The Secret Behind Uxie Donk

pokemon-paradijs.comHello everyone! This is my third article for SixPrizes, hope you like it. =)

Today I’m going to talk about Uxie Donk… No, this is not Shuppet; this is in my opinion a totally different deck. I know both decks focus on attaching 4 PlusPowers (+10 damage each) and an Expert Belt (+20 damage), but Shuppet Donk mainly focuses on attacking and sending up a wall; while in Uxie Donk, you don’t send a wall because by that time, you’ve already won. ;)


This deck is one of the simplest decks in the world. The main idea is to kill all your opponents Pokémon during your first turn (your second turn if you go first). You can easily attach 4 PlusPower and an Expert Belt and do 80 damage to the opponent’s active. In most cases, you will KO his defending Pokémon. But before you KO the defending, you need to KO his benched Pokémons!

pokemon-paradijs.comHow are we going to do this? Crobat G + Poké Turns + Super Scoop Ups + Poké Blower +. You can KO two benched Pokémon with all that gear. But how we are going to get all the cards we need for this 1 turn win? One word: Trainers.

Card Analysis

Uxie: This is the main card in the deck. You must have 3-4 copies of this card if you want to play Uxie Donk. This card has a great draw power and a bad-normal attack; His attack does 20 damage with 1 C energy. Of course his attack sucks at mid and late game, but you are only going to attack once.

Crobat G: This is the other Pokémon in this deck. When you put it in your bench, you can activate his power and do 10 Damage to one of your opponent’s Pokémons. You are mainly going to do this 10 damage to one of your opponent’s bench Pokémons (If there are any). But if your opponent’s defending has more than 80 HP, you will want to do that 10 damage to the defending Pokémon. You can abuse this Power having 3-4 copies of this card in the deck, and having 4 Poké Turns, and 4 Super Scoop Ups.

P Energy/Cyclone Energy: Choose your favorite…

pokemon-paradijs.comPsychic Pros:
None really.


Cyclone Pros:
If your opponent has a wall, Mr. Mime for example, you can Cyclone and kill another Pokémon with Uxie. It’s really the same because with Psychic you just attached all the PP and Expert Belt and then kill the wall with Crobats. Also it can be useful against Spiritomb if you have the luck to start with an Uxie active and Cyclone in hand (or more Uxies to draw 1-3 cards, or Buck’s Training for drawing 2 cards; You have to be very lucky to draw the Cyclone >_<).

There are some anti special energies new cards.

Buck Training: You have to play 1 Supporter. Before rotation, Roseanne’s Research was the best if you play P Energies, but now in MD-On, Buck’s Training is the best. You draw two cards and it adds a 10 damage that turn. That is really useful.

pokemon-paradijs.comPoké Drawer +: Both abilities are very cool. Drawing a card in a deck that has to deck out in 1 Turn is very useful, and if you get 2 together BOOM! I love this card and i play it in tons of speed decks.

PlusPower: +10 Damage (40 Total) to KO your opponent’s defending.

Expert Belt: +20 Damage to KO your opponen’s active.

Poké Blower +: Another very cool card! His first ability makes you flip a coin, and if heads you can do 10 damage to one of your opponent’s Pokémons! It’s like a Crobat G but with a flip! His second ability is not useful in this deck, so if you have 2 or more Poké Blower +s in your hand, play them all separated.

Poké Dex: With Pokédex you can help setting up you Uxie and getting your Crobat Gs and also it help you decking out. Look at the top 2 cards from your deck, choose one and put it in your hand, and the other at the bottom of your deck. Very good card!

Super Scoop Up: This card help you re using Crobat G and Uxie Powers.

pokemon-paradijs.comPoké Turn: Abusing Crobat G’s Power.

Victory Medal: In my country we can only get the Pikachu ones. :( Back on topic, this is a great card in this kind of ultra fast decks. Both drawing and searching a card can help you decking out.

Luxury, Dusk and Quick Ball: These cards help you getting all the Pokémons you want out. Can help setting up, and can help decking out.

Devoluter: It may happen that you leave a Pokémon with 10 HP, you have to be ready for killing it next turn! This is the perfect card for killing bench damage Pokémons if you already use all your Crobat Gs. Of course your opponent has to evolve his damaged Pokémons first, so dont attached Devoluter in that turn, wait your opponent to evolve his Pokémons ;).

Speed Stadium: This card can make you draw tons of cards! (Or zero.)

The rest you can fill it with different cards. The best in my opinion are Blaziken FB against Dialga G, Alph Litograph ONE against Power Spray and other Pokémon searchers cards like Poké Radar.


Pokémon: 104 Uxie LA
4 Crobat G
1 Blaziken FB
1 Blaziken FB LV.X
Trainers:4 Poké Drawer +
4 Poké Blower +
4 PokéDex
4 Dusk Ball
4 Quick Ball
1 Luxury Ball
4 PlusPower
2 Expert Belt
4 Poké Turn
4 Super Scoop Up
4 Victory Medal
1 Buck’s Training
1 Cyrus Conspiracy (You play a second Supporter with Blaziken Tech)
1 Speed Stadium
2 Energy Gain
1 Alph Litograph
1 TM Devoluter
Energy: 44 Rainbow (You play Rainbow if you tech Blaziken)

Hope you enjoyed reading. :) Expect more articles from me.


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  1. Tobias Labidi

    Wow. I got to say. This was a VERY good article. Very well explained how the deck works, and how it isn’t like ShuppetDonk at all.

    Keep up the good work!!

  2. Anonymous

    …Isn’t that the exact same strategy as Shuppet Donk? The idea is to get as many damage counters on your opponent’s side of the field as possible — JWittz has a video where shows how Shuppet can do 140 damage on the first turn, using the exact strategy as this one.

  3. Slowdog

    Cool article, but what about using great ball instead since it can search for anything without coinflip.

    And yes, it is a lot like shuppet, but who cares?
    You could explain more in detail what happens when you fail to kill your opponent first turn (how shuppet is put on bottom).

  4. pho o

    This deck is very creative! I would add Bebe’s Search just to look for Blaziken in case Spiritomb is the defending pokemon, but that’s me.

  5. Martin Garcia

    Really? 3 SP on turn one? Man, you must be really lucky then. Its a shame this deck only has 1 uxie, and also a shame it doesnt run SSU . . . oh, wait! It does.
    This deck is screwed by spiritomb, not power spray.

  6. ApokemonTrader .

    u said u win on T1, or T2 so i would think that blaziken is useless =P oh and yh i would always encourage cyclone, Spiritomb says goodnight

  7. Chris Barrieau

    First off, I think the spelling and grammar could have been better… It kind of got to me.

    In my opinion, blaziken isn’t that worth playing… But I’ve never really tried it, so I can’t really tell. Personally, I think Shuppet Solitaire is quite similar to this deck… It even does an extra 10 damage. I don’t see how these can be completely different strategies. It depends on how you play the decks. I used to play my Shuppet Solitaire deck the same way you’re saying we should play this deck.

    With the small amount of pokemon you have, I don’t think 4 Dusk ball is quite needed, especially with your 4 quick balls. I think you could find a better searcher.

    Speed Stadium is from DP and therefore can’t be played anymore…

    You completely forgot to include the psychic or Cyclone energy in the deck list, and the amount of T/S/S you have in your deck.

    Which Alph Litograph are you talking about?

    Also: Advantages for Psychic energy: Searchable. Cons for Cyclone: Unsearchable.

    In conclusion, I think playing Shuppet Donk Solitaire is just as good as playing this… But for pokemon with Psychic resistance, just include a Dunsparce from the first HGSS set. I’m not sure what you can do in a deck like this to get around Spiritomb, but I guess you could try Bronzong G… Give it a Psychic energy, a cyclone to your active, and then move the psychic to your Shuppet.

    I guess both decks have their advantages and disadvantages. (Uxie: Cyclone. Shuppet: Extra Damage, “heals” upon being switched out.)

  8. Alex Pike

    That’s a really interesting list and well explained article. I enjoyed reading it!

  9. Alex Pike

    hehehe, yeah the grammar and stuff got to me too :/

    I have to admit I haven’t seen a list for “Shuppet Solitaire” but I’ve played a few impressive Shuppet donk decks and none looked like this :/

    Yeh I think 4 Quick Balls and the amount of draw power in the deck I think Dusk Balls would be a bit of a dead draw, they give you a Pokemon, which actually you’re unlikely to get, and they break the draw chain :/

    There are 46 T/S/S by the way :D Though I would have liked a number too XD. He explained he used Rainbow Energy instead of the Psychic and Cyclone in the D-List

    For Spiritomb, I’d throw in a couple of Pokemon Circulator to force them to switch, of course if it’s double tomb you can just… well… walk out of the room would be my advice XD.

    Uxie also “Heals” by shoving it back into your deck.
    I would say that Shuppet is also completely ruined by Judge, where with Uxie you can still leave it in play if you’re expecting a Judge, although this will lose your Plus Powers; but it is another available option.

    And you’re supposed to be at work! lmao

  10. Ryan Graham

    Sixprizes = No constructive criticism, just hate, because every is a better Pokemon player than the next guy.

  11. Michael Randolph

    Circulator is a trainer bro, so it’s a no go to counter Tomb lol

  12. JDarok SRMXP

    The grammar is becouse english is not my native languaje. Shuppet send wall after attacks, Uxie dont. Shuppet send to hand, Uxie dont, so then you draw the same uxie and use his power to get your PP, EB and energy.
    Also, psychic and Cyclone are for Uxie alone, without Blaziken Tech.

  13. JDarok SRMXP

    I played both quick and dusk ball becouse these are cards that are useful to have a great number at the beginning of the game, and when you search everything, you can use them to discard them, so you draw more with Uxie, thats also why you dont have to play more than 1-2 Supporters.

  14. JDarok SRMXP

    Please, eveyone that doesnt know how this deck work, and didnt undestand the article, please just ask me how it works, dont post random stupid things.

  15. Martin Garcia

    The strategy is similar, but not quite the same. Here you should send uxie to the bottom of your deck, becouse if the list is cosntructed right, the trainers should emptyy the deck and at the start of every turn you should be able to draw the same uxie you sent to the “bottom”, and use his power to get the energy, belt and 4 pluspower, to attack again, repeating the cycle.
    Thats the strategy with uxie donk, if im not mistaken.

  16. Alex Pike

    Ahah! That is a very… good point… damn XD

    I knew i was forgetting something obvious lol

  17. Perry Going

    this has become true very recently… i have noticed that in the last 10 articles…

  18. Perry Going

    not really. you will have enough in your first hand to get around it…. itll be late game that will kill you.

  19. Cam Graybill

    good idea with no guest commenting, also I like Jordan baker’s idea…. however, turning off all comments is not the solution, I promise that that will cut the amount of people that come to this site by a third atleast…

  20. Adam Capriola

    Yeah I’m tired of this. I may be turning comments off for all future articles if this keeps up.

  21. Martin Garcia

    Come on guys, give the man a break. Not everyone here is from an English-speaking country, yet he still tries to post an article and all, so try to be a little more understanding.

  22. JDarok SRMXP

    The main Pokemons in this Deck (Uxie and Crobat G) are good becouse of their powers. If you use great ball you cant use them.

  23. Robert Hall

    what do you do when your opponent has a spiritomb start and you dont have cyclone nrg in your opening hand?

  24. mewuk85

    This comment thing is getting to be a little insane! Lots of rude stuff. I can’t say I haven’t been a little critical or forward much ether.

    Pokemon is supposed to be about fun not criticism. We all come to for pokemon insight and strategy tips, we should not use this site as a free criticism blogg, IF YOU GET MY DRIFT>

    Here’s a suggestion ADAM, I personally would not disable comments just maybe have them be approved, like some folks do on before they get posted.

    By the way JDarokSRMXP your article is awesome and its always nice seeing something creative and different :):):):)

  25. eli moses

    whats going on with some of the commenters, uggh great deck by the way but i belive shuppet does 10 more dameg which in all respects is better but if you wnat take out the blaziken tech cyrus and the 2 enrgy gains for 4 shuppets and take out the rainbow for for 5 psychic i think that wud be much better

  26. mewuk85

    much agreed buddy! I have another couple primes i pulled that i need to send you. (for free of course) but forgot your address could you send it to me again via if it’s not to much to ask.

  27. mewuk85

    You have to remember not everyone is a perfect speller, or a college graduate, some folks are still young and have lots to learn. chill lax this isn’t the NY TIME’S Lol Lol…..

  28. Tony

    Interesting deck idea, and nice to see something a little different. It could do decently well for you, and it definitely gives you a shot at the donk.

    I guess when I think about pure donk deck options, you have sableye, uxie, dunsparce and shuppet, and then you have some other deck builds with high T1 donk potential like luxchomp, Jumpluff and Donphan Prime. When I look at the metagame now, though, it seems that donk decks will be slowed too much now that trainer lock deck builds (Viletomb) are going to be so much more prevalent.

    Personally, I like the idea of trying to get a sableye donk in the current format. Why? It just seems to give you more options. For example, you can load the deck with sableyes, special darks, crobats, and the new unown d(?) that lets you search your deck for a special dark. So, even if you don’t get the T1 donk with Sableye, you can Impersonate for collector and grab 2 bats and unown d and quite possibly get the T2 KO. Or, you can have a few other techs in your deck that you can find with Impersonate to help you with other situations. It just seems to give you a lot more options which I think you will need.

    I’d love to see a little more match-up analysis with your idea versus some popular builds- LuxChomp, Sablelock, Gengar/Vileplumb, Jumpuff/Vileplumb, etc.

    Thanks for submitting the article!

  29. Garrett Williamson

    In response to negative commenters. The whole point of the pokemon TCG is to be creative and build different decks. Its strange when I see tons of people copying winning deck list and sometimes get tumbled by a random deck. Now ill admit that I do play luxchomp but I also added in some Sable lock cards and an Absol g x, Which I might add works insanely well with Chatot g, but i see people bash a deck that they determine to be crap only because it hasnt been played or won anything yet, keep in mind that they havent even tried it out before bashing on it but instead take the time to point out it’s flaws, but the fact of the matter is that all decks have flaws, even luxchomp. And i think especially with the new format and undaunted being released, it’s time to start getting original. But i guess thats just my opinion.

  30. mewuk85

    Check it out all…. Let me put it in perspective for you ITS A CARD GAME not the World Series….

  31. Theo Seeds

    way to be creative, but i dont want to her about anything that isn’t md on

  32. alex brock

    From a competitive perspective, the point of pokemon tcg is to win, not be “creative”. That’s why people netdeck, and they lose to a random deck, because they either haven’t played the matchup, or the netdeck long enough to play it right. Originality isn’t what helps you become a competitive player, you just have to understand the format and the cards in it.

  33. JDarok SRMXP

    You dont get the strategy of the deck at 100%… 4 Shuppet and more energies are dead draws, you need to play cards that can be played and discarded when you want.

  34. dee strickland

    on the contrary origanality is what matters the most if youre not original youll lose to a deck someone just tried ot for fun its not always about the type match-ups ya know

  35. Adam Capriola

    Thanks for the link Jordan. I checked it out and it’s a little beyond what I can do here with my limited knowledge, but I figured something out sorta like that we can do:

    I have it set as default now so the comments that get the most “likes” are shown at the top. Comments that don’t get likes will be towards the bottom.

    This way we can reward people who make good comments. Unfortunately it doesn’t come with a way to “dislike” a comment, but maybe in the future the developers will make that.

  36. Garrett Williamson

    Oh ya lets all hop on the bandwagon and copy the deck that won worlds. I think that would get just a little bit boring. Being competitive is testing YOUR skill, not copying others. When you read article after article about how a popular deck is played and then you go play it just how you read it, that shows no skill what so ever. All that shows is that you have the cards and the ability to read.

  37. Joshua Pikka

    Good article.

    I personally feel like a deck like this might as well run shuppet, its just such a good card that works with this strategy.

    And i have faced a post rotation shuppet deck that works by being stupid fast. Its not as good without Mime but it still can be okay. So I assume an uxie deck is similar in this regard.

  38. alex brock

    No, it’s not. If you take a good player, give him the BDIF, have him test out the popular match ups, he’ll do absolutely fine. No matter if some random player brings out their Crobat or Ursaring deck. Kudos for being original, but there’s a reason why they’re not used a lot competitive wise. You don’t even have to be a deck builder to be a good player. Last format was a perfect example of originality not mattering, luxchomp won 2 masters, and juinors was one by another net deck. Over half the people in t32 for masters were SP, no originality is not always key to performing well in the format.

  39. alex brock

    OOO boring. X( I forgot how much that has so much to do with winning… oh wait it has nothing to do with winning, because if it did SP would’ve been out of the format months ago. Skill doesn’t stop at deckbuilding, in fact you don’t even have to deck build at all, the much more important part of skill is the actual plays you conduct with your deck. You could’ve handed Yuta’s list to countless people at worlds that didn’t really ever play SP personally, and I promise you they would’ve all done terribly. Just because people netdeck with no practice doesn’t mean you have to be “original” in order to win. This entire last format was raped over and over again by the same archetype hands down, there’s absolutely nothing original about that at all.

  40. Garrett Williamson

    Why do you think that winning is everything? When battle roads come around people always play random decks just to play test them with out caring if they win or lose but your making it sound that its only fun if you win. I played dialgachomp for a while and it got really boring, although I did pretty well with it i switched to decks that arent as good but more fun to play with. i’d rather have fun playing the game than win and be bored. You said that the point of the game is to win and win only and if that’s what you believe, im surprised you dont quit when you lose. When these popular decks first came out, they were considered original but now since everyone plays them theyre not original anymore. It all started with originality.

  41. alex brock

    You should really read what you’re responding to a lot more. I said it right there, first sentence on my first post “From a competitive perspective, the point of pokemon tcg is to win”. Having fun and playing a sub par deck is fine, but that’s not being competitive, and wouldn’t relate to what I said at all because of my initial statement.

  42. Garrett Williamson

    You can still play a sub par deck, have fun playing it and still be competitive.

  43. alex brock

    No, that’s the point of being competitive. Unless you’re talking about being competitive as a personal quality and choosing not to be for the tournament you choose to play with a sub par deck. If you choose something that’s less than what you know is to be the best choice, then you’re purposely sacrificing essential assets in order to win. The moment you do that, you’re not acting in a competitive light anymore.

  44. Garrett Williamson

    Dude basically all youre saying is that you only can win when playing popular decks. You know what? I went to a few spring battle roads and some of the decks that won or topped were Golem AR, Steelix prime and even a parasect/ninjask decks. All decks that the people told me they were just messing around with. With plenty of big decks being played not only them won. The fact is that even when playing competitively it all started with creativity and originality.

  45. alex brock

    Dude basically all I’m saying is that if you’re playing competitively, which means you’re aiming to win, creativity is not essential to winning. I wouldn’t even say Yuta, with his odd techs, was that original, he ran luxchomp which won the almost the entire season beforehand. You know what? Those were battle roads, of course the random decks that people play are going to win once in a while. Playing to win doesn’t ensure you’ll win, playing for fun doesn’t ensure you’ll lose. The fact is, that creativity is still not essential in order to play competitively.

  46. Garrett Williamson

    Well i wasnt saying that it was key to winnig. I was saying that with the new format and the new set, Also the loss of important staples like claydol ,rosies etc maybe people should start getting creative cuz lets face it, non SP stage 2 decks are going to suffer without claydol and rosies. So instead of everyone starting to play SP, since it’s barely being affected by the rotation, start coming up with something new before luxchomp is all we see

  47. Garrett Williamson

    And i was also saying that people shouldnt bash and these articles that are original or sub par decks just because theyre not luxchomp, machamp, jumpluff etc. They should accept new ideas instead of discarding them

  48. Alex Pike

    That’s a good point, as long as you don’t use anything to shuffle your deck you can just draw your Uxie and “Setup” to get all the stuff back

  49. Alex Pike

    Hahaha that’s the first thing I do when i come to an article is set it to the oldest appearing at the top.

    So if I come back to an article to see what other posts have appeared i can just scroll halfway down and find the new comments.

    Points at cams comment below Yeah blocking all comments isn’t the way to go :/ I like people commenting on my articles to see what they would do differently. The majority of my decks under-go rigourous play-testing but its’s interesting to see what other people make of it and everyone forgets that “1 card” that you could put in that might be crucial that they maybe haven’t thought of.

    An example of that would be below or above… somewhere or other someone said about using Absol lv.X with Chatot G so if you Lost Zone cards you can make sure you get the nice ones. That’s something I’ve never thought of; and there are many other interesting points come up.

    Wow why do my posts always seem to end up immensely long :/

    Also I think we are confusing “Negative Posting” with “People being blunt in what they say”.
    A negative post would be more like “your deck is poopy”.

    Where as a lot of the “negativeness” that people are talking about seems to be coming from comments after someone says something like “Spiritomb kills this” and that’s all the comment says.
    Well that may seem a bit negative, but it’s just being blunt really. If they said something more like “Spiritomb kills this :/ I wonder if there’s anyway you could get around it” suddenly it’s no longer being blunt but it’s being constructive although it doesn’t say or do anything different from the first comment. It’s simply got some pleasant words stuck on the end.

    Aaaand to add on to the end of this stupidly long post :/ What are the chances of you actually editing some of the posts to read in better english? Sorry JDarok I really like your article and understand you’re from a different country, but I am a bit of a Grammar Nazi :D
    I understand that obviously you don’t want to rewrite the whole thing as not only is that time consuming but it then is no longer the authors work anymore. I’m just talking about sorting the spelling and grammar maybe replacing a few words in a sentence that don’t actually make sense.

    Thumbs Up for Uxie Donk

  50. Alex Pike

    Since I can’t edit my post, I shall reply to myself! I may even start a conversation by myself over here. :D

    Add-in to the 3rd paragraph: Yeah I understand the LuxChomp with Dialga tech (I think that’s what it was) was an exception and the commenting got a little crazy with that one.

    Was a shame… I liked that article lol

  51. Martin Garcia

    Coudnt you use shedinja SV to wall instead? I mean, most main attackers have either a power or a body, except for jumpluff, i think.

  52. alex brock

    I wasn’t bashing this article, I was bashing you for saying “The whole point of the pokemon TCG is to be creative and build different decks.” Where those can be non existent from a competitive standpoint. Also you were technically right, you weren’t saying that it was they key to winning, you were just saying that it was the whole point of the game, which makes it seem pretty key.

  53. Joshua Pikka

    Its not as consistent, theres Gyarados too which you basically auto loss to if they set up.

  54. Papa_Mash

    This deck is basically structured like a deck referred to as a Double Donk deck, UR Donked or Turbo Uxie. That deck has been used at major events with decent results (at times). IIRC a version of the deck made top 4 in Indiana (or Illinois) States in 2009.

    Couple points of constructive criticism with the article (and I hope you take it as such). The article needs to go into more depth on mechanics or how to implement your strategy. For instance, Rhin talks about the Uxie rinse and repeat above. That should have been fleshed out more.

    Also, the article and decklist should tie into one another better. For example, how does Blaziken FB /LvX fit into this strategy? The LvX can’t be used turn 1. The article doesn’t discuss Blaziken FB/LvX except as a “fill it in” Dialga G counter at the end but then there are numerous references to Blaziken FB/LvX in the decklist. Because it takes up so much space in the decklist, some discussion of Blaziken FB/LvX in the article seems warranted. Plus, the article discusses using Psychic or Cyclone energy (and I don’t agree with the “Choose your favourite”) but never talks about the Rainbow but there it is in the decklist due to the potential use of Blaziken FB/LvX. I think it would have been clearer if you would have discussed the tech a little more (whether one agrees with it use or not) and had two separate decklists—one with your basic build and the other with the Blaziken FB/LvX tech. This would have made things a lot clearer for the reader.

    The Double Donk deck I am used to seeing ran on a Unown R engine with Pokemon Rescues and Night Maintenance. The loss of Night Maintenance will probably hinder the use of that engine post rotation but you might want to look at that. You may want to consider running Regice to counter Spiritomb and give you a way to get rid of two unwanted cards from your hand. Problems with using Regice are if you start with Regice as your active, it gets dragged to active, your opponent has a double Spiritomb and/or it clogs your bench. You can however use Regimove to get rid of the unwanted Pokemon. Also, you could run your own Spiritomb with an Unown Q so that when you Psychic Restore to start the Uxie rinse and repeat, you move the Spiritomb/Q up to trainer lock your opponent. Problems with Spiritomb/Q is a possible clogged bench. If your opponent is trying to evolve a Vileplume your own Spiritomb might slow him/her down.

    Finally, what other Victory Medals are there? I have only seen the one. And, Alph One does not defeat a Power Spray or SP Radar (it would only let you know if your opponent has one).

    I like your overall concept and the discussion of the Uxie donk deck as an article here on 6P because it is not a deck that has been discussed here (I don’t think?).

  55. Garrett Williamson

    You cant bash me for say that because it’s true. Luxchomp, machamp, gyarados, jumpluff, Plox, Cursegar are all deck that were original and creative when they first came out when they were first introduced. And i never said you bashed it.

  56. Martin Garcia

    But gyarados has lost Felicity´s, a heavy blow to its discard strategy, so i dont think we will see many gyarados this season, until clash at the summit comes out with the new itemfinder and the rescue energy.

  57. alex brock

    Maybe for the initial creators, but the vast majority who play that archetype wouldn’t have to create them at all. Also, it’s not very creative to put sp pokemon in an sp engine and then call it a deck…

  58. Garrett Williamson

    You obviously dont get it. Im saying that all the winning decks started out as a creative deck. So now someone can come up with a new creative deck and it could turn out the same as these popular decks. Its not impossible. If the decks I listed could do it then new creative decks can do it. All you’ve been saying is that if you want to be competitive than your deck cant be creative. As of right now anyone could come up with a new deck and it turning of to be as good or better than luxchomp and over time. But you’d never know if all you did was netdeck when entering in tournaments.

  59. alex brock

    No, you don’t get it. You keep saying that creativity is key in order to play competitively, when it’s not even necessary. Of course it would be essential to initially create the deck list, but then what about the hundreds of people who just copy it? Guess they didn’t need to be creative at all, did they? I have not been saying that if you want to be competitive your deck can’t be creative, I’ve been saying over and over that it is not key or even needed. I never said someone couldn’t be creative and make a new deck, I’ve been saying that from a competitive stand point it’s not “The whole point of the pokemon TCG”. It can be a part of it, but it’s not necessary.

  60. Garrett Williamson

    I even said that is WASN’T key. This is what youve been saying. “If youre competitive then you only play to win and if you wanna win you play with the best decks” Whats going to happen when LA, SF, MD, PL and on get rotated? If everyone was running around playing Machamp, Luxchomp etc instead of trying their own then they’ll have to come up with something new. Once again the whole point of the TCG is to play and trade hens “TRADING CARD GAME” not win they whole time.

  61. alex brock

    From a competitive stand point as I’ve been saying the entire time that is not the point of tcg at all. Also, not EVERYONE will have to come up something new, in fact the majority won’t have to at all. I think we’re having a confusion here. I’m saying that creativity isn’t essential for everyone to have and play competitively, you’re saying it’s essential to keep the format fresh with competitive decks.

  62. Garrett Williamson

    Im not saying its essential, but its is somewhat important so that everyone doesnt start playing they same deck JUST to win.

  63. kian kian amini

    You have an autoloss to scizor so your energy line should be 3 sp energy and 1 fire or 2 of each but it seems pretty consistent and night teleporter.

  64. Alex Pike

    There are also Victory Medal cards with Giratina, Typhlosion, Feraligatr, Arceus, Meganium and a few others. Also all of these are available in Gold, Silver and Bronze; whereas I believe all of ours are Pikachu with Gold?

    They were only released at the Japanese events though :(

  65. Papa_Mash

    We have Pikachu Silver and Bronze. Do the others do something different than the Pikachu?

  66. Alex Pike

    Nope they all do the same thing. As far as i know anyway. Check them out on eBay. “Pokemon Victory Medals”

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