyena skuntank poison combo imo.

  8. Joshua Pikka

    Its not a great card, Jumpluff players should have considered it though, it works for a jumpluff deck.

    I wonder what the ruling is for lucky egg and jirachi, which one activates first? Do you get to search your card for a deck and then draw until you have 7 or draw 7 and then search your deck for a card.

  9. Perry Going

    so much more you can do using the space that these lucky eggs would take up…

  10. Slowdog

    I guess the thing with Jirachi goes first. Jirachi is triggered whenever jirachi would be knocked out by damage. Lucky egg is triggered after the knockout. So my order would be

    Jirachi draw -> Opponent draws prize -> You draw for lucky egg

  11. Toni Taitto

    Jirachis power first, then after putting Jirachi on discard pile you draw until 7 cards on your hand.

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