The Primal Lock

Hi guys, its Joe Bernard back with another rogue deck idea which I have been testing and playing for a few months now, it was briefly mentioned in my “A look into Undaunted – Going rogue” article; however none of the strategy or decklist was shown.

Before showing of my list for the deck, I already know that the deck is slow in the current meta, and the deck is imperfect to say the least. In spite of this it is a fun Trainer locking deck to play when setup and plays how I believe Vileplume UD will, or already is being played.

Pokémon (15):

3 Kabuto AR
3 Kabutops MD
2 Aerodactyl MD
1 Aerodactyl AR
1 Doduo UD
1 Dodrio UD
2 Uxie LA
1 Uxie LV.X LA
1 Azelf LA

Trainers (35):

4 Dome Fossil AR
4 Old Amber AR
1 Luxury Ball
3 Pokémon Communication
4 Pokédex
3 Interviewer’s Questions
2 Pokémon Collector
3 Bebe’s Search
4 Lucian’s Assignment
4 Fossil Excavator
1 Flower Shop Lady
2 Broken Time-Space

Energy (10):

10 F

Basic Strategy

pokemon-paradijs.comEssentially, the deck has one attacker, supported by bench decks. Simply get a T-1/2 Kabutops (which is actually very achievable due to Dome Fossil’s “Rock Reaction” Poké body and Kabuto’s attack for 1 colourless energy, “search your deck for 2 evolution cards and put them into your hand”).

Once the lock is created begin to stack energy onto your Kabutops and apply your bench techs such as Aerodactyl MD to create the second part of the deck’s lock.

Aerodactyl’s “Primal Claw” Poké Body punishes Pokémon which use powers (stackable 2 damage every time a power is used) which limits the use of bench tech Pokémon using their powers such as Uxie LV.X.

Due to the rotation of Claydol out of the playable format, Uxie LV.X is everyone’s first replacement due to its Poké Power: “Trade Off” basically a once-per-turn Pokédex. With 90 base HP and two benched Aerodactyl on your bench, Uxie LV.X on full health can only use “Trade Off” 2 or 3 times which results in it Knocking itself Out.

This means that your opponent is not only locked of trainers, but also draw power. Finally, to keep the lock unbroken, throughout the game use the free switching due to Dodrio alongside Lucien’s Assignment in order to shift high energy onto healthy Kabutops.

So there is another of my rogue deck ideas for you guys to have a look at and critique, as said many times in my previous article, please comment on what you think and how the deck could be altered or improved.

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  1. Theo Seeds

    this is what I say: bat, bat, bat, bat, bat, and more bat, and maybe a few pluspower

  2. Theo Seeds

    Interesting idea. I’ve seen this idea. You can get an early BuTops, but you would need energy acceleration. You should also run 4 Call, since the dude uses colorless. Shaymin is a searchable Lucians.

  3. Joshua Pikka

    Well this is a card I’ve been looking at for a while.

    I think you would need a spiritomb start here, but that would interfere with your fossils.

    Its a little better then the Gengar Viletomb deck because you yourself can use trainers, but its worse because of the lack of Gengar and the fact that fossils always stink.

  4. ApokemonTrader .

    thanks for the shaymin idea, however in deck testing i found that the bench space is limited, also the call energy cannot get fossils…i don’t think?

  5. ApokemonTrader .

    OH i’m also gunna take this chance to say that i am finally able to upload utube videos!
    (i collect both old and new cards) i am under the username: ApokemonTrader
    check me out if you have a minute thanks!

  6. Maxwell Sage

    I ran this deck before and it was too slow due to Kabutops’ requirement of three energies. You really need to utilize the Regirock/ Stark combo.

  7. Colin Peterik

    Well hot damn with 4 Lucians who needs Stark Mountain… LOL

  8. Garrett Williamson

    Every thought about the kabutops from arceus. It could do 70 for 1 energy. Combo it with Aerodactyle AR you could get knock outs when you need them.

  9. ApokemonTrader .

    u mentioned lucians twice now, plz stop trolling…im sorry im not as pro as you, at least give an alternative like other people have, i appreciate that. but stop wasting your time and other people’s by having to read your useless input.

  10. Colin Peterik

    Saying that there is no deck in existence that would EVER need FOUR Lucian’s Assignment is NOT useless input. In fact, if someone actually thought that, then I am in fact giving them a bit of fantastic advice. I am not trying to be a jerk or a troll, just using logic here.

  11. ApokemonTrader .

    i find a luciens to be very useful in the deck because the high amount of bench space needed in the deck (3 aerodactyl, 1 dodrio and 1 kabutops-thats not even talking about pixies if needed)leaves no space for a shaymin Lv.X line, also the deck needs to keep the lock going for as long as posible so instead of letting your opponent have 1 turn or even 1 prize could effect your chances of the win so i believe that, as someone who has played this deck, a lucien is necessary

  12. Colin Peterik


    Shaymin Lv.X line?????
    What synergy does that have?
    I’m not saying Lucian’s is a bad card, in fact, it is a fantastic card and I am a huge proponent of it, and it is arguably better than Shaymin (UL), but you’ll never need 4 of them. It is the deadest of dead draws and feels really sour when you waste your Supporter on it. Play 2. Just 2.

  13. Colin Peterik

    It also seems like you are the author of this article, which I didn’t know because your user names are different. I would have offered more constructive criticism from the get go if I knew it was going to the right place. No hard feelings.

  14. ApokemonTrader .

    Yeah i am the author, I’d like to think thats an apology =P
    oh i was thinking Shaymin PL and no there isnt synergy but this was a basic list and i guess you were critiquing the deck (in your own way) so sorry about the “trolling” comment =)

  15. Jack Snell

    Decent idea dude but I see a few problems. Luxray GL Lv.X the most popular card in the format can Bright Look either Aerodactyl or Dodrio off the bench and OHKO it. I would remove 1 Kabutops MD and add 2 AR ones which can do 70 for 1 Energy on the discard of a fossil. I would also remove 4 Pokedex, 2 Lucians and 1-1 Dodrio and 1 Interviewers to add in 2 Water Energy, 3-2-3 Omastar With 2MD and 1 AR, using Omanyte from MD.
    Personally I would run Rampardos as the main attacker but since your main aim is trainer locking I wont change the deck that much. Also I would try to fit in some Expert Belt and DCE. Hope my advice helped,

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