An Eeveelution Deck That Might Just Work

pokebeach.comI know that the Eeveelution cards are always over-hyped, and decks built around them never really end up being competitive, but the new Umbreon from Undaunted (the regular one, not the prime) might change that.

At first glance, Umbreon looks almost unplayable. It has no powers or bodies, its 90 HP is low, and its attacks aren’t that powerful. On the plus side, it only has a Retreat Cost of 1, its attacks are cheap, it’s a stage 1 Pokémon, and it can take advantage of special darkness energy.

But the thing that makes this card great in my opinion is the effect of its first attack. After attacking with “Moonlight Fang”, Umbreon can’t be damaged by any of your opponent’s Pokémon’s attacks that have any bodies or powers, and this also includes effects of attacks too.

There are only a handful of played main attackers that don’t have any powers or bodies, so you are going to see your Umbreon being fully protected the next turn a lot. I think its second attack is pretty useless; for 1 more energy you do the same base damage as the first attack, but instead of the good effect you get to flip for 30 more damage.

pokebeach.comSome cards that can still hit it are Gyarados, Jumpluff, Tyranitar and Machamp. Gyarados and Jumpluff are pretty much dead decks after the rotation, but Gyarados might have a comeback after the next set comes out (so people have been saying). And I don’t know how popular T-tar and Machamp are at the moment.

Now to look at some techs that I think would be good in this deck. This article is about an Eeveelution’s deck, not just an Umbreon deck, so there are some other Eeveelution cards that can help out. First are the Umbreon and Espeon from Majestic Dawn, the Umbreon taking away weakness and Retreat Cost of all Eeveelutions and Espeon giving all Eeveelutions +20 HP. Neither of these two are really necessary, but they would help in certain situations.

Next is Espeon prime, who’s body lets it use any attack of any Eeveelution on your bench; so you can use Umbreon’s attack with Espeon for more type coverage, getting around resistance (if anything is resistant to dark?), and more HP. You won’t get the special darkness energy bonus with Espeon, but it can really help in some matchups.

pokebeach.comAnd lastly for Eeveelution techs is Espeon from Undaunted. I know this isn’t a really good card, but I like its first attack; for 1 psychic, you take 4 damage counters off your Pokémon in any way and put them on your opponents Pokémon in and way. This can help getting rid of Gengars while avoiding fainting spell, or picking off a damaged bench.

For non-Eeveelution techs, I have Sableye from Stormfront; it can help with bad starts, and has the potential to donk since the deck is already using special darkness energy. And the last tech I have is Mightyene from Legends Awakened; its first attack “Bite On” prevents its non-evolved target from attacking or retreating next turn. This can help out against SP since they have ways of getting around Umbreon; and also, its second attack “Harass” has the highest potential damage output in the deck.

Overall, I think that this deck has potential, and it can completely wall your opponent in some cases. It doesn’t have the highest damage output out there, but if your opponent can’t hit you, then you can take as long as you want killing them. I haven’t really tested it too much at all yet so I don’t have matchup comments, and the list I have below could probably use a little work.

Pokémon – 22

3 – Sableye SF
4 – Eevee MD (Call For Family)
3 – Umbreon Prime
1 – Umbreon MD
1 – Espeon (prime) UD
1 – Espeon Prime
1 – Espeon MD
2 – Poochyena LA
2 – Mightyena LA
2 – Uxie LA
1 – Uxie LV.X LA
1 – Azelf LA

Trainers – 25

3 – Bebe’s Search
3 – Pokémon Collector
3 – Pokémon Comunication
2 – Judge
1 – Cynthia’s Feelings
2 – Palmer’s Contribution
1 – Luxury Ball
1 – Warp Point
2 – Super Scoop Up
2 – Pokémon Rescue
3 – Expert Belt
2 – Broken Time Space

Energy – 13

4 – D (special)
5 – D Energy (basic)
4 – P

So let me know what you think of this deck. Comments and criticism would be great, and thanks for reading.

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  1. Jordan Baker

    Umbreon and Mighteyna both have scary first attacks. There is a lot of potential here, although I don’t think Eeveelutions is the way to go.

  2. Daniel Middleton

    Looks really nice. Nice to see an eeveelution deck that can possibly play to the meta.
    Will probably be a potential play for Battle Roads with all the gengars floating about :)

  3. Evan Baker

    I don’t know about the concept as a deck idea, but I just teched a 1-1 Umbreon UD line into my deck last night. It’s a built-in VileTomb counter, hitting Gengar for weakness. Gengar can’t hit back, and must attempt to snipe around Umbreon with “Shadow Room”. The best part is that when the Gengar player levels-up, 2 hits from Umbreon puts him at 120 damage. That’s the perfect amount of damage needed for Uxie to come in and finish the job, getting around fainting spell (or 2 Crobat drops, though you’d need to bench spaces since PokeTurn won’t work under trainer lock).

    Umbreon UD is also a great tech against Donphan, Charizard, Scizor Prime, Flygon, Kingdra Prime, etc.

        • Papa_Mash  → Collan

          True, Relicanth would be useless if the lock has been in place since the beginning, never broken and the opponent has not played any stadiums. Instead, the Gengar Vileplume player could drop in a Mismagius/Misdreavus UL tech for its Poltergeist. If not something like that… I guess they could always rely on Hoodwink or Stinky Nectar FTW!?!

  4. Colin Peterik

    I would prefer a Spiritomb start in this build, since it is essentially a lock deck and you aren’t playing many trainers anyway. Take out the SSU’s, add the 4th Tomb. Also I beleive a 2-2 Mewtwo Lv.X in this build would be pro.

    • Martin Garcia  → Colin

      I like the changes, nut i would also take out the UD espeon (the common, not the prime) and maybe 1 UD umbreon, you have 7 evo cards for just 4 eevees, thats just not gonna work.
      2 palmer´s is too much, take one out, and get a vs seeker, since you already have 2 pkmn rescue.
      Also, take out the SSU, and the 4th tomb as Cpeterik said, and maybe a 3rd rescue.
      Finally, take the 4 psychic, you really dont need them, and you have 4 slots to add something, like maybe a third BTS, a 3rd uxie, unown Q, and a warp energy, they can get you out of a tight spot..

  5. Colin Peterik

    I would prefer a Spiritomb start in this build, since it is essentially a lock deck and you aren’t playing many trainers anyway. Take out the SSU’s, add the 4th Tomb. Also I beleive a 2-2 Mewtwo Lv.X in this build would be pro.

  6. James Hall


    Awesome article! I have these and was wondering if anyone was going to look at this setup. I might have to run a test deck this weekend at Battle Roads.


    I like what you are doing with the layout of the site. Sweet upgrades!

  7. Papa_Mash

    I made a version of this deck that is pretty fun. It wins alot but good players can play around it pretty easily, especially if they have played it before. I would stress your point of having Umbreon MD in the deck. For instance, if you don’t run it or get it into play, Donphan is no longer an easy game because a simple Phanpy is a problem unless you can get at least 2 special darkness energies and a belt on your Umbreon (even then the Donphan player can simply belt the Phanpy). Also without the weakness protection a simple Relicanth could be devastating to this deck.

    Machamp could still be an issue. Although I have not seen too many straight Machamp decks running around, I have seen Machamp being teched into alot of decks.

    Though you have to worry about Judge or a Looker’s, I found that a couple of Eevee RR (Signs of Evolution) can be helpful. Also, I use Sableye as a starter in my deck. Spiritomb would also be a good starter but I went with Sableye… since the evolutions in the deck are primarily Stage 1s, Spiritomb/Darkness Grace did not seem as helpful and my deck is a more disruptive build running Weavile UD/Cyrus Intiative.

  8. Travis Yeary

    Played this deck with my charizard deck a while ago. Warp points and Infernape 4 lv x are umbreon’s enemy. So are bright look and dragon rush because all of them make the effect of umbreons first attack null. I lost to this deck once when I was running switches instead of warp points, and I couldn’t get infernape out. This might kick but with the new amount of trainer lock out there. I like it, let’s see if it becomes a strong deck.

  9. Profile Deleted

    Im not that impressed with that umbreon, but it will be interesting to see if it works. The low damage output and hp is a big turnoff for me.

    Btw, I disagree that jumpluff is dead after the rotation.

  10. Ron Routhier

    LuxChomp and most SP decks will be able to attack around this deck easily. The only deck this is good against is Gengar, and a Phanpy or Mismagius counters that. Maybe in Juniors this would work, but not in Masters.

  11. chrataxe

    Interesting idea…but the easy counter is just to attack with the basic. Garchomp C hits for 50, Dialga hits for 50-70, Luxray hits for 70….I’ll stop there, but my point is, this makes matchups even easier since they can do more damage to you than you can do to them and it is easier for your opponent to attack since they never have to level up/evolve. Mightyena is too easy to get around as well.

  12. Anonymous

    well you have the idea on how to play it. There are things you need to consider. Flareon undevelop for 1 colorless energy and a belt will hit for 100 on dialga, steelix, and scissor. That is a good tech because if you put a dark energy on it you can attack then pick it up and evolve to umbreon next turn. I would run 2 umbreon primes, 2 of the other umbreons, and 1 umbreon from MD so your umbreons have free retreat and no weakness , making all fighting matchups a breeze. Run with it lucario gl to double their weakness so you can kill gengar without trying, no need for belts then so if you get hit by fainting spell its not a biggy. Now hear me out on this next one, its a bit of a push but will exponentially make this deck viable. Keckleon from RR I believe is all types at once. So you can play this deck like its 2 decks. With keckleon for 3 energies it does 10+. The 60 more damage with flips is nice but this thing usually hits high enough without them. A special dark raises it to a base 20 then a DCE on it lets you be able to attack. A belt is a base 40 and it ALWAYS hits the enemies weakness for 2x so you will hit for a minimum of 80. with one heads you hit – 120, with 2 -160, with 3 – 200. This deck idea I share is what I’m running and i just went undefeated at my first battle roads. I think this will be a meta game deck because against everything it wins, by a lot. I’m trying to tech in a glaceon but It’s not working

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