Torrim – A Look into the Venezuelan Metagame

pokebeach.comHello, my name is Riokaru, and this is my first time writing anything for SixPrizes as you can read in my bio. I am from Venezuela. Here we only have a few people who own Donphan Primes, Jumpluffs, and Luxray GL LV.X’s. This forces us to create decks using primarily common cards. I think that in USA this can be a great deck for a beginner.

One of the most successful decks in our metagame is Torrim. I think that Torterra UL is a very understimated card. Ok, it isn’t a Luxray GL LV.X, but it deserves some recognition.

The strategy of Torrim is based on increasing the damage done by Toterra, so Torterra, besides also doing more damage, it recovers (using its first attack “Giga Drain”). To achieve this we use Cherrim SF and a occasionally Buck’s Traning.

Doing this you make Torterra a very powerful tank that only can be stopped by a 1HKO or Drifblim UD. Sadly, as this version of the deck includes VileTomb Lock I could not include PlusPower or Expert Belt.

Pokémon: 31

4 Turtwig UL
3 Grotle UL
3 Torterra UL
1 Torterra SF
2 Oddish UD
2 Gloom UD
2 Vileplume UD
2 Uxie LA
4 Cherubi SF
4 Cherrim SF
4 Spiritomb AR
4 Jirachi RR

T/S/S: 17

4 Judge
4 Bebe’s Search
3 Pokémon Collector
4 Buck’s Traning
2 Copycat

Energy: 12

8 G
4 Double Colorless

Deck Analysis:

Torterra UL: Your principal attacker as I mentioned before his attack mainly using “Giga Drain” to attack and recover, creating a very powerful tank.

Cherrim SF: With its Poké-Body “Sunny Day” increase the damage done by Torterra. With 4 of them on your bench torterra going to be unstoppable.

Torterra SF: By using its Poké-Power “Sunshine Song” you can search your deck for the evolutions of as many you want of your grass pokemon and evolve all of them. Very useful.

Uxie LA: I included it even though is not available in my country, for extra draw of course.

Jirachi: I think that it can be very useful in a deck with VileTomb Lock, it has free retreat, and his attack Detour lets it “repeat” the effect of the supporter that you have used.

Vileplume and Spiritomb “Viletomb Lock”: The Trainer Lock combo is used for that purpose, lock the trainers.

Other Options:

Rare Candy: Not a bad option to for making the deck with a more classical build (without Vileplume).

PlusPower and Expert Belt: Only for decks without trainer lock.

Leafeon LV.X: Its Poké-Power “Energy Forcing” lets you attach an extra energy, which is very helpful.

Shaymin LV.X Land Forme : It’s Poké-Body “Thankfulness” gives your grass Pokémon 40+ HP, which is also very helpful.

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  1. Anonymous

    I think this is a cool idea, but the fact that there are cards that bring out your bench, like Regice and Luxray, means that your Turtwigs and Cherrims are in danger. SP decks that use Blaziken will luring flame your main attackers and hurt the grass for more with weakness. Also, having four Cherrims is going to be nearly impossible. It’s an awesome idea though. I really like this… Im even going to think about running it… Good article! Like to see more from you.

  2. Shi-ke Villanueva

    hey if you’d like to, I’d like to trade some of your country’s Cherrims for some Uxies i suppose? I wanted at 1 Cherrim SF for my ChariKen Deck (Charizard and Blaziken Fb) coz Cherrim doesnt hurt Charizard’s pokebody, it also helps! In fact, Cherrim helps EVERYBODY in my deck. I’m from the Philippines which I feel some from your card’s scarcity. Infernape 4 LV. X is Ultimately Rare here and I’m gettting suck of wasting my allowance (as a senior player) on buying booster packs… Also, in our country, we also wanted leagues so that me and my friends can join in. They have their own strong customized decks too. Darkrai is dominant here then my Czard anad Rayquaza as third. Really disappointing but we are just playing on our own.

  3. Tony

    First of all, your article gets an automatic 10/10 from me for incorporating viletomb AND getting the name right!

    I like the concept overall but would recommend metapod to remove weakness and sunflora to help you search out needed grass evolutions.

  4. JDarok SRMXP

    -1 Judge
    +1 Copycat
    -4 Jirachi
    +4 Warp Energy
    You need 4 Warp Point.
    Nice article and very good deck idea ^^

  5. Perry Going

    -2 judge
    +2 copycat
    -4 jirachi
    +3 Warp Energy
    +1 grotle- if you run tomb you need 4-4-4 line

  6. Theo Seeds

    clap clap clap. way to use torterra. bts is definite, you should buy cards online instead of getting booster packs.

  7. Theo Seeds

    clap clap clap. way to use torterra. bts is definite, you should buy cards online instead of getting booster packs.

  8. matthew green

    This is an excellent article. When I first saw Torterra UL I was thinking this was going to be an unplayable deck. Sometimes you get so caught up with the metagame and trying to beat it that you stop thinking anything else is even playable.

    However, this is a very good idea. I don’t know if I would use trainer lock, but I would definitely like to try something like this. I have a similar “tank”‘ build with Meganium, but this might even work better. You may want to throw in Shaymin UL so when you play him you could move all your energy to a new Torterra and then warp out the active if he has too much damage. Then you could use that Shaymin to lvl X into Land Forme.

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