Donkphan Decklist and Analysis

Hey blooper here and I have been debating lately to post my Donkphan list or not… and I’ve finally got the guts to finally post it. I know people are going to copy it and use it themselves, but I really don’t care that much because people are going to end up running it anyway. I’m going to post the list and then do a brief deck analysis.


Pokémon 14

4 Phanpy HS
4 Donphan Prime
2 Uxie LA
1 Uxie LV.X LA
1 Relicanth SV
2 Crobat G PL

T/S/S 40

4 Broken Time-Space
4 PlusPower
4 TGI Poké Turn
3 Switch
2 Warp Point
2 Pokémon Reversal
1 Luxury Ball
3 Expert Belt
2 Bebe’s Search
4 Super Scoop Up
3 Oak’s New Theory
2 Pokémon Collector

Energy 6

6 F

Deck Analysis

Donphan: Your main attacker,you can donk with him or just tank with his Poké-Body Exoskeleton. ifyou get one of these bad boys out against Luxchomp you pretty much win the game!!!!

Relicanth: He can snipe and be a Shedninja SV counter at the same time.

Crobat G: A searchable PlusPower, can help you donk.

Switch/Warp Point: Helps you switch Donphan Prime out if he’s poisoned or badly damaged.

Pokémon Reversal: As I like to say a mini Lux-Cannon, pretty much the same thing as Luxray GL LV.X, except you flip.

Super Scoop Up: Your healer.

Oak’s New Theory: Helps you get the energy you may need for the donk or could help in a Sablelock Matchup.

So there is my Donphan list. Feel free to comment and tell me what you think I should take out or put in, and thanks for the input everybody! ^.^

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  1. The Wii Man1234

    Copycat is also a great option to help get out of the Sabalock.

  2. Thomas Binghi

    40 trainers sounds like a lot. Is it consistent with only 2 bebes and 2 collectors?

  3. Tony

    I like Donphan a lot, but as noted below, Vileplume could give this deck some problems, and the decklist is very trainer-heavy. I would suggest building your deck in a way that gives it not only a good donk-ing option but also the ability to do well mid- to late-game. Lots of ways to do this, but you definitely want a way to keep your hand fresh with some supporters like Cynthia’s Feelings, Lookers, Prof Oaks New Theory, etc. It will decrease the donking probability, but it won’t leave you in a bad spot if you don’t get the donk.

  4. Garrett Williamson

    Ya 40 trainers seems like a bit too much. The only deck i think would run about that many is shuppet donk maybe but ya. I would take out like professor oak’s new theory, the pokemon reversal maybe, 2 switches, 1 BTS, and maybe 2 plus power? Just a suggestion so thats 11 right there. Add 2-1-2 Flygon rising rivals line and a flygon x? 3 rare candy and an azelf and a premier ball. I know I said to take out some trainers and i suggested to add a couple more but that was to support the pokemon i suggest to add and then find room for some more fighting. You would at least be able to put a fighting energy on flygon to give donphan free retreat.

  5. mewuk85

    AHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! CON LE went 5/0 today at worlds. Is it Sabelock? We have a bet going, i said he was gonna win.Only tomorrow will tell.

  6. mewuk85

    That’s a cool deck!! My friend is playing a Donphan/Steelix Prime. It’s pretty cool… I like to see people build things to counter our popular decks!!!!

  7. mewuk85

    Any one know if Jason Klaczynski, Was a last chance qualifier?

  8. SMGausch

    -4 plus power you already have bats and belts and – 1Pont you will be fine with two since most of your deck is search cards not cycle. Add in +1 bebe and + 2 collector for consistency and probably +mesprit. The lock can win you games if you don’t like it make them two more PONT for consistency. Also drops you trainer count some so tomb or vileplume are less of a factor. I would probably just run 3 warp point instead of 2 and 3 switch and add tow reversal for easy ko’s.

  9. ziffles

    He was, but he dropped after going 1-3. Con Le made top 32. Stephen Silvestro went 3-4, but both the junior and senior division reigning champions made top 16 in their respective division.

  10. eli moses

    this deck is pretty consistent if i see a lot of trainer lock decks at the tournement i’m using this deck with then i’ll just use my flygon deck or sableock or luxchomp, there not gonna be ran alot

  11. Poke QMon

    Actually, this is only 34 trainers. This deck miss 6 cards. I would add 3 cyrus to get energy, and 3 spray for disruption. Or sableye/sprirtbomb, whatever you prefer.

  12. games psp

    Now I would’ve used ChickHen to flash custom firmware to his psp but he updated to 5.55. So I was wondering if the Half Byte Loader program would be able to run the 5.50 D3 installer at all, since I noticed the program is beta and apparently as many problems left, long enough to flash firmware without bricking his psp.

  13. Chris Barrieau

    My friend Elec28 has been playing Donkphan for a few weeks now, and Flygon doesn’t work that great, it slows the deck down too much. Furthermore, there’s absolutely no reason to be playing FlygonX in this deck. I haven’t seen her play PlusPowers in her deck though, so I don’t know how that would fare.

  14. Chris Barrieau

    Dude, there aren’t even enough pokemon sp to use power sprays. Fail. Use Mesprits instead. They work a lot better in this deck. My friend has been playing it for weeks. And Cyrus is unneeded. You can use way better things than that. Plus, you only ever need one energy at a time. By the time you’ve acquired 1 energy, it’s easy to get more for your very few other donphan.

  15. Perry Going

    pokedrawer + and pokedex handy? However i see no weaknesses for this deck now that kingdra and gyarados are out of the format.

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