How to name any deck.

As is common knowledge by now, the current format will consist of Majestic Dawn and on. The same decks that have been winning before are going to stay around, which is OK if you ignore the one, simple problem.

Their names are awful. There’s no way to get around it. “Luxchomp, Sablelock, Blastgatr”? They are not appealing to the common player, even if they do get to the point. There are ways to properly name a deck, however.

Method 1: Your Pokémon.

pokemon-paradijs.comThis is the most basic and commonly used method to come up with a name for the deck. Just for the sake of this article, we will take two random cards that might not go together and try to come up with a name from that (even if they’re not going to be a successful deck). The two cards I chose were Empoleon (SF) and Lumineon (SF). Both cards feature aquatic creatures, both cards have a “majestic” feel to them, and both of them take water energies.

These may seem like obvious things that both key Pokémon have in common, but many players overlook these features when trying to make a deck name. What has become an annoying common event is to take part each Pokémon’s name and combine it into an awkward, clumsy name. Look at “Luxchomp”. It’s not fun to say and though it will tell the name of the Pokémon in the deck (use Luxray with Garchomp), it’s not going to get any fans just by the name alone. A good example of what to name a deck based off of these qualities would be:

– Royal Tsunami
– Fin Destruction
– Endless Torrent

Method 2: It’s Purpose.

This is the second (if only other) way that decks are commonly named. This involves taking the point of the deck (Lock-down, Spead, Disruption) and combining it with a name of a card, most commonly a Pokémon. A common, poor example of this is “Sablelock”, the famous tourtament winner.

Just looking at the card, there are many other things that the deck could have been called, if only because of the print of the card. The whole point of the deck is to try to disrupt/donk the opponent, using Sableye’s two attacks. It also allows the deck to go first. Using this information, we can come up with a much better name for the deck. Better names include:

– Overeager Victory
– I Call Heads
– The Support of Sableye

The point of this article is to try to convince people to move away from the ever-so-common way of naming your decks. Try to keep the deck name original, throw in some unnecessary adjectives and the next format might have the illusion new decks.

And if you’re going to make a rouge deck, do not try to make it sound like a meta deck. You created it, have some pride in it. Don’t make it sound as if someone else made your deck.

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  1. Sledd

    I agree and I disagree. I agree that some names get kinda… clunky. However, I don’t agree with many of those names casue they’re just too long. People want a name that tells them what the deck is in a few syllables, not 4+. Also, they shouldn’t be tons of different words either and the name must flow.

  2. Slowdog

    – I Call Heads
    – The Support of Sableye <--- Those two names suck quite bad :) However, I agree that it is cooler when decks have better names and luxchomp sucks too. "Friendly Enemies" is pretty much the best deck name. You can call all decks that

  3. Liam Pomfret

    Hear hear. Well said. I used to get so much crap about naming my old deck Mercury. It might not ever have gotten widely played, but the name was so much more interesting than all the bland Pokémon portmanteau names of that format.

  4. Renfield89

    Most irrelevant topic of all time.
    1) Who cares if deck names are not appealing to new players. I don’t.
    A deck name is supposed to be a catchy variation the Pokemon in it, so that you don’t need to say every card in the deck for the masses to know what you’re discussing.
    Luxchomp/Sablelock/KingdraChamp/Jumpluff/DialgaChomp/Palkia Lock/GG, etc.
    You know EXACTLY the frame of the deck I am talking about. More than half of the cards are already made available in your conscious. That simple.
    Go ahead and call your deck something cutesy. It won’t catch on, because its not the deck concept, like the aforementioned.

    2) Learn to spell “rogue” if you’re so incessant on playing it.

  5. Shi-ke Kuraido

    hey i got a funny idea (if you will like it) if you will name the charizard-typhlosion-ninetales deck, what will you name it? Maybe i can call it “CHARIZARD’S FRIENDS” or its not funyy but lousy name for charizard

  6. Charles Schmidt

    I have to disagree. I advocate names that say what they mean. I can appreciate some cleverness if it doesn’t sacrifice clarity. A couple of deck names have achieved both objectives Flytrap and RayBees are two recent examples that achieved both goals. Simplicity is a major virtue. GG was a clear and succinct and much easier to say Gardivoir Gallade or even Gardy Gallade. PLOX on the other is not that informative. To this day in not exactly sure what the difference between GG and PLOX was. The first time I tried to figure out what GG was, someone had to refer me to a thread called “Happy Family” (Gardy was mom, Gallade was dad and I guess Kirlia was the daughter) It sounded more like a choice from column A on a Chinese Menu.

    Another useless deck name is SP Tool Box. You might as well say SP because tool box says nothing about the deck. LuxChop is not clever but it definitely helps us to effectively communicate. Just my opinion.

    On the other hand having a pet name for the deck that you have spent so much raising from a net deck to a deck tuned to your particular playing style and meta-game might be a very good thing. Odd to admit it, but I have become attached to decks. I just don’t think that those “nick names” have any place on the boards.

  7. Theo Seeds

    okay, you’re calling this a tips and strategy article? Adam how slow are things? Let’s see, 1, 2, 3, 4 articles sceduled and a useless one comes up? I’d rather hear about an unlimited deck or something that isn’t md on. I’m fine with the name LuxChomp, because the name doesn’t inflict how well the deck plays.

  8. Bob Catchpole

    I like this idea an dI’m really bored of “luxchomp”… So Ive started thinging up names for decks.

    Ghost in a shell,(Gengar/metal, still working on) is my fav so far ^^

  9. Martin Garcia

    Deck names shouldnt be composed of an entire sentence. Just one word or two, quick, simple, and cool, thats how a name should be.
    I think we all agree luxchomp is alme, but “the supporter of sableye” is WAY too long, I prefer sablelock anytime.
    If you aska friend what deck are you playing? and he answers “Fin destruction” i think i would just ignore him. Those names try too hard to sound cool, but they dont say anything about the deck, sounds kidna like pre-constructed decks.

  10. JDarok SRMXP

    That kind of names, Royal Tsunami for example, are more for Set Decks/Beginners Decks. LuxChomp is an easy way of telling what deck are you playing, is not the name of the deck, just a way of calling a deck for what pokemons it have. I dont think that the World Winners that play LuxChomp will called his printed world version decks as LuxChomp.

  11. Joshua Pikka

    I like simple names like luxchomp, they are simple and to the point.

  12. Scott Christian

    I once had a Scyther deck and I called it “Kiss My Grass”……… I like different names as long as you dont get too ridiculous. Creativity is sometimes missing when it comes to competitive pokemon play. At least I noticed that in my few months back playing. Call your deck what you want but make sure you WIN!!!!!!

  13. Dudedude22

    Im pretty sure Plox means Psychic Lock, the main attack for Gardy. not P-lock but Plox .

  14. Setzer Gabbini

    You have a right to your opinion, even though you attempt to dismiss my article as useless. I then have the right to point out that the fact that you fail to use basic sentence structure and you lack the ability to read titles. HOW TO NAME ANY DECK pretty much sums up the entire article.

    Which leads me to this question, why did you read, and the follow up, why did you post? Your criticism is not constructive and your name leads me to believe “Troll”. But like I said, you have a right to your opinion.

  15. Setzer Gabbini

    See, THIS is constructive criticism. You may dismiss the article as useless, but you support your reasoning. Even if this is attacking my article, I give you props, sir. Or madam. I believe that your opinion is wrong and you are foolish for thinking it, but it is a well-written response.

  16. eli moses

    i think my fiend has alot of good points great atricle setzer

  17. Setzer Gabbini

    1) See, I liked PLOX. I have no clue what it stood for, but it’s pretty entertaining to say.

    2) I wholeheartedly agree with the first paragraph. Expect the part where it came from a Chinese Menu, I was getting a “Japaneese Sitcom/Gameshow” vibe.

    3) The last two… you lost me. Especially the last sentence, mainly because card games are not played over forums.

  18. Colin Peterik

    My testing group (or just me..) likes to give decks dirty names. Hand disruption decks are usually penned “Hand Job”, I built Spiritomb/Camerupt and called it “Camel Toe”. “Space Aids” is R+D LEGEND/Typhlosion.

  19. Funnybear

    I developed a Mewtwo/Aerodactyl deck which got out an Aerodactyl T1 and prevented evolutions. I called it Darwins revenge

  20. Jordan Baker

    don’t take it personally. In life people won’t always like everything you do. Sometimes you will be criticized or critiqued. roll with the punches and move on. not really a big deal.

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  22. Mark B

    Luxray GLX/Garchomp CX = Light Bites

    Luxray shines the light, Garchomp brings the bite. A beguiling name for a strong deck.

    Scizor SF = Red Alert

    Now PL0X was a good name. While here, it refers to Gardevoir’s Psychic Lock, but to the rest of the internet it means “please”. A lot of us know it as GG PL0X (Gardevoir/Galade), but again others know it as “good game please?”

    As for Sableye/Garchomp/Honchkrow, I’m thinking either cl0ckwork or Mordor. Because you know, one doesn’t simply walk into Mordor.

  23. SMGausch

    Exactly right Rhin could not have said it better. These guys can take their long, rediculous, I’m cool cause I can make a queer name names to the losers bracket! This game doesn’t need deck name creativity, it needs more playable cards printed, better league participation(to help young kids/anyone construct decent lists) and quality organized play. That makes it more fun not crap rogue decks and retarded names.

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  25. Adam Capriola

    I thought this article might get some discussion going, that’s why I decided
    to publish it.

  26. John Mostowy

    I LOL at the people who think this article is completely useless, because it isn’t. I enjoyed reading something that gave card reviews a little bit of a break. The Sablelock deck-name replacements weren’t great, but I did enjoy the article overall. “Royal Tsunami” is pretty good. Good article.

  27. Joshua Pikka

    I don’t want to to know what you would name a deck that features Politoed Ex.

  28. Joshua Pikka

    The best deckname I ever heard was for a Raichu Lv.x/ furret deck. This was about a year ago when the Sara bareilles song “love song” was popular. And the best deck name was: “Not gonna Raichu a love song cause you asked Furret.”

  29. venny kid

    I also hate the name Sablelock. It totally excludes the sniping Garchomp and Honchcrow part of the deck…

  30. Mark B

    More names:

    Jumpluff/Luxray GLX = Jump+ (Jumplux), Double Jump

    Jumpluff/Pixies = AMJU = Atomic Mass Jump Unit

  31. Lindsay Merlain

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  33. Ryan Graham

    Hahaha, honestly, this has to be the worst article I’ve ever read. I think I’d rather read an article by JPN-Gallade.

    “The Support of Sableye.” Yeah…that’s gonna catch on.

  34. Anonymous

    Let’s steal from M:tG. I enjoy either RDW (Red deck wins), Flame Jet (for Afterburner) or Fanning the Flames. Of course we could go with Roasty (from the reveal) Toasty. When I was playing it with colorless, I affectionately called it Swiss Beats, since the Swiss flag is red and white, plus they’re neutral so it went well with the colorless.

  35. Dorotha Voeller

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  36. Larhonda Mcdannald

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  44. Karol Nowak

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