Mysterious Plume (Vileplume and Mismagius)

pokebeach.comHello, everyone my name is Brad and this is my first article on SixPrizes. The deck I will be reviewing today is called Mysterious Plume and has to do with Vileplume from the undaunted set and also Mismagius from the undaunted set. This deck is set to use the new format MD-on.

When Undaunted first came out not to long ago, many of us were blessed by the new Vileplume. Its ability to lock trainers while setting up is amazing. However a card many overlooked was the new Mismagius. I took my chance to stock up on them as soon as I heard that it was a mirror image of the Gengar from Stormfront.

The Deck

The deck as you’ve just read, is focused around these two Pokémon (Mismagius and Vileplume). But there are also a few good techs to make the deck really lock the opponent down.


Spiritomb AR: This card is a very good card but also a very expensive card. Four of these Spiritomb would be a nice addition to start right away by locking your opponents trainers.

Azelf LA: This card is a must with out a Azelf from LA, and if your Vileplume is prized this would be the only possible way to retrieve it. A very good tech and is a must have in this deck.

Nidoqueen RR: Anybody remember mother Gengar? How about mother Mismagius! I myself do not use this tech but if you would like to throw a 1-1-1 line in and subtract something else, go right ahead!

How to play this deck

Many of you may or may not be confused on how to play this deck. Believe it or not, it is very simple. You first try to start with a Spiritomb and lock your opponents trainers for one or maybe two turns. While stalling with Spiritomb try to set up 2 Mismagius with both 1 energy on the bench. If you can, also set up a Vileplume because it will help you massively through out the game.

The next turn use Unown Q to retreat Spiritomb and bring up Mismagius. Attach an energy and now you should be able to use Poltergeist which hits amazingly depending on the amount of Trainers, Supporters, and Stadiums in your opponents hand. If you run a 4-4 Mismagius line, you should have no problem being able to play this deck properly.

The Decklist

Okay its time for what you’ve all been waiting for… the mighty decklist:

Pokémon: 21

4 Spiritomb AR
4 Misdreavus
4 Mismagius UD
2 Oddish
2 Gloom
2 Vileplume UD
1 Azelf LA
1 Uxie LA
1 Unown Q

T/S/S: 24

4 Professor Elm’s Training Method
4 Pokémon Collector
3 Cheerleader’s Cheer
3 Copycat
3 Bebe’s Search
3 Broken Time-Space
3 Palmer’s Contribution
1 Luxury Ball

Energy: 15

12 P
3 Call

Thank you all for reading my first deck analysis and I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I do!

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  1. Karol Nowak

    And look at that! This article marks another coincidence! Someone I know from the Chicago league happens to run a deck very similar to this, but the only difference I seem to know thus far is that he runs a few Cyrus’s to nab some supporters.

    Otherwise, you have a pretty well written article! Great job writing it! You provided a very good analysis of the deck overall, as well as a solid list. Looking at this deck, it looks like it can do pretty well in today’s metagame.

  2. matthew green

    Not a bad decklist. I think you may have too many Collectors and Elm’s especially with 3 call nrg. I also don’t see why you need 12 psychic nrg. I would take out a few for some warp or even cyclone. Also, I would definitely have some lookers so you know what your opponent has before you use poltergeist.

  3. matthew green

    Not a bad decklist. I think you may have too many Collectors and Elm’s especially with 3 call nrg. I also don’t see why you need 12 psychic nrg. I would take out a few for some warp or even cyclone. Also, I would definitely have some lookers so you know what your opponent has before you use poltergeist.

  4. Colin Peterik

    Couple flaws- you’ll never need 3 Palmer’s, 1 should do it. If you really want Calls, add the 4th. You need need need at the very least 2 Warp Enegy and probably even another Unown Q as well. 13 Psychic energy is way too much, (Poltergeist only requires 1?!?!) Here’s a better energy line that every is seeming to adapt:
    4 Call
    3 Wap
    6 Psychic
    You essentially have 7 Bebe’s search, which is… Strange. Add in 3 Looker’s in place of 3 Elm’s. Cheerleader’s is an interesting choice. I’m assuming it’s so your opponent will be tempted to draw a card even though it might be a TSS. Very interesting idea there!!

  5. Errol Gabriel Curioso

    I actually like this combo, also thought of it when I saw Mismagius and Vileplume

    how about this

    -1 Palmers
    -1 Pokemon Collector
    -4 Prof Elm

    +1 Bebe
    +3 Cyrus Conspiracy
    +1 Unown Q
    +1 Uxie

  6. ApokemonTrader .

    I like this deck concept but i believe that although misgagius has the 1 turn faster attack than gengar Sf i find gengar a much nicer combo, firstly, the more hp the better, also the fainting spell is a real pain, in addition to this, gengar has a really nice alternative attack if your opponent topdecks a judge or something, to ruin your potergiest finally, gengar provides a counter to dialga G level X with gengar lv.x as it can just shuffle it away everytime it comes into play. but thats just me haha, at times the 1 turn faster can be the difference in winning or losing so good luck!

  7. Perry Going

    the one think i dont like about mismagius is it can easily be OHKOed and doesnt have the advantage of fainting spell. also this may not seem like a big deal but have a retreat cost could hurt late game.

  8. Sebastian Larramendy

    it’s a good idea, similar like the viletomb with geengar.. However, i think that geengar is better than mismagius, so i would put geengar instead mismagius and some changes in the list.. but the idea is good

  9. Pokeyx Returns

    Gengar is far more superior than Mismagius unless it’s a putting to sleep contest. Mismagius is x2 weak to darkness, 30 less hp, has a retreat cost, and lacks the Fainting spell power that makes Gengar that annoying.
    4 less spaces isn’t going to make this deck better than using Gengar, even if it could bring back a 2-2 Claydol line, which obviously can’t.

  10. Huang Pei

    I like this deck idea very much and i believe that this deck will see much more play once gengar sf gets rotated out. Also, i would take out bts for miasma valley to spread the dmg arnd, considering the fact that you are only running only 2 vileplume lines. Also, warp energy is a must in this deck in case ur vileplume gets dragged out. 3 palmers is a little excessive and i suggest running one or two rare candies in case u dun start out with tomb or sad cases where they brightlook ur vileplume out and ohko it, rare candies allow you to set up a plume the next turn and lock him again, effectively STILL preventing him from running any trainers.

    I suggest:
    -1 palmer’s
    -1 bts
    -4 psychic energy

    +2 rare candies
    +4 psychic energy

    -2 bts

    +2 miasma valley

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