Charizard MD-On Decklist and Analysis

Here’s the list… Adam said things were slow lately, so I decided to share my Charizard deck for MD-On. I’m currently running Donkphan, but I like playing this too. I’m going to do a brief deck analysis after I show you the list. If you have any suggestions, it would be great if you could leave a comment.


Pokémon 24

4 Charmander AR
2 Charmeleon AR
4 Charizard AR
3 Vulpix HS
3 Ninetales HS
2 Cyndaquil HS
1 Quilava HS
2 Typhlosion Prime
2 Uxie LA
1 Azelf LA

T/S/S 24

4 Pokémon Colector
2 Expert Belt
4 Pokémon Communication
3 Bebes Search
2 Interviewer’s Questions
3 Broken Time-Space
1 Luxury Ball
4 Rare Candy
1 Fisherman
1 Palmer’s Contribution

Energy 12

12 R


Charizard: Your main attacker. Its Poké-Body “Fire Formation” makes it so each of Charizards attacks do 10 more damage for each of your fire pokemon in play.

Ninetales: Your draw power. You discard a fire energy with Roast Reveal and draw three cards.

Typhlosion Prime: Your energy recycler. Once you have discarded with Charizard’s attack Burning Tail or Ninetales Roast Reveal, you can use his own Poké-Power Afterburner to get the energy back, but at the cost of putting a damage counter on the Pokémon that you put the energy on.

Fisherman: Get energy back to use for Roast Reveal.

Uxie: Your alternative source of draw power.

pokebeach.comPokémon Collector: The new Roseanne’s Research… minus the energy but plus another basic.

Interviwer’s Questions: You get to search the top 8 cards of your deck for any energy cards you need and keep them! Good for use with Ninetales.

Call Energy: A typical card in stage 2 decks so that you won’t get donked. I’m thinking about putting them in, but I don’t know if it’s worth having fewer fire energy.

Please comment if you have any suggestions or ideas… I need some help making this deck as good as possible. The deck actually does really well against most of what’s out there.

Thanks for the input everybody!

Reader Interactions

95 replies

  1. mewuk85

    I play this deck to the extent. I feel that 1 uxie and 1 azelf are enough. Or 2 uxie and no azelf. the whole point of this is to set up and hit fast on your 2nd turn doing 80+ damage.

    Typhlosion Prime is great but, you also take 1 damage counter. witch works great when combined with ursaring prime. But in this deck you could probably do away with him. and add to burned towers.

    Also what I have noticed when playing a charizard deck is, you want to play a Professor Oaks New Theory. WHY??? you ask, because when your Roast Revealing once or twice per turn, you can get very low on cards to draw and if you run out YOU LOSE!!!!

    But hay that’s just my input. But thanks!! for the awesome article, and hope I could help in some way. looking forward to hearing a battle report from you with charizard RAWHHHHHH!!! LOL

  2. Tony

    Looks like a pretty solid decklist. I would consider adding either 4 sableye or 4 spiritomb to ensure you get a good starter Pokemon, especially considering all of the evolutions you need to get going for this deck to work.

    I would also suggest choosing between either Charizard or typhlosion, not both. It’s just too hard to get 2 lines of stage 2 pokemon out these days. Someone also noted that adding a Blaziken FB line to this deck. I agree- it is really fun as its attacks are disruptive and powerful.

    I like call energy, but if you are going to play ninetales, I recommend just loading the deck with fire energy like you are doing.

  3. Shi-ke Kuraido

    Actually, I run a deck similar to this. I am not convenient with the 2 uxies in your deck. Why? because 3 ninetales is actually a BEAST for drawing power. What happens to Uxie on late game? It will be just on your hand sitting or wasting a slot for Charizard’s Fire Formation. I can suggest to replace it with a Blaziken FB LV. X (1-1) for major crushing on a Kingdra Deck. And drop the 4 charmanders and charizard to 3 or 2 and charmeleon to 2 or 1. you already have 4 rare candies which will suit your deck the most. Remove 1 broken time space. It harm your Charizard more especially on a deck with Glalies. Change your Communication to 2 Roseanne’s and some drawing supporters. I highly reccomend Buck’s training in special cases when you are fighting on an Ampharos Deck…. I hope that helps :D

  4. Shi-ke Kuraido

    Also, drop your collectors to 2. It will not help coz you already have the Charmanders. And wait maybe Arcanine (RR) will help in dwelling against water decks or a Rapidash (AR) will help you more in competing against SP decks. SP decks also slows your Charizard (especially that annoying Dialga G). Add bench shields too for anti Sniping Garchomp and some spreader Decks. :) My deck is very far more than this so im giving out some few tips. Even though I’m a Senior Player

  5. Shi-ke Kuraido

    Im telling all of these coz I LOVE CHARIZARD a LOT. So i dont want my fave pokemon to lose. It will be hard to us if our Idols will be outsmarted or something so please take my ideas as my support for my favorite pokemon thanks :D :D ;)

  6. matt mona

    cool list try running the max amount of expert belt if u dont have a lot of kingdra or gyrados

  7. Alex Pike

    I’ve tried this deck too and found it very… awkward I think is the best word.

    personally I’d drop typhlosion out completely as well in favour of increasef amount of fire energy and play at least 2 Burned Tower.

  8. Alex Pike

    Question: How is Blaziken gonna “crush” a Kingdra deck?

  9. Gabriel Taylor

    Try testing interviewer’s question and see how much energy you can pull with only 12 in the deck. It may be more valuable to just put two more fire energy in and be able to use another supporter on most turns.

  10. bolt 997

    4-3-4 charizard
    2-2 ninetales
    1-1 blaziken FB
    2 spiritomb
    1 uxie
    1 azelf
    3 collector’s
    2 interviewer’s
    2 maintenance
    2 belt
    2 communication
    3 bebe’s
    3 rare candy
    4 plus powers
    2 buck’s
    1 level max
    2 BTS
    1 luxury
    Fire Energy-12

    level max for FB, 3 candy since i run a 4-3-4, 2 bucks coz of 4 pluspowers, 3 collector’s for consistency n since i dont run a sableye. does it all fits? lemme know…

  11. bolt 997

    i actually wanted to put 2 sableyes instead of FB but i guess it’ll ruin charizard’s body… since u atl east need 1 uxie or azelf in play which means charizards body is reduced to add 40 dmg, plus a spiritomb.. 30 dmg, i dont want to reduce it anymore

  12. bolt 997

    is it better if i drop the blaziken n put 2 burned towers. Drop level max n 1 bebe for 2 more fire energy

  13. Martin Garcia

    I dont understand why people insist with 4 collector, i mean, your are NOT going to look for 12 pokemon, so, whats the point?
    Two collectors are enough. Also, interviewer is highly unreliable, so i would take them out, maybe for a volker´s and a vs seeker.
    Dont hesitate to add the call energy, they are really usefull, just take out 2 or 3 fire energy, if you use your fire carefully, and use the fisherman well, 8 or 9 fire should be enough, specially since you have typhlosion.

  14. Martin Garcia

    if you have two ninetales you dont need uxie nor azelf. This deck doesnt run them, they only weaken charizard´s attack.

  15. Tony

    I don’t think 2 collectors is enought. 3-4 collectors is really important, not because you plan to play them all, but for deck consistency. It’s just like rare candy- you rarely (no pun intended!) use them all, but by having 4, you increase the probability that you will get one when you need it.

  16. Carter Giese

    good article id play a 323 ty prime line and 3 tomb

  17. Tweed Moore

    You don’t want or need azelf in this deck. 2 uxie may be overkill, because you only want to use him if absolutely necessary. I think Call is not just optional but mandatory. Because you need call and fire energy is a must, you either run more, or have a way to get energy every turn. The way I have chosen to do this is by 4 interviewers and 4 PONT. I run 3 collectors as well. If you get judged getting a recovery is going to be tough with the supporters you run.

    I think listing the techs would be helpful also…mow rotom, Moltres MD, ERL?

  18. bolt 997

    i suggest 3 collectors for donks, charmander candy charizard attach, collector, bucks and ure alredy hitting for 70

  19. SMGausch

    it’s just idiotic to not max collector, a turn one collector can be the difference between a win or a lose, especially with all the communication in this collector for what you need and trade the rest in for evolutions. Also expert belt is good if you are running this more for speed to donk, but with typhlo you probably can jit pretty big fast anyway, consistency is key. Also 2 uxie is a must and azelf is not needed really, but may be clutch if you have horrid prizes, but you run two uxie to get set-up asap, because set-up is the downfall of a huge stage two deck with two techs like typhlo and ninetales that you need on the bench. You may use none or one or two and one may be prizes, two uxie should be in everything but scizor cherrim. I like you list, would probably drop fisherman because it sucks early and typhlo and palmers can get energy back and azelf for two shuffle draw cards. Just my two cents, but better then alot of garage posted on here. Just remember kids, consistency, consistency, consistency wins. Techs don’t do jack if you are calling for friends all game and getting shut out.

  20. SMGausch

    Diagla is weak to fire, knock it out, and if they get it back to the bench well you probably lost, plain and simple. Also rapidash is easily countered and not worth the room, bright look, gragon rush, dialga g Lv. X, tech usually used for mew-two, even uxie will get around rapidash.

  21. SMGausch

    It’s crap saying uxie and bts will clog hand late game or hurt you against glalies. No one plays glalies and if the do show restraint don’t play down the bts, problem solved. Also yuor hand can’t clog since ninetales draws not cycles like claydol, and uxie is two important to not play. i’d rather have early game set-up and actually be able to play my deck then not set-up and suck. It’s well worth -10 or -20 damage output, besides you can psychic restore if need be.

  22. SMGausch

    blaziken doesn’t work without the cyrus engine sorry, and two stage two’s works fine especially when you don’t have to have to have the typhlo it just helps. Ever hear of Gechamp, flychamp, BlastGatr, etc. etc.

  23. Robert Hall

    you could add a possible heat rotom, it can cover your water weakness for a minute and it also aids in charizrds body :)

  24. Jordan Baker

    vapor kick does more damage if your opponent has water pokemon in play. Also Kingdra does less damage if there is a fire pokemon in play.

  25. Sal Beatini

    I really like charizard for the new format. I have been running it for a while and agree with most of your deck. There is no one “right” build but here is what I have found helpful:

    • no azelf, you have multiple of everything you need, purple guys on the bench are anti the vision (uxie is the exception because it is so strong)

    • the platinum shiny vulpix is the best one in case you need to start with it (free attack that searches for 2 fire energy)

    • for energy I run 10 fire and 4 call. The call are nice since they help load the bench with red guys and work for charizards big attack. Plus they help offset only having 2 or 3 collectors (4 is too many i think).

    • pokemon rescue, always helpful late game.

    • BTS is key to setting up- but having stark mountain is amazing once you are set up (you can burn the energy/damage to someone other that the charizard you want to attack with – then move it up). I have toyed with having one in there.

    • warp point ends up getting you an instant prize at some point – i run 1 or 2.

  26. Alex Pike

    That’s why all Kingdra Prime decks also utilise Kingdra LA.
    You do 60 damage with Vapour Kick and then I 1 hit kill you

  27. Alex Pike

    Ahah! Thanks lol

    I was looking at the Lv. X and just didn’t see the combo :/
    I didn’t think of the not-so-Lv.X.

    I’d really like to know if this D-List runs fluidly. I’ve seen a few Zard decks but none of those that I’ve seen play with any real aggression and they seem to struggle =P

  28. SMGausch

    you have ninetales as a draw engine not too shabby, and you can run uxie and unown r as well.

  29. bolt 997

    shiny vulpix? it cant evolve to a ninetales unless there is a “shiny” ninetales

  30. Shi-ke Kuraido

    it would be nice if you will also have a small tech. um this will spund weird but why dont you put the cherrim from stormfront? its boosts everyone’s dmg but i want you to completely forget about uxie you have ninetales :) just a suggestion :D ;)

  31. Perry Going

    i say drop azelf and an uxie put in 1 unown q and i say energy restore is a nice addition…. my opinion though

  32. John Mcnroe

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  33. Shi-ke Kuraido

    actually, i already have a backup plan on what to do when they got their dialga back in the game. just use a warp point or a switch then get blaziken LV. X in the game then luring flame. Dialga has a retreat cost of two and i do that step on the most “UNEXPECTED” times. or if no blaziken is on bench, then i play 2 good rods to get reversals just to take dialga out of the game. still, your right on the dragon rush on rapidash i gave but why will you let that happen? warp points will let your enemy unstable then judge them to lose their plans :D

  34. Shi-ke Kuraido

    um i reccomend judge more than Professor Oak’s New Theory (PONT) because if you get very little deck, why draw a lot? 4>6 if you are in that situation it also does crush your enemy’s strategy on what he/she’s planning

  35. Shi-ke Kuraido

    um dialga G needs to be active before it levels up so kill it while it still has no foundation yet. use looker or cyrus’s initiative to make the deck on goin. or judge them as they start out to lock

  36. Shi-ke Kuraido

    please dont use max the expert belt. bright look then dragon rush a badly damaged and expert belted charizard then your enemy has 2 prize cards drawn. i just play 2 coz i dont want enemies to snipe/focus fire a 2 prize card pokemon

  37. Shi-ke Kuraido

    hello pikey! i’d like to say that burned tower is very flippy. if you get tails, then you will have energy crisis um typhlosion is not bas in the deck so please dont forget about it completely um thats all that i know for what i have experienced with my own custom charizard deck :D

  38. Alex Pike

    Burned Tower is a lot easier to get out than Typhlosion though; that was my only though :/

  39. Shi-ke Kuraido

    because the inflame attack is not useful on the start of a game. and with this amount if energies on this deck, you might get crisis on the start and your opponent will get a prize card every turn especially on SP decks

  40. Shi-ke Kuraido

    why use mow? i use heat rotom on my deck unless you are ready to add some rainbow eneriges with DCE or some multi energies. BTW, i use heat rotom to set up my bench with warm up then retreat to start the bashing :)

  41. Shi-ke Kuraido

    i agree to what you have said but its not nice if you have no ninetales on your hand. Vulpix will be KOd! but just use the attack that can dmg all of your opponent’s grass pokemon. you can multiple KO in some very rare cases :)

  42. Shi-ke Kuraido

    also, why 4 calls? 3 or 2 will do. coz it might just end up siiting on your hand on late game. I can almost consider adding cards like recover energy, cyclone energy, rainbow energies or warp energies on the deck coz dustox/beautifly deck might have an edge on this deck.

  43. Shi-ke Kuraido

    i would like to say premier ball is a better replacement on level max coz level max is very flippy you know but i like the cards you suggested

  44. Shi-ke Kuraido

    also, where’s typhlosion? do you want to forget him completely? i can almost say to remove the plus powers they dont contribute that much on this deck but still, cherrim from stormfront (the one with sunny day) will become a good tech or staple :) it doenst weaken Charizard’s attacks coz sunny day is already a good pokebody! reversals are highly considered on LOCK decks. Vileplume and Dialga G LV.X are hard to deal with

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  50. Shi-ke Kuraido

    actually, i stapled manectric on my deck. it doesnt matter if it wasted a slot for Czard. coz belt and 3 fire on bench due to your reasoning on collector, is already 130 its more than enough to kill any sp and you’re right on reversals but you’ll never know about luck… :D

  51. SMGausch

    All are good ideas if you can get them going, the problem is sp outspeeds zard most of the time that makes it tough. And you never let an sp do stuff to you, it just does. Also reversals are flippy and warp point doesn’t make them put dialga out you’ll get a pixie or something. Also when you luring flame you better hope they can’t get the dialga back again because that Balziken will probably be gone if they do, and if you have it sitting on the bench so you can level up before luring flame it’s probably gonna get sniped. Good luck though. I feel the best CZard runs 4-2-4 Zard, 4 spiritomb, 2 uxie, 2-2 ninetales, 2-1-2 typhlo, 4 call engergy, 10 fire energy, 4 rare, 2-3 bts, 4 collector, 3 bebe, 1 luxury ball, 2 belt, and fill in the rest as you like probably 1 palmers, 2 judge or lookers, and 2 communication or warp point.

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  55. Shi-ke Kuraido

    oh i forgot remove a charizard to make it 3. u cant use all charizards. i also tried three which is my best performance ever

    • Travis Yeary  → Shi-ke

      I disagree. If you don’t burn through 4 charizards every game then the deck isn’t being played right. I think a 4-2-4 line is the LEAST that can be put into a charizard deck. Not only do you always want one up front, but you want one on your bench and one in your hand to throw down at all times. Plus, seeing as getting him out is the point of the deck, the most charizards gives the best chance of pulling one in a roast reveal.

    • Travis Yeary  → Shi-ke

      I disagree. If you don’t burn through 4 charizards every game then the deck isn’t being played right. I think a 4-2-4 line is the LEAST that can be put into a charizard deck. Not only do you always want one up front, but you want one on your bench and one in your hand to throw down at all times. Plus, seeing as getting him out is the point of the deck, the most charizards gives the best chance of pulling one in a roast reveal.

      • Shi-ke Villanueva  → Travis

        Why didn’t I thinked of that? the problem i have is a lack 1 charmander to make a 4-2-4 line so its still odd oh btw, add the all powerful burner houndoom prime and the booster, Blaziken FB Lv. X and Czard can deal up to 200 damage with Burning Tail! (expert belt +20, full fire bench with houndoom and Blaziken Fb Lv. X +40)

        • Travis Yeary  → Shi-ke

          lol yea, I prefer the AR charmanders (even though their call for friends is GIMPED because it requires you to put the basic into your hand and not onto your bench) and I had a hard time finding them. I had to resort to buying them online. 60hp is so useful sometimes lol

          I actually tried the burn techs (blazikin, hetran lv x) they just didn’t play out too well in a charizard deck. It takes a lot of set up to do anything cool with burn, although I’d love to make a blazekin/heatran/blazekin fb/houndoom deck sometime. That deck would irritate so many people lol.

          The only time Ive ever wished I could hit over 150 was against a regigigas deck… and a feraligatr with a belt, that was the pits lol. I’d be cool if someone could come up with a burn-tech charizard deck that worked.

  56. Shi-ke Kuraido

    yah youre right. still, not all pokemon players/duelists use dialga decks and I just play this deck for fun. AS time passes, we’ll know how to counter each of other cards by our own combos so the game revolves in our hands and most of all… LUCK. i already tested to belt my HEAT ROTOM to kill a water pokemon.. i forgot the pokemon but i had fun with that. heres the equation: 40(rotom’s attack) + 20(belt) x2= KO! I noticed myself having wierd ideas these days. I wonder how…

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  70. billy fischer

    i do like the idea of having burned tower instead of typhlosion but if both your stadiums get discarded by the other player then you are totally screwed. Also i would put judge or lookers as a replacement to PONT, because if you do get into the situation of running low on remaining deck cards you can play lookers and since you can draw “up to 5 cards” you can draw just 1 and put the whole hand back…..or you can just play judge because its awesome and personally better than PONT. besides that small problem, great article! Keep it up, im looking forward to it!

  71. Travis Yeary

    Hi I’m glad to see a deck like this is being played by other people. I’m running a deck almost exactly like this but just a few differences.
    I have no purple guys though cause I like running straight firepower lol. It’s annoying trying to get them off of your bench when you desperately need the extra 10 to take out that garchomp before they poke turn him >.>
    I’m running 1 shiny vulpix and 2 platinum vulpix for early game draw power (platinum vulpix is a modified roast reveal in an attack), and sometimes I start with no energy so it makes for a useful first turn set up for your hand.
    I run a 1-1 infernape 4. like a warp point for your opponent every turn making kills pretty easy against walls and his free retreat cost and 100 damage attack make him very usable in a pinch.
    I run 15 energy and even with that, interviewers lets me down 7/10 times so I took it out. I’d rather not have anything in a deck relying on luck lol
    Stark mountain was mentioned and I personally run 2 and swear by them. With stark mountain, 1 typho and 1 energy on the field you can drop a charmander and turn it into a 3 energy charizard with a belt. Also you can take that extra energy off of a charizard if he’s about to be KO’d and you just used burning tail.
    This deck is completely plausible and I hope to see more of these being played. Charizard rules, and he deserves his own well played deck XD

  72. Mysterioso Tomas Pim-Zilla

    I find the 3 bts and 4 rare candy sort-of contradictory. Also, i use 1 uxie as a last resort (as it reduces charzard’s attack power, so i would reduce that too) Interviewer’s questions is sort-of reduntant considering that energies are recycled very well in this deck. More expert belts and, azelf is useless considering you have multiple copies of each important pokemon (except azelf and uxie).

    Otherwise, this is a very powerful deck, beats gengar every time

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