Armorlock Decklist and Analysis

Pokémon 21

2 Anorith LA
3 Armaldo LA
4 Sableye SF
2 Uxie LA
1 Uxie LV.X LA
1 Azelf LA
1 Unown Q MD
1 Ditto LA
1 Regice LA
2 Porygon Clash Of The Summit (Upon Release)
1 Porygon2 Clash Of The Summit (Upon Release)
2 Porygon-Z Clash Of The Summit (Upon Release)

T/S/S 29

4 Defender
4 Buffer Piece
3 Claw Fossil
4 Rare Candy
4 Fossil Excavator
2 Pokémon Collector
1 Bebe’s Search
4 Pokémon Communication
2 Interviewer’s Questions
1 Palmer’s Contribution

Energy 10

8 F
1 G
1 Rainbow

This deck may look strange at first, but I think it could work out well and be a counter to a lot of today’s metagame. Here is an analysis of the cards and the strategy for Armorlock.

pokemon-paradijs.comSableye SF.
Your ideal starter. Use “Impersonate” for a few turns mainly to collect fossils with fossil collector. It only takes 1 energy to retreat and has a solid 60 HP.

Uxie / Uxie LV.X
Draw engine. Can also be used to Knock Out Machamp, Promocroak, Vilepume, etc.

Regice LA
Gets you out of a Spiritomb lock.

Azelf LA
Gets you prized Pokémon.

Unown Q MD
To retreat Uxie “LV.X”.

Ditto LA
This deck’s worst matchup is Jumpluff. Thats why with a single Ditto LA and G Energy you can counter Jumpluff easily. Also a Flygon counter.

pokemon-paradijs.comArmaldo LA
The main attacker and tank of this deck. It is an overlooked card that is in the fossil family. 140 HP makes it a tank. Its attack “Crush claw” Does 60 for FFC, but next turn all damage done to that Pokémon is increased by 40. But its Pokébody “Fossil Armor” is where it really shines.

“Fossil Armor” says that if Armaldo is damaged by an attack that does 60 damage or less, Armaldo receives no damage. You may have noticiced that this deck contains 4 Buffer Piece and 4 Defender. Each of these reduce damage done to the Pokémon they’re attached to by 20. (Defender is stackable, not Buffer Piece though.)

With one Defender or Buffer Piece attached, Garchomp C, Luxray GL, Blaziken- FB, Dialga G, Palkia G, Kingdra, Gengar and a lot, Lot more can’t damage it in the least.

With 2 Defender or Buffer Piece and Defender. It can take 100 damage without taking any damage.

With 1 Buffer piece and 4 defender it can take 160 damage and not be damaged.

That’s what I call a tank.

Saddly, Buffer Piece and Defender must be discarded at the end of your opponents turn. Is there any card out there that can stop this injustice? YES…………………………………………………………………………………………

Marleys Request! (Just kidding)
Poké-Power: Dimension Transfer You can use this power once during your turn. Flip a coin, if heads show 1 Goods card from your discard pile to your opponent, and return it to the top of your deck. This power can’t be used if this Pokémon is affected by a Special Condition.
Porygon-Z Clash Of The Summit
This guy is a great tech and lets you get back the Buffer Piece/Defender you discarded last turn with “Demention Transfer” (and a lucky coin flip). Yes you can use “Strange Beam Beta” and there is a Rainbow Energy for that purpose, but you should try to keep this guy on your bench.


The strategy of the deck is pretty simple, use Sableye for a few turns to get out your fossils and setup Porygon-Z. Then bring out Armaldo and start tanking with it. It has low speed, but is an amazing tank.

Overall, though slow to set up I think this deck can easily counter a lot of today’s metagame. It will never be a tier 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 deck, but I think it’s a good rouge to counter most of the popular decks.

What do YOU think?

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36 replies

  1. The Wii Man1234

    Add a Porygon x to search out fossils and the defenders…

  2. Garrett Williamson

    Gengar SF can damage Armaldo with Shadow room. Its doesn’t do 30 damage but it tells you to put 3 damage counters on the defending pokemon. Back when I played a fossil deck, cursegar was big in my area and Gengar SF sucked! haha

  3. Collan Baker

    Taking just 30 damage a turn is an EXTREMELY acceptable hit to take by any deck I know.

    Since it’s gonna be said I’ll just get it out of the way. Dialga G.

  4. Slowdog

    Porygon Z SP lets you take 2 tools from your discard, so that could also be a possility

  5. Alex Pike

    I like this idea. It’s new and fresh. If I’m honest I’d like to see the write-up to be padded out a bit more but the list, strategy and combination is very interesting.

    The only thing I think that may cause this deck to falldown is the lack of draw-power. As the only thing that draws cards in there is Uxie. I’d be tempted to throw in Team Rocket’s Trickery (My new favourite card). Or Professor Oaks Visit or something similar.

    I like the idea though. Well done :D

  6. Martin Garcia

    Even tought its true that dialga destroys this decks main strategy, it still doesnt change the fact that once set up, armaldo IS a tank, with an e-belt attached, and dealing 60-80 to 100-120 per turn for 3 energies, its not a bad deal at all, could even try to take out dialga by himself.
    Still, this needs more speed. The fossil excavator only gets you one fossil, and uses yuour supporter for that turn, which sucks. Maybe add some PONTs to refresh your hand since claydol is gone, could be useful with sableye.
    Also with that kind of damage per turn, i would consider a few Warp points, and since your are already using clash at the summit thing,s put in here 4 junk arm, and get rid of porygon, thats way faster, and more reliable. What out for spiritomb or vileplume, couse they lock your defenders and buffers pieces, and you are screwed.
    Nice deck idea, try to polish it a bit more.

  7. John Mostowy

    This deck seems a little slow, and it’s unfortunate because I really like the card. It’s a shame that you can’t search for more with Fossil Excavator, and that Dialga G LV.X will see play as well. Great idea, I hope this works. It’s a great decklist. :)

  8. Collan Baker

    EVERY SINGLE DECK. I put Dialga G in my Nidoqueen, Flygon deck cause I don’t even like my own body’s working.

  9. Harrisonjrx8

    why not just copy cat or prof oaks (suffel and draw 6) team rocks trickery isnt that great of a card if i was going to use it you might as well use judge its alot better

  10. venny kid

    Where can I find Clash at the Summit cards to look at before their release???

  11. Errol Gabriel Curioso

    I hate it when people make “rogue decks” and can’t spell “rogue”. Rogue is not a color. Okay, now that I’ve had my rant I feel better now, it’s a bit slow for me, maybe add memory berry since Anorith has guard claw for 1 Fighting energy so that you wouldn’t have to wait too long to attack. Maybe even VS Seekers, so that after you impersonate a Fossil Excavator you could VS Seeker it the next turn evolve then Impersonate another Fossil Excavator. Just my opinion. Remember, rogue is not a color. :D

  12. Pierre

    1. DialgaChomp = autoloss.
    2. Cursegar = autoloss.

    Basically anything that stops trainers owns this deck. You need something to get around that.

  13. Michael Randolph

    Gengar with a Vileplume on the bench would utterly poltergeist for death and then some without some sort of way to get rid of the trainers.

  14. Thurman Seales

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