Jumpluff: Locked and Re-loaded

pokemon-paradijs.comHi everyone! I know it’s hard for anyone to take my deck analysis articles seriously after writing about Pokémon player psycho-babble and Claydol love poems, but just put down your Nintendo DS for a minute and work with me a little.

I wrote an article a few weeks ago about VileTomb and its incredible ability to provide a very competitive trainer lock strategy. This article provides a specific deck build which combines the speed of Jumpluff with the trainer lock strategy of Vileplume.

Jumpluff did very well pre-rotation and I believe won in the Juniors division at Worlds this year, and many believed that it would die out with the passing of Claydol (Oh, Claydol, with Cosmic Power, how I …. STOP IT!!!! Sorry, still had get a hold of myself). However, Jumpluff can still rock out in this new format as you will see below.

Important Pokémon

First up is Spiritomb and the Viletomb evolution- aka VileTomb- not Spiritplume, Vilespirit, Tombplume- VILETOMB. Seriously, what sounds scarier- VILETOMB or spirit-plume??? OK, back on subject. The ideal starter would be Spiritomb so that you immediately start with the trainer lock and use it to set up your Sunfloras (see below) and Vileplume on the bench.

Next up is Sunflora HS. This Pokémon is used for its “Sunshine Grace” Poké-Power that lets you search your deck for any grass Pokémon once a turn. Once you get 1-2 of these babies on the bench, you can finish up your Vileplumb setup and get to work on Jumpluff.

pokemon-paradijs.comFinally, you need your full line of Jumpluffs. I won’t spend too much time on this, but most of us know that its “Mass Attack” for 1 G Energy lets you do 10 damage for each Pokémon in play, potentially dealing out 120 damage per turn. Unfortunately, its 90 hp makes it a pretty easy KO target, but it’s so easy to bring up a new one that you can eventually wear your opponent down.

Tech Pokémon

This deck doesn’t have a lot of room for techs, but you may find room for 1-2. Some options are the new Vespiqueen for bench protection; Regice for discarding/disruption; and Shaymin LV.X with the +40 HP bump. Another good tech is Unown Q which may be helpful if you expect a lot of gusting against Vileplume so you can retreat it easier. Just find what fits your style and gives you a good balance with consistency and utility.

Supporter Split

With a Trainer Lock Deck, your banana split of supporters should always be fully loaded. I personally like to play with 15-20 supporters and no trainers, maxing out Bebe’s Searches and Pokémon Collectors. In addition, you should have several scoops of your favorite flavor of Hand Disruption Ice Cream- Looker’s Investigation or Judge. These are absolutely critical in your SP matchups to try and eliminate a Dialga G LV.X setup.

Also, sprinkle some Palmer’s Contribution on top to grab your KO’d Jumpluffs and G Energies when needed so that you can keep the swarm coming. Finally, throw on some hand refreshers like Copycat, Cynthia’s Feelings or Prof Oak’s New Theory and you’ll have yourself a delicious dessert of Supporters to keep you going strong the whole game (anyone want to go to Dairy Queen now?).

Oh yeah- throw in 3-4 Time-Space Distortions to speed up your evolutions, especially since this deck doesn’t play with Rare Candy (who needs candy when you have Supporter Split??!??)


This deck will run low energies just like the old Jumpluff- 5-10 Grass and 4 Call.

Basic Strategy

The basic strategy of this deck is as follows: Setup T1 or T2 with Spiritomb and start setting up your Sunflora’s ASAP. Next, get your Vileplume setup to get the trainer lock in place, and then start the Jumpluff swarm. It’s really that simple (and that hard). Your opponent may wind up with 1-2 easy Kos at first, but watch out once you come out swinging with Jumpluff!


SP- This has a very good matchup against SP decks as the trainer lock slows down SP decks tremendously. Watch out for a couple of things- 1) Dialga G level X that shuts off the trainer lock bodies and 2) Disruptors like Blaziken FB and Luxray GL LV.X that can drag up and KO your Vileplumb.

Sablelock- Could be a problem, but the trainer lock will definitely slow it down.

Gengar/Vileplume- Gengar is actually a little stronger IMHO at first, but its problem is resetting. Once you KO 1-2 Gengars, it is really hard to get reset up. On the other hand, Jumpluff keeps coming and can eventually take the game.


I would say the #1 downside/risk to this deck is the low energy. Without Roseanne’s Research (don’t get me started on that- I feel another poem coming…), it’s hard to get the grass energy when you need it, especially after your opponent KOs 1-2 of your Jumpluff. You may want to play around with the # of supporters, call energies or Spiritomb to get a good energy count for your deck.

The 2nd downside is the donk. Most of the basic Grass Pokémon have very low HP, so if you get the lone Hoppip, Sunkern or Oddish start, you may be shaking hands with your opponent about 30 seconds into the game.

Basic Deck Build

Here is the basic decklist for this deck build:

Pokémon: 29 (what???!??)

4 Jumpluff (HGSS 6)
4 Skiploom (HGSS 51)
4 Hoppip (HGSS 67)
1 Unown Q (MD 49)
2 Sunflora (HGSS 31)
2 Sunkern (HGSS 85)
4 Spiritomb (AA 32)
2 Oddish (LA 111)
2 Gloom (LA 96)
2 Vileplume (UD 24)
2 Uxie (LA 43)

T/S/S: 21

2 Copycat
4 Judge
2 Professor Oak’s New Theory
4 Pokémon Collector
3 Broken Time-Space
2 Palmer’s Contribution
4 Bebe’s Search

Energy: 10

6 G
4 Call


In my testing of possible combos with VileTomb, Jumpluff is really rising to the top due to its Grass synergy, swarming ability, and high damage output. I hope you’ll give it a try sometime!

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  1. Jason twitts

    jumpluff needs its trainers to keep its speed, and with spiritomb locking in front, jumpluff just isnt a speed deck anymore

  2. Martin Garcia

    With sucha low energy amout, retreating is out of the question, and withouth trainers to retreat . . . well you get the point.
    Also, a good mtach up against SP? you seriously need to play test it again. Not to mention dialgachomp, or blazechomp, but even luxchomp has at leats a 50/50 change against this deck. The trainer lock only slows down SP, but with clyadol gone, you are slower as well, so im guessing that the two decks play at about the same speed, more or less.
    As JDarokSRMXP said, get 3 warp energy here, or blaziken will find it pretty funny to lock your spiritomb active.

  3. JDarok SRMXP

    -2 Sunkern
    -2 Sunflora
    +3 Warp Energy
    +1 Interviewers
    – Palmer (You are already playing 4-4-4 Pluff)
    + 1 Copycat or BTS

    “Once you get 1-2 of these babies on the bench, you can finish up your Vileplumb setup and get to work on Jumpluff.”
    What???? No, the first thing to set up is Vileplume, so you keep the lock if they kill your Spirit, then your attacker, then your tech.
    Also you should mainly use Unown Q for Spiritomb, not Vileplume (That is why you have to put Warp Energy)
    IMO Gengar/Spiritplume is better becouse you can Level Down Dialga G, and Gengar has an awesome power than will give you 1-2 free prizes per game. Also Poltergeist end doing more damage than Pluff attack.
    I definitly test a bit more Spiritplume/Pluff, bye!

  4. Garrett Williamson

    I played spiritomb in my jumpluff at one point for the hell of it. One game I locked myself when I had an active spiritomb and the only energy left was prized so I couldnt retreat…It sucked

  5. Garrett Williamson

    Ya but without Claydol as fast anymore anyways.

  6. L M

    I think you meant Broken Time-Space Stadium over Time-Space Distortions in your article.

  7. Frank

    Been playing Gengar/Vileplume/Spiritomb last couple weeks, and does pretty decent. Jumpluff is a donk and swarm deck, you need to be able to outspeed your opponent — that is it’s power. To do that you need trainers and uxie drops. Garchomp C will dragon rush the Sunlora after spraying your uxie drops, and then you lose your speed. You can’t build fast with supporters and BTS.

  8. Collan Baker

    If you don’t play at least 1 warp energy your Spiritomb can get locked active for as long as your opponent needs to get completely set up. Also warp energy will bring Vileplume right back once it gets bright-looked or luring flamed.

  9. Joshua Pikka

    An interesting deck idea. Its basically like the Gengar VileTomb deck, but with Jumpluff instead. The plus side is you get a great main attacker that can attack even if the trainer lock is broken, the minus is that you dont have Dialga G counter and you don’t have Fainting Spell.

    A good deck if you’re counting on the trainer lock to be broken at times. This deck also allows Vileplume to attack.

    I personally like Gengar better here, but if you like Jumpluff this is the way to play him.

  10. Tony

    I definitely like gengar vileplume too, but it’s likely going to struggle mid-to-late game if 1-2 Gengars get KO’ed as it doesn’t have the search power/resetting options that Jumpluff has.

  11. Tony

    good thoughts on the pros/cons of this deck build. The risk with every trainer lock deck is going to be Dialga G Lv X which is why there are so many supporter hand disrupters in this build.

    Gengar I think is more fun to play just because of its different attacks and feinting spell power, but Jumpluff is a really fun variant.

  12. Tony

    Good point, and it’s a tough call. It’s almost like the decision some made running LuxChomp not to run a mewtwo counter. Hopefully the risk pays off, but there is the risk you can get completely screwed if things go wrong. The deck runs such a low energy count as it is that it’s hard to fit in a warp, but great point, and it may be worth it.

  13. Tony

    I actually disagree with this as I’ve been able get some amazingly quick setups without any trainers. However, I would agree with you that that pre-rotation Jumpluff could start taking prizes T1 or T2, and this setup will usually result in a T2 or T3 Jumpluff setup.

    Also, Garchomp C is going to have a really hard time sniping Sunflora since 1) getting the level X in play will be challenging with the trainer lock/no sp radars and 2) getting enough NRG will be hard with no NRG gain. Give it a try and see what you think, though. I was surprised at the speed of this deck.

  14. Tony

    3 warp NRG???? Now that would kill this deck. I do run it with an unown Q which can be attached to Vileplume when needed, and the call energy can also be used to help retreat things. Not sure how blaziken would lock this deck for long, but it is a risk.

  15. Tony

    hmmmm….you might not have built the deck with quite enough energy because that should be a rare occurrence to not have enough energy. I think 10-12 is the magic # of energy for this deck build

  16. Tony

    interesting ideas, but the qucik Sunflora setup is absolutely critical to running this deck as it helps you search out the cards you will need to set up Vileplume and Jumpluff. With BTS in the mix, you can quickly search for the Jumpluff evolutions you need with Sunflora and keep the attacks coming.

    I do like the idea though of running 1-2 warp energies and can see that as being really helpful when needed. Thanks for the feedback!

  17. Tony

    I agree it’s not as fast, but it doesn’t need to be as your opponent won’t be as fast either with the trainer lock. The key is not to be as fast, but to be faster. I think this deck build does this.

  18. Theo Seeds

    o wait, meant to say oddish there. the ud gloom is better as well.

  19. eli moses

    gengar vileplume is much better i run three candys in mine but probaly teking them out for another gloom gastly and haunter!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Garrett Williamson

    I like oddish LA better because if you use the UD one there is a possibility of getting donked by uxie haha

  21. Karol Nowak

    Jumpluff and Vileplume? Now that is certainly interesting an article like this has popped up in Six Prizes because I do know someone in the Chicago League who happens to run a very similar deck for MD-on. Like the deck you posted, it runs Jumpluff, Vileplume, Spiritomb, and Uxie, and believe me, it happens to be a pretty good build just like yours (its strategy is also pretty similar). I don’t know if it runs Sunflora or not, but I’m pretty sure it does.

    Oh yeah, and your article is very well-written. Good job writing it. You thoroughly explained the deck pretty well, and you really do seem to have point that through this deck, Jumpluff could survive MD-on. Your article is also refreshing for a deck analysis, and I certainly did enjoy reading it.

  22. Martin Garcia

    even with onown q, blaziken can lure flame for 1 fire, and doesnt even need the lv x, with such a low energy amount i wouldnt like to waste my turn attaching to retreat, and the blaziken can lure you as many times as needed, until you dont have the energy to retreat. As you said in another post, its like a luxchomp without a mewtwo counter, i personally would run them, but its a risk i guess many will take. Luckily for me, couse i play blazechomp xD

  23. Garrett Williamson

    Well i played the traditonal jumpluff list which only used like 6 energies. 5 grass and 1 lightning for Luxray gl lv x

  24. JDarok SRMXP

    Np ^^. Of course you can keep 1-1 Sunkflora (2-2 is a lot for this kind of the deck) But you have to follow the set up order Vileplume->Pluff->Sunkflora (This will mainly help getting the energy for your second Pluff) I wrote an article about Gengar/Vileplume, you can get some ideas from it (if it get post)

  25. Eric Meckley

    The problem that I see with Jumpluff/PlumeTomb is that there is no built in ways to really counter DGX. While Gengar has the potential to level down (which can be sprayed)…A jumpluff based deck is left vulnerable without its trainer lock. By slowing yourself down with your own trainer lock you lose the ability to donk and swarm (the best feature in pluff). Without that, your opponent can get some more pokemon on the field (even if they are trainer locked). This gives them the ability to stall and set up through the use of supporters. On that note, DGX isn’t so hard to get out…all you need is a bebe’s search. I think a little more testing should be done concerning the SP matchups, because it isnt to hard to tech a 1-1 DGX.

  26. Joshua Hall

    you’re one of the best writers i’ve seen for the site, and you keep things interesting, even though I know I’m just reading another pokemon article…keep it up :)

  27. Sergio Ortiz

    Turn 1 Hoppip DONK!!!!
    I <3 IT!
    i’ll try it out, nice article dude
    (we do need a poem for rossy’s too) LOL

  28. Naruto Shippuden

    Finally, Darn, it’s about time I located a site that had some info. I’ve been searching for the past… I don’t even know how long, and my husband was getting annoying. There’s like… 100 pages of crap on Yahoo when searching, yet the info I was looking for is so difficult to come across. It’s so time consuming sometimes.. anyway, thanks, you’ve made my night somewhat easier lol.

  29. Caron

    Hi there! Is it okay if I go a bit off topic? I am trying to view your website on my iPhone but it doesn’t display properly, do you have any suggestions? Thanks for the help I hope! Caron

  30. Perry Going

    Make the list correctly you should be able to power lock for 2 turns and set up your sunflora and 2 jumps.

  31. Tony

    Hi everyone,
    I played Jumpluff in a tournament yesterday and started 2-0 and finished up 2-2 after losing the last 2 matches. I was even able to outduel a charizard deck which was by far one of my best games EVER.
    The hardest matchup was against a mirror deck, and it really came down to his winning because he got off to a slightly faster start and also played with Shaymin LV X which gave him the +40 HP boost. I also lost a VERY close match to sablelock- it came down to my opponent drawing into a double colorless his last turn to snipe with Garchomp C Lv X. The trainer lock worked great though!
    I’m definitely changing my deck around though to make room for Shaymin X. I will be running a 3-3-3 line of Jumpluff instead of 4-4-4, but I think it’s really important to have Shaymin in play, and the extra HP on Jumpluff makes it usually a 2 turn KO for your opponent instead of a 1 turn KO.

  32. Frank

    I say bag the Vileplume. I have a nice build of Jumpluff w/Sunflora, and going to put in the Shaymin X. Don’t think you need the trainer lock. SPs are just going to kill your Spiritomb, and Luxray/Blaziken FB are going to “active” the plume and kill it — disabling your trainer lock. Then they are fast and you are slowed a bit becaue of no trainers. You need bench shields for your Sunfloras also, or they will be Garchomp food. I say play a limited number of trainers for fast build, candies, luxury ball, couple communications — then solid supporter line. Play a 2/2 Sunflora, Luxray GL and poketurns, and tech a 1/1 Shaymin X. Without Claydol . . . still not as good, but can run o.k. ** Also run Cyrus in here, pulls the one energy you need, plus the next supporter you want to play, plus the Pturns for a Luxray GL. LuxPluff can still win!

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