Change is right around the corner.

With Worlds over, the new format kicking in, and Undaunted being, how does all this affect the game in its current state?


We all know that decks like Luxchomp, Sablelock, Jumpluff, and a few others dominated the format, but the release of Undaunted and the rotation poses a threat for quite a few of those decks.

How this affects non SP decks:

With the loss of Claydol, Roseanne’s Research, and Unown G, just about all non SP decks lose potential. Jumpluff in particular is stymied by the loss of Claydol. Claydol was very important in Jumpluff and without it Jumpluff simply won’t be as fast as it originally was.

Most stage 1 and stage 2 decks like Machamp, Torterra, Gyarados, and Donphan rely on trainers for consistency. Undaunted revealed a card that will give those decks, along with SP decks, a run for their money, and that card my friends is Vileplume. Vileplume is just like Spiritomb AR except for it works even while on the bench. That is going to be annoying.

How this affects SP decks:

The rotation won’t be too much of a threat to SP due to the fact that all it’s losing is Unown G which was used to counter Machamp.
But Undaunted is another story.

Vileplume prevents the use of Power Spray, Energy Gain, SP Radar and Poké Turn, which are very important components of SP decks.

Scizor Prime is a hard hitting contender as well. Its Poké-Body prevents damage done by Pokémon with any special energies attached to them, so looks like DCE is out of the question for Garchomp C. At least Luxray GL LV.X can still attack it and on top of that Luxray has resistance to it.

Luckily SP is prepared for both these threats. Dialga G LV.X blocks Vileplume’s and Scizor Prime’s poke-bodies. Don’t be surprised if you see in increase in the use of Dialga G. Even in non SP decks it’ll work well to counter Vileplume.

But what does Undaunted have to offer?

The Primes aren’t bad but they aren’t good either. They certainly don’t compare to HG/SS or Unleashed. Scizor is probably the best of the bunch. Slowking Prime is almost like Uxie LV.X: you reveal the top 2 cards of your deck but your opponent chooses what goes to your hand and what goes to the bottom of your deck. Wow! What a terrible power. Giving your opponent the opportunity to choose which of the two cards you take is bad. I guess the only thing Slowking has over Uxie LV.X is a slightly higher HP and it can 1HKO Mewtwo LV.X.

pokebeach.comThe set does have some pretty cool other cards like Smeargle which lets you copy a supporter from your opponent’s hand and Rotom which is a bad version of Azelf LA. There’s also Drifblim which can force your opponent to shuffle their active back into their deck and then there’s Leafeon which pairs pretty well with Magmortar SV.

Dodrio is pretty neat too because it gives your active Pokémon 2 less Retreat Cost. The set also introduces some new trainers, supporters and stadiums. My choice favorite of the supporters has to be Flower Shop Lady which is a better Night Maintenance. What it does is lets you return 3 Pokémon and 3 basic energy back into your deck.

What do you predict will make an appearance in upcoming Battle Roads and Cities? I for sure know that I’m going to be teching Dialga G LV.X in my deck… or maybe I’ll just take my chances and hope not to get paired against Vileplume or Scizor?

I hope you enjoyed this article and until next time, this is hgssprime. See you guys later.

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  1. Martin Garcia

    You forgot to mention energy exchanger, thats going to be a huge card in most special energiy heavy decks, like SP, specially dialgachomp, who will surely make a comeback this season.
    Unfortunately, stage 2 decks dont have much to offer without claydol, even with the viletomb combo, until a reliable new draw engine comes out, stage 2 are out of the question, maybe charizard AR and ninetales will see some play too.
    So this BR will be stage 1 decks like donphan and kingdra, maybe a few scizors, with some machamp tecched into them for sure, and SP, thats my guess.
    I have high expectations for leafeon, i think paired with roserade UL it can be the “unexpected guest” at BRs.

  2. Jordan Baker

    QUOTE: “Unless all energy cards attached to garchomp are basic which is not that hard to do”

    Sure it’s not hard to attach two energy and an energy gain to Garchomp, but now it takes two turns between attacks instead of one to reload Garchomp. Also, most Luxchomp lists do not run a ton of basic energy. After a couple Dragon Rush attacks you’re going to be running pretty low on energy.

  3. James Hall

    Thanks for the overview. I have been thinking of the same thing with the release of Undaunted. I am still new but again, from my previous posts I am trying to retrain my thinking and style and this was where I was going for a modified LuxChomp deck. Yes I netdeck still for the base of the deck but I do my best to modify to my playing style.

  4. Matthew Riddle

    For the last Battle Roads I went to, I played a strict MD-On version of my jumpluff deck. I ran 4 Sableye and 3-1 Uxie/X. It worked pretty well.

    But, it is very hard against SP, because you rely on that Uxie and they can Power Spray it.

    What I see happening is that Stage 2 decks will run Sableye/heavy supporter lists that will have consistency through supporters and constant draw over poke-powers. That’s the only way they can really work now.

    Sp decks? unphased…:/

  5. Garrett Williamson

    Ya i know what you mean. I just cant get used to stage 2 decks without claydol. And I think leafeon paired with magmortar SV might work but idk

  6. Tweed Moore

    I don’t think Scizor Prime will stop Garchomp C because energy is discarded. I hope I’m wrong, because Garchomp is just too powerful of a card – removing damage, free retreat and Sniping anything practically.

  7. Garrett Williamson

    Thats exactly what I do. I play Luxchomp, yes ill admit it but I also added some sablelock cards like sably and cyrus’s initiative, chatot g, and then I added Absol g lv x for even more disruption.

  8. mewuk85

    I think we’ll end up seeing gengar, spirtomb, vileplume combo…. + an exciting amount of other’s. Great article bro……

  9. Garrett Williamson

    Scizor does actually stop Garchomp because Scizor’s pokebody resolves before the energy is discarded.

  10. Tweed Moore

    i have read different explanations. I have read that the wording of garchomp lists discarding first and damage later and therefore, Garchomp has no DCE when damage is done. Until we have an official ruling, I think it will be decided on a local league basis.

  11. Garrett Williamson

    Well last saturday at my league I was playing a kid that was testing scizor and his mom is a judge in my area and thats what she said

  12. mewuk85

    It sounds a little tricky, dragon rush say’s to discard and then choose to who attack, if you attacked scizor prime then its up in the air untill we get official ruling

  13. Errol Gabriel Curioso

    Yes it does block Garchomp C LV.X Unless all energy cards attached to garchomp are basic which is not that hard to do, and if Scizor prime does block Garchomp C LV.X There are possibly 5 other targets that Garchomp C can kill so it’s not that big of a deal.

  14. mewuk85

    yeah i think that will happen alot, or take out their BTS if they have one in play with a galactic stadium some pokemon that remove stadiums. but not many of us play them…. i think theirs little potential in this format, but we played “Base Set” and managed Lol Lol………

  15. mewuk85

    (QUESTION) on

    If my opponent’s Garchomp C Lv.X uses Dragon Rush on my Scizor Prime with Red Armor, with a Double Colorless Energy as the only energy attached, and they discard it to pay for the attack, what happens.

    Basically, does the energy get discarded before the damage is dealt, causing the damage to ignore Red Armor?

    (ANSWER) on

    Regardless of how the card is worded, damage is always done before card effects.
    Check the attack steps in the rule book.
    You choose the energy to discard first, but it is not discarded until after damage is done.
    So it would be blocked.

  16. fat on stomach

    Usually I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this article really forced me to do so! Thanks, really nice article.

  17. Perry Going

    I dont think FSL is that good because it has restrictions and personally Palmer’s is better because it doesnt have the restriction. It depends on the deck, FSL may give you 6 cards to the 5 with palmers but with palmers you can get all pokemon or all energies if you want. I have built scizor and it is fast. Paired with skarmory and energy exchanger you cant get 4 Sp Metals easily on one. I played a Luxchomp with it and it almost shut it down because i had enough energy to 1 shot a Lux X with a belt on it, but crobat g was a great counter. And for vileplume… Its just too hard to get out. Most decks run a combination of supporters and trainers and once vileplume shuts off trainers then you would have wasted space in your deck. i dont think itll be worth it. Itll be annoying but after BRs i dont expect to see it played.

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  19. Garrett Williamson

    Ya i know what you’re saying but im comparing it to the other trainers/supporters in the set. I like team rocket’s trickery too. Im not a big fan of saige’s training. In the set FSL is my favorite. Energy exchanger is pretty nice too. When i first pulled one at the pre release I didnt think much of it but i also didnt consider the fact that it could search out spec energies. When It comes to Scizor prime, adding a belt, loading it with 4 spec metals, and dropping a defender on it on occasion, it’s not pretty haha

  20. Garrett Williamson

    And also think if someone through a mantectic PL in, attached a bench shield to manectric and kept scizor active with 4 spec metal. Cant snipe the bench, 2 seperate energies and a e-gain only to do 40 and then theyre next turn through down life herb or some sort of healing. But that was just a thought off the top of my head. Not saying thatll happen but it is a possibility

  21. Garrett Williamson

    Ya i know what you mean. All i know is since im running SP, at BR the second i see an oddish layed down im either bright looking it and taking it out or just sniping it…Unluss they pull the “Oddish, rare candy, Vileplume”

  22. Martin Garcia

    Not really, remember before DCE came out, people still used chomp attaching one per turn, and then galactic switching the other energy. Still, even if you cant hit scizor, you can still attack something no the bench, no big deal.

  23. Meri

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  24. Tom Contello

    I think vileplume is going to be harder to pull off then a lot of people think. Its not going to be as good as it was back in the hay days of pokemon.

  25. Tom Contello

    I think vileplume is going to be a lot harder to pull off then most people think..its not goign to be as good as it was back in the hay days of pokemon when we had neo genesis cleffa to refill our hands and didnt need trainers.

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  28. Theo Seeds

    garchomps ruling is no matter what, he can’t use dragon rush next turn. Unless you retreat, poke turn, and move up chomp.

  29. Garrett Williamson

    Actually you would be surprised I just built a vileplume, spiritomb deck using Mismagius UD, only because I dont have any Gengar SF and Vileplume is very easy to get off. I played against the Gengar/spiritomb/vilplume deck today and I was using luxchomp…I got totally demolished only taking 1 prize in 2 games. Dont be surprise if it becomes a top deck.

  30. Garrett Williamson

    But then you’ll have to base your deck all around fire and if you dont like fire then you wont use ninetales haha

  31. Otelia

    It may have been the design, the images, the content, the style in which the content was written.

  32. Theo Seeds

    not necessarily. 4 fire, a few fisherman, and maybe an energy returner. or uxie lv.x and the slowking prime plus underground expedition combo.

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