Umbreon Prime – Yes, No, Maybe So…

pokebeach.comAfter looking at all the cards from the new Pokémon HS Undaunted (UD) set that just came out, a few cards caught my eye. There is one though that stuck out like a sore thumb, you know the kind that irritates you because you just don’t know what to do with?!?! (see how many people get that one lol)

Umbreon Prime has a Poké-Power called Cloud-Covered Moon… you can read it, but it’s basically a personal Super Scoop Up. It’s pretty much the same as Toxicroak G Promo’s Power. After taking about 70 damage, Umbreon Prime can use its power and scoop itself up, only of course if the flip is heads. Now, let’s add an Expert Belt to the picture, which will give Umbreon Prime 120 HP and let it hit for an extra 20 damage.

Its only attack is Evoblast which for DCC does 50+ (again read card). If you have 3 more Eevee evolved on your bench this attack is doing 90 damage without Belt and with Belt 110 damage. Not to mention cards like PlusPower, Crobat G, Ampharos Prime, and Kingdra Prime, which will stack even more damage. Dropping a DCE and a D Energy by turn 2 shouldn’t be to hard.

OH YEAH! I forgot about Special D Energy which will add another 10 damage to your attack.

To help against Toxicroak G for the weakness to fighting, or any fighting for that matter, a 2-2-2 line of Exploude should be used, but is not NEEDED. 3 Broken Time-Space cancels the need for Rare Candies.

pokemon-paradijs.comThe Eevee that should be used is the one from Rising Rivals. Its first attack is Signs of Evolution: Search your deck for 2 Pokémon that evolve from Eevee and put them into your hand. First turn Eevee, Signs of Evolution, and turn 2 you have your Umbreon Prime.

Well there’s alot of staples that everyone knows of, but this is the premise of the deck. Please let me know what you think.

Thank you, and hope to write more articles when I get back.

Heading to Boot Camp and will be back in January, but hopefully in December. Wish me luck, and I go to protect the way of the Pokémon… and of course all of you.

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  1. Anonymous

    I like Eevee MD with Call For Family, personally. It gets all your Eevees out quickly, and then you can evolve all of them next turn, using Communication and other search cards to find the Umbreons. And of course, this is Eevee, so you can always tech in Espeon Prime and/or Vaporeon or Glaceon to take care of fighting-types.

  2. Martin Garcia

    i would rather use umbreon UD, its attack is really good, and since you are using eeveelutions, put in an espeon prime, an espeon MD and an umbreon MD too.

  3. Brittany

    Yeah, I agree Eeveelutions hasn’t really been tier 1-2 since the Ex days, which was 2006-07 I believe. However, if you do it right and instead of focusing on all the eeveelutions you can, focus on Umbreon(prime) with perhaps 2-3 other eeveelutions as techs, I think you could make it good. Also, you could also put in a sableye or two for the chance of the donk cause of the darks ur already running.

    I think it’d require a few people to really focus hard on doing tons of testing against different decks and testing out literally all the Eeveelution and other techs out, but I do think you could make eeveelutions tier 2-3, it just needs more support from players.

    A big reason Luxchomp and others are so good cause there are thousands upon thousands of players who perfect dozens of cards and discover which are the best cards against what, etc. If Eeveelutions could get that kind of backing, it could become a lot better. Pre-Umbreon(prime), no it couldn’t have, but I think now, you could get it to work.

    • Perry Going  → Brittany

      glaceon has done well for itself though. It made top cut at a few states I think, and even top 4 in one. But yes its not a top tier deck.

  4. Anonymous

    And with Pokemon Communication, you can switch out the evolutions and easily get the ones you want. However, trainer lock sucks.

  5. Errol Gabriel Curioso

    why not just use Umbreon Majestic dawn to erase Eeveelution weakness + make all eeveelutions have free retreat cost. Way better than Exploud, and much faster, of course how can we forget Espeon Majestic Dawn which gives + 20HP to all Eeveelutions. I personally like Eeveelutions even though a lot of people say they are not competitive, but they are fun, no doubt about that.

  6. Theo Seeds

    i don’t know about umbreon, i think that you could tech in 2 Umbreon MD, 2 Espeon MD, and 2 Umbreon Prime, and Maybe an Espeon Prime. There’s an Eevee limit, but nothing says you can’t do that.

  7. Adam Capriola

    I don’t think it will be competitive… most Eeveelution decks seem like they’ll only be good for league IMO.

    I don’t se how you’re going to get Umbreon in play with all those decks cards, especially without Claydol.

    But good luck at boot camp! And thanks for helping to protect Pokemon. ;)

  8. Joshua Pikka

    Boot camp?

    Like joining the U.S. military, if so good luck and thanks for your service

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  10. Tony

    I like Evelution decks, and this is a fun one to think about. There are just tons of options which makes deck building a lot of fun. I like your idea of playing the Sableye donk angle and then working in the evelutions.

    With that said, I think it’s going to be hard to get this deck to do really well, but like someone else noted, it could be a solid Tier 2 or 3 deck to play.

    Thanks also for serving our country!

  11. Eric Meckley

    You might be able to get the Umbreon up T2 but what about all of those other eeveelutions? Umbreon can hit hard but not hard enough to really compensate for all of that set up and what if your eevees are prized? If you can find a way to stall or disrupt until Umbreon is set to go that would work, but I really don’t see eeveelutions making a big impact this format.

  12. Perry Going

    without claydol its hard to setup and recover… no to any eeveelutions deck being played now

  13. Anonymous

    Vaporeon from Rising Rivals (The one with Devolution and whatever) can consistently hit water damage for 60, which is almost enough to KO a Donphan with a belt. If your running belt in the deck anyway though, and he’l just be returned to the hand, I think it might be worth it to consider a Vaporeon RR-2 Umbreon Prime-2 lineup. I guess any eevee with call for family would work…

    The fact that Vaporeon can ohko Donphan gets me giddy since it’s running rampant in my area, I’m just not sure if it can do it consistently.

  14. Travis Yeary

    They’ve been trying so hard to make eevolutions useful and playable.The scoop up is nice but really following the law of coin flips: “A coin flip will always fail when you really need it not to” it’s not reliable enough to make a difference. That said, I love playing these decks. When they get set up they’re really fun. Maybe someday eevolutions will be playable XD

  15. Edgar F

    I don’t see any reason this will be better than toolbox vees during PK season was, tier 2 at best.

  16. Edgar F

    I don’t see any reason this will be better than toolbox vees during PK season was, tier 2 at best.

  17. niccole paytosh

    Question: My boy and I are new to Pokemon TCG and we started off with the espeon/umbreon theme decks. I opened this in my booster. Does the pokebody mean I can remove ANY umbreon or only this specific umbreon?

  18. Andy Chen

    i had it but trade for 3 white and black kyrum ex was it worth it

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