Everyone Explode NOW!

Hello eveyone! I’m a Latin American player, and this is my first article here in SixPrizes. I’ve looked at this site everyday for many months, but never tried to post an article because of my bad English =(. But now I’m being courageous and will do my best!


pokegym.netThis idea came out looking at the Undaunted scans. My first though looking at this card was “Meh, it can be played at leagues,” then I started to think of some combos and I realized it has potential.

I’m not going to lie, this is never going to be a Tier 1 deck, maybe 1.5 or 2, but still, I love the idea.

The card im talking about is Forretress 3/90 from Undaunted. His first attack, “Mirror Shot”, is not very good but may be used during some difficult win or lose situations. It does 30 damage and your opponent needs a heads flip to attack next turn.

But his second attack, “Everyone Explode Now”, can do a lot of damage. It does 30 damage times the number of Pinecos and Forretress you have in play. That means you can do a hard hitting 120 with 3 Pinecos/Forretress in play. Of course a Stage 1 Pokémon cant have that kind of attack, so they added a “This attack does 30 damage to each of your Pinecos and Forretress in play.” Yeah, pretty bad, right?

NO. What card is being played in a lot of decks lately? Manectric from Platinum.

Secondary Cards

Here I will list some of the posibles techs and cards you can put in a Forretress deck.

pokemon-paradijs.comManectric: This card is a must. Imagine having a stage 1 doing 120 damage on the first turn without any consequence? With his Poké-Body, you can prevent all damage done to your bench Pokémon, excluding Manectric. That means you are protected from Forretress attack. Play Bench Shield to protect Manectric.

Sableye: Perfect starter for this deck. You can start using Impersonate for a Pokémon Collector. Searching 2 Pinecos and 1 Electrike, and then next turn or Impersonate another Collector, for the other 2 Electrikes and 1 Uxie, or Impersonate Bebe`s Search for a Forretress.

Forretress 13/90 Undaunted: You may include one of these for a M 10 damage spread attack and a MC “Gyro Ball” attack. Of course is better maxing 3/90 Forretress, but it might be useful if you use as starter…

Spiritomb: It can make a good combo too, while Trainer-Locking you can set up a 13/90 Forretress and start using “Gyro Ball” retreating to Spiritomb untill the other Forretress is fully set up. You need a very good list to use this strategy, and maybe even then this will not work very well. So it’s recomended to max out the 3/90 Forretress and use Sableye, I just want to include this to list all the options.

pokemon-paradijs.comDodrio 11/90 Undaunted: 3 Energy retreating cost is A LOT. So you may want to put a 1-1 Dodrio which reduce CC Retreat Cost from all your Pokémons.

Uxie LV.X: You may want to add an Uxie LV.X, as without Claydol is a lot more harder to set up. You have to play Dodrio/Multiple Switchs or Warp Points so its not going to be hard to put it out.

Azelf: Im not going to explain why a deck plays Azelf.

Special M Energies: This can be really helpful. It means one more Crobat G your opponent has to use, one more PlusPower, one more Kingdra Primer Poké-Power etc.

Double Colorless Energies: 4 Must be played.

Palmer’s Contribution/Pokémon Rescue: Only testing will tell you which is better… I tested 35 games this week and I’m not sure. Pokémon Rescue give you a quick Pineco for that extra 30 damage. But Palmer can put back on the deck a 2-2 Forretress line plus an energy. Maybe a combination of both is the best.

pokemon-paradijs.comExpert Belt: You should only play 1 of these. I know it can be really good to hit 140 and have extra HP, but is better recoverying every time a Forretress die an use one expert belt for your last Forretress. Of course playing 2 wont kill you, but you will have to play test. :)

Rainbow Energy: This may sound stupid, but I love using Azelf and Manectric first attacks. :P

Pokédexs/Poké Drawer +/Quick Balls etc: If you think your deck is a little slow you can add speed with any of these cards.

Fire Counter: Put in your favorites, there are not many, but I know you will need to fit one.


It may be fun to play this deck. Explodetress (Best name in Pokémon TCG) is an option to test in the first Battle Roads for this next season. I don’t think anyone will be brave enoguh to play this at Worlds (I couldnt do it this yeat :( ) Maybe when SPs start falling this can be a Tier 1 Deck, only time will tell.

I’ve just given you a fun idea to playtest, so I hope you like it :)


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  1. Kevin Kuphal

    The problem that I see here is that your attacking Forretress is down 30 for each attack. With only 90HP, you are likely to be OHKO pretty quickly, even if you are dishing out 60, 90, or 120 per turn. Assuming you can survive a 60 damage attack after you attack, this deck should most certainly include Super Scoop Ups to heal and promote another Pineco for the attack.

  2. Chris Barrieau

    You need 4 Pineco/Foretress in play, or 3 on the Bench.

    You can’t do 120 on first turn as you stated in your Secondary Cards > Manetric paragraph, you still need to evolve, attack a metal, and a DCE. Maybe if you used the supporter to attack a basic energy to a pokemon SP, then used Energy switch to move it to your Foretress, then gave it a DCE, while using BTS to evolve, and happened to ALSO have Pokemon Collector to go get three Pineco, AND Manetric’s full line, THEN you could do 120 damage on first turn with 30 active recoil damage. But other than that, you can’t do this. You also don’t need to play Bench Shield to protect Manetric because he won’t take damage from Foretress’ Everyone Explode Now attack.

    In the paragraph about Spiritomb, using Gyro Ball to switch out with Spiritomb until the 3/90 Foretress is powered up would actually work very well.

    Overall, I think this could be an ok deck to play around with, but I think you did a little bad on the techs you mentioned… The descriptions for Uxie, Azelf, and Sp. Metal Energy are especially sub par, and by omitting Azelf’s description completely, you’re not helping new players out very much. I don’t find it necessary to play 4 DCE. It’d help, but it’s not absolutely necessary. I understand that Power Wave and Lock Up are fun to use, but there’s no synergy between those and they’re not really worth playing, in my opinion. There aren’t many fire decks being played, to be honest, and you could have included some suggestions for fire counters; since there aren’t many fire decks being played, fire counters aren’t widely discussed.

    In conclusion, I find your article could have gone a little more in depth about the tech analysis, and I personally think this deck might not play quite as well as you would expect it to… but maybe that just due to lack of playtesting on my part. =]

  3. tim h

    If attached to an active steel-type pokemon, special metal energy will reduce damage done to a pokemon by the same pokemon.

    I.E, if you had 1 special metal + a dce, then used everyone explode now, then you would deal only 20 to yourself.

  4. Chris Barrieau

    Oh ok, I guess.. But to which extend is it necessary if the player isn’t expecting to play against top deck? Bah, this is just a rhetorical, pondering question. =]

  5. Alex Pike

    I like the idea, it’s pretty cool :D

    You’re English is pretty good by the way ^^ Better than most people’s seem to be.

  6. Martin Garcia

    More than a manectric, i would use nidoqueen as a tech, that way you can recover 20 damage from everyone explode now, including the damage to the active forretress, something with manectric you cannot do.
    Also, include a few BTS and 4 SSU and/or 4 Pokehealer+.

  7. Chris Barrieau

    Why would you use Nidoqueen instead of Manetric while Manetric prevents (in this strategy) 30 damage to all your pine cones per turn, while Nidoqueen, being one evolution line higher, would only heal 20?

  8. Martin Garcia

    first, manectric WILL be sniped, nidoqueen wont. Second, manectric cant protect the active, nidoqueen can heal him. Third, without a bench shield (a useless card, in my opinion) manectric wont last mor than 1 turn, i can guarantee any good player will se this flaw in the defense and make you pay for it.
    Also, Nidoqueens attack may be situational, but is still more useful than manectric´s.
    Finally, with the dodrio UD tech, you wont have to worry about luxray locking your nidoqueen into the active position.
    But in the end, i guess its a matter of preferences.

  9. Bob Catchpole

    wow… man I would take this to worlds, I love rouge decks and I would like to play against this…
    Ur Englis is a lot betta than some peeps i knows ^^
    I really like it and I can’t wait for more articles from you.

  10. Tom Hansen

    defender (undaunted) + metal energy would ignore the selfdamage to the active + 30 reduce in opponents turn

  11. Matthew Tidman

    Actually am working on a similar deck idea to this but using Vespiquen instead of Manectric. A Nidoqueen tech would definitely help with the active Forretress if you couldn’t get Sp. Metals on it.

  12. Adam Capriola

    Defender only reduces damage from an opponent’s attack, nice thought though.

  13. Michael Randolph

    Interesting deck idea but without the aid of claydol this deck will probebly have a harder time setting up.

  14. Nick

    It’s Dark Weezing (from the original TR set) all over again! Haha, I really wish we had the old Unown M (Neo Discovery) for this deck! Still, I think this would be a lot of fun to play. If only there was a way to eliminate damage to the active Forretress AND to the benched Foretress/Pineco…

  15. Bob Catchpole

    Why didnt I sign in? lol (just realised)
    Im Teleri, so yeah, Nice deck ^^

  16. Kyle Warden

    You deal 30 to your active and most pokemon now and days hit 60+ for 1 energy aka your just switching prizes back and forth but much slower because you would have to take 2 turns to set up another Forretress, Like the idea but if the deck was really good it would make Tier 3 if it’s lucky not 2 and there actually is no 1.5.

  17. Tony

    Dude- first, your ingles es bueno. Second, the deck is actually a fun idea, and it’s neat to see some of the articles on here experimenting with some different builds.

    Unfortunately, I think Foretress it is going to have a hard time matching up against the other decks out there right now. It’s not that it’s a bad deck idea, but it’s not a top tier deck meaning that other builds are going to be faster/stronger/have more synergy than this one.

    One thing you should consider is comparing any deck build right now to the common SP deck builds like LuxChomp and DialgaChomp to see if it even stands a chance. What I’m finding in play testing and evaluating is that very few deck builds can match the SP speed and power. So, if you do go non-SP, you have to have a build that can counter SP decks very well (i.e., a trainer lock strategy with either Vileplume, Spiritomb or both; a Machamp build; or perhaps something with Mightyena or Mewtwo X.

    I’d love to see an article about what might be the best SP counter deck builds would be right now.

  18. Levi Burke

    I LOVE this decklist!!! Rogue is absolutely the way to go! :D P.S. You said you didn’t want to write an article because of your “bad English”. I’d like to say that I almost didn’t read this article (Glad I did though!) because you already had made an error. When talking about the rules of English, you are talking about Grammar, not the English language. Just thought I’d point that out! LOL

  19. Colin Peterik

    That sucks. I remember reading a Japanese FAQ about Defender and it said that it could also reduce damage from your own attacks. Another English/Japanese text discrepancy….

  20. Colin Peterik

    I don’t buy it. 5 spots on your field are taken up by Forretresses’, Pineco’s and the Menetric. That leaves only 1 spot for an Uxie drop. It’s way to much of a set up to do something that Gyarados does much better and more efficiently.

  21. Jordan Baker

    wish there was a dislike button for me to push on this post. What makes you think that a nidoqueen wont get sniped??

  22. Slowdog

    Sorry to be a buzzkill but it looks like far too much to set up and far too little hp to make a battle interesting.

  23. Toni Taitto

    Bench Shield will prevent Manectric to be sniped. Sure it can be drag front by Bright Look and then get Dragon Rushed down…

  24. Matthew Tidman

    Dang, they totally nerfed that compared to the Base Set card. Granted, it was never going to set the world aflame, but still.

  25. James Hall

    I was thinking the same thing. I was going to call the deck Exploidation. Espeon200, since I am a noob and still seeing what others use and trying to wrap my head around everything do you think you could share your deck with me? james3hall@gmail.com

  26. James Hall

    I was also looking into using Bellossom (UD) for healing which the Vespiqueen would be able to protect on the bench too.

  27. Matthew Tidman

    Yeah, though it’s not finished yet, and it’s definitely not competition-worthy. More of a league deck idea than anything else. When I’ve hammered out the trainer/energy lines I’ll e-mail you the list I’m running. Funnily enough, I added in Bellossom yesterday when I was working on it because it’s protected by Vespiquen.

  28. Era Powers

    You’ve got wonderful stuff there, Thanks, I think that this is really compelling. I’ve certainly enjoyed reading your writing. Just brilliant what you’ve here.

  29. billy fischer

    nice decklist, im jealous. This forretress is one of the better cards from the undaunted set.

  30. Tula Herwig

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  31. chrataxe

    I think bench space is a problem here. This deck can do 120 damage IF a certain 5 cards are in play…sounds pretty tough! Especially with only 80 HP. Oh, also, lets not forget, Uxie, Sableye, and manetric take up 3 bench spots…

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  40. Purefunguy

    Thanks, I got the card at swapmeat and i thought it was a really good fake card but I have a question… is this like a developer joke or something?

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