A Look into Undaunted – Going Rogue

Hi my name is Joe; I have been collecting since the release of Stormfront and have been playing in the Masters division now for around about half a year. A few weeks back I travelled to the Gilford league in England for my second ever league experience (this is because I live around 1 hour away from ALL leagues) I played two decks, one being everyone’s favorite LuxChomp and also a rogue variant of a Kabutops MD which was much like the card we will see next format which has received much hype Vileplume. I won all my games except losing 3 times to the organiser of the league Ben using BlazeChomp and was a great guy and player.

Anyway the rogue deck that I played was too slow and lost that way. BlazeChomp just kept getting spays to prevent setup when I had 2 bad starts in 2 games when using LuxChomp (due to my huge amount of techs, which a lot have now been taken out).

However I enjoyed playing the rogue deck much more than LuxChomp because players find it difficult to find your strategy and perhaps cards that are foreign to them which I believe can give you the edge when you see them playing another deck from the predictable old format of the current times. So you know how it plays and know weaknesses of it.

pokebeach.comOn Pokébeach.com the card scans of the new Undaunted set were posted and I was obviously eager to see the potential future of the game, amongst the obvious primes and legend cards that showed potential I took a shine to an uncommon card, Muk.

100 HP for a stage one is fairly bulky and its first attack is much like Blazeiken FB, but more disruptive. For 1 psychic: “Switch your opponent’s active Pokémon, the new active is now poisoned and confused.” Upon reading this attack I knew that the card was at the least a pre release card to look out for and if I could pull a couple I would use it because of its disruptive powers.

Its next attack for a DCE on top of the psychic hits 50 or 80 to a Pokémon with special conditions on it, this means that Muk will take out most SP LV.X in one hit with a Belt due to poison which I find a real advantage against a lot of the decks out there. I also think that its psychic type is amazing! This means that there are a ton of options for techs in the deck.

Plus it has an advantage against Vileplume (if it sees play, at the moment there is just hype).

So here is a basic list for the deck: it’s not perfect and I would appreciate all contributions to enhance the deck.

Pokémon (19):

4 Grimer PL
4 Muk UD
2 Croagunk AR
2 Toxicroak AR
2 Uxie LA
1 Uxie LV.X LA
1 Azelf LA
1 Drifloon UD
1 Drifblim UD
1 Wobbufett Promo (Poké Body: when it’s active your opponent’s active has plus 2 Retreat Cost)

Trainers (29):

1 Luxury Ball
3 Pokémon Communication
4 Poké Drawer +
4 Switch
3 Expert Belt
3 Broken Time-Space
2 Pokémon Collector
2 Judge
3 Bebe’s Search
3 Interviewer’s Questions
1 Palmer’s Contribution

Energy (12):

5 P
3 Double Colourless
2 F
2 Call

Basic Strategy:

Use Muk to get cheap prizes throughout the game by forcing up tech cards and not fully evolved Pokémon. Continue with Muk and just keep disrupting whenever possible… I believe that Muk will be able to tank a fair amount due to forcing switches or making opponent not attack due to the confusing risks (3 damage to them and no damage for Muk + poison).

pokebeach.comI use high amounts of Switch to have a healthy Muk active as much as possible.


Toxicroak: Prevents retreat with 1st attack and counters Luxray because it’s fighting =P

Drifblim: Legend counter, its attack for 3 colourless just shuffles itself and your opponent’s active into the deck, a real pain for the legendary cards and also decks such as steelix and other higher energy decks.

So that is what I saw on first glance for a fun rogue deck in the new format, but what do you think?

Once again I would like to say that I would very much want to see how the deck could be changed to make it better!

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  1. Martin Garcia

    That wont work on SP pokemon, they can just poketurn, or level up chomp healing all damage.
    Its a nice deck and all, but it needs a bit more firepower, if it actually wants to see some play.
    I will look into the cards and see if i can get anything usefull to this strategy.

  2. mewuk85

    What do you think about teching and Unknown Q for your retreat on Muk.

  3. Jordan Baker

    Using status condition cards against SP is worthless. Unless you get the OHKO all they have to do is Cyrus for a poketurn, or play a Garchomp lv. X.

  4. mewuk85

    poketurn is awesome. I wish they had, a scoop up, that let you only pick up a stage 1, or 2 pokemon with all cards attatched to it. without flipping.

  5. mewuk85

    The meta game is crazy now with all this x2 weakness’s we will see alot of 1 hit ko’s with MD to SV cards. anyone know what format is or might be in 2011/2012

  6. Alex Pike

    If I’m honest, I have to say that for the Pre-Release events etc, Muk was probably the card that stood out most to me. It lets you control what’s active and throw special conditions all over the place.

    However I don’t see Muk being used in competitive play, and at least definitely not as a main attacker as at the moment, the majority of things have free retreat if not a retreat cost of just 1. Meaning they can constantly escape from any special conditions you put them under =P

  7. James Dickson

    This deck screams dugtrio PT. free retreat, luxray counter and punishes retreating with a stackable body. it should have been the first thing you thought of!!!

  8. Thomas Binghi

    Well yeah thats true Pikey, but he has the Wobbufett tech in there with the toxicroak to prevent that. But I guess the opponent can still retreat in that 1 turn. Anyway Muk is one of my favorite pokemon and I like the deck alot:)

  9. Alex Pike

    Yeah they won’t actually get to come into play unless the opponent runs out of energy or can’t retreat because an already huge retreat cost they’ll just retreat ASAP to escape the conditions

  10. Guy Bennett

    “Muk will take out most SP LV.X in one hit with a Belt due to poison which I find a real advantage against a lot of the decks out there. ”

    Two things. First, I’m not sure how many Luxray X and Garchomp Lv. X’s youre going to come across that are just sitting on the bench. MOST of the time, and there can be exceptions, you’re going to find a Luxray and Garchomp non-LV X sitting on the bench. So you drag them up, poison and confuse them, then they level up and the condition is gone next turn. So you don’t so easily knock out LV. Xs. You will come to find this out as you play test the deck. Also, even if you do get the poison and confused pulled off somehow on a LV X, they will most likely poke-turn their active before you can Knock it out with that belted Muk.

    Second, and finally, lets pretend that your belted muk did actually pull off the poison and confused combo that you mentioned to knock out an sp LV X. You have a belted Muk with 120 hp active who is x2 week to psychic. Most good sp players will have a counter to psychic in their deck, like Uxie lv X, who will swing at you for 120, the knock out, and 2 prizes next turn. So I’m not sure that one prize is worth sacrificing two.

    Anyways, it was a good article, no doubt. I just don’t think the claim of advantageous-ness is as warranted as supposed. Take care tho, and happy deck building. I do think the deck has some potential!

  11. Alex Pike

    Ahah! That’s what I was trying to think of.
    I’d drop the 2-2 Toxicroak and Wobbuffet and 1 card of something else to run a 3-3 line of the Dugtrio. Then if they stay active they risk damage from the confused and poisoned, and if they retreat they’ll get huge damage from the Dugtrio

  12. mewuk85

    OH Yeah! I understand most definitely. Thank u for the input. :)

  13. Martin Garcia

    Hes right, theres no way this is gonna work on SP decks. The dugtrio is a niuce adittion, but it still needs a main attacker that goes well with the strategy.

  14. PKMNPrime

    I think mixing the Muk from Platinum in here and adding in Nidoqueen RR as a tech would make this deck nicer, sort of similar to the old Muk Tank that was made when Platinum/Rising Rivals were released.

  15. Matthew Tidman

    depends on how many sets they release, but that’s a really long time away right now as the 2010/11 format hasn’t even started.

    I believe they said that they’re going to stick with the same number we’re starting with this year which would mean (if they release four sets as they are planning to) that the bottom four sets would drop. I think this would make the new format Rising Rivals-On.

    Again, though, that’s a long time away right now.

  16. Tony

    Actually, status conditions are not useless, but you do need the Vileplume trainer lock to prevent Poketurns

  17. Tony

    Pickey- I totally agree about this not seeing much competitive play. It has some potential with its attacks, but its high retreat cost is just a killer. When compared with other options, it’s just not that competitive IMHO

  18. David Reis

    I’m really impressed by the ingenuity of this deck. I agree with some of the other guys, sticking in dugtrio would be bomb. Maybe add some relancanth. I dunno. I love the idea of dragging a pokemon up with muk. Maybe you should tech Mewtwo lvl X as a “tank” for this deck. Just a thought.

  19. Soren

    Couldnt this new muk work great as a Machamp counter for SP decks like luxchomp.
    I mean it can bring the machamp as active, machamp got weaknes to it, and he cant knock it out as its a stage 1.

  20. Alex Pike

    I think as said somewhere else, with Dugtrio thrown in it could be a good combo.

    But other than that, I don’t think it will see much play.

  21. Perry Going

    shiny drifloon is the best bet for a basic loon. Nice idea but UXIE X SAYS BYE!

  22. Chris Barrieau

    1) They’d have many Muks, and would then revenge kill the Uxie.

    2) Care to explain why the shiny drifloon is so great?

  23. traffic

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  24. Perry Going

    because it has free retreat… i know the lifting one is good too, but idk

  25. Jamie Cowin

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  26. Gayle Palomba

    I must say, as much as I loved reading what you had to convey, I couldnt help but lose interest after a while. Its as if you had a great grasp on the subject matter, but you forgot to include your readers. Maybe you need to think of this from more than one direction. Or probably you shouldn’t generalise so much. It’s better if you consider what others might have to say instead of just going for a gut reaction to the issue. Think of modifying your own notion process and giving others who may read this the benefit of the doubt.

  27. Peter Lo

    I think you ought to use Vileplume. The reason is, SP’s will just PokeTurn their way out of trouble. Vileplume prevents that.
    Some Warp Energy would be nice to get your actives out. And I would also use Azelf X. It deals with the weakness of Muk.
    I am also concerned with the lack of draw-card power. I think you’ll just run dry half-way.

    Still, a good concept.

  28. Jesusa Hergenrader

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