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  1. Anonymous

    I’m considering re-uploading this one but nobody seems to be too irked about the stretching yet. Enjoy! Feel free to suggest other cards that could have been up here, too. A few I considered were blaine’s kangaskhan and the Here Comes Team Rocket! supporter re-release.

    • Matthew Tidman  → Anonymous

      My only complaint has to do with the matting of putting you in front of the Pokemon Cards image. There were a couple of times when the outline kind of annoyed me, but it’s really a minor complaint.

      Those were some really bad cards. I remembered seeing the one pre-Skyridge used in decks against kids I played back in the day. It always amazes me that with all the good cards there are such crappy ones as well, but I guess that’s the nature of the game.

      • Anonymous  → Joshua

        it’s just for some reason the video was stretched a little sideways. But nobody seems to even notice so I guess there’s no reason to reupload!

    • Anonymous  → Tonu

      No problem. It’s not a perfect list and I made a few mistakes, but it was fun to put together

    • Anonymous  → kyle

      I was really close to putting this one in until I heard it won a small handful of battle roads with kingdra in the LA era. It’s a dumb card but I probably could have fit it in.

        • Tonu Taitto  → kyle

          I lost one BR/CC game to the Night Pokémon Center. I was playing some kind of a Gliscor deck. There were an active Wailord that had 180-190 damage on it, it were on Paralyze and Poison. My opponent moved his Energy via Energy Link, tried to flip his tech NPC. Dual heads, removed all damages from it. Then a single Healer+ to get remove of the Paralyse and used Energy Link to get the Energy back to it. I’m not sure but IIRC, soon the game was called on time leaving me 10 damage off for a KO (it were on Poison but the game never went to between turns). :d

          NPC is quite bad but there’s a lot more cards that are even worse.

    • Anonymous  → kyle

      I was really close to putting this one in until I heard it won a small handful of battle roads with kingdra in the LA era. It’s a dumb card but I probably could have fit it in.

  2. venny kid

    WOW!! I joined Pokemon DP-on and had no idea that most of these cards existed. Makes me feel good about my pathetic binder. Another great episode J-Wittz, and keep ’em coming!

  3. mewuk85

    Hay JWittz!!!! This kid at my league. Is all excited running around telling everyone OMG!!!! OMG!!! OMG!!! “I’m trading my Blazekin FB Lv. X to the JWittz……. I KNOW A CELEBRITY… and you dont…ha ha ”

    Just thought I would share that with you… Kinda like an ego booster for YA! Lol

    • Anonymous  → mewuk85

      Where are you from? That’d explain which person trading with me was. It’s cool he’s excited with the show, though!

      • mewuk85  → Anonymous

        Im from sacramento area of california, today was battle roads all the big players were their, jj, stephen, sanchez, good day. Did you attend any battle roads?

        • Anonymous  → mewuk85

          Unfortunately couldn’t hit any this weekend, but I’ll be at at least 2 with some tournament reports to boot. What was the outcome of yours?

        • mewuk85  → Anonymous

          Joe sanchez won master’s like always he’s got the best rating in the world. and stephen little bro won junior seniors. it was awesome day.

  4. Tom Hansen

    Ok, scenario:
    Belted Unown W is in the active thus dealing 70 dmg for psychic + double colorless. Then it takes some damage, but with 110 hp, 10 reduce and a small +30 weakness to psychich it’s likely to survive (mby even +20 from snowpoint).

    Next round you play a switch to retreat your active Unown W to your benched Unown Z, mby you got an energy switch or something to get it rdy right away. Now before you attack you play an Unown ! flipping for either 20 dmg on any enemy or 20 on of your pokemon. Heads: allright 20 dmg free snipe.
    However you go tails and put 20 damage on your Unown Z. Now with the damage from the attack on Unown W and the tail flip from Unown ! you use Unown Z’s hidden power to remove all those damage counters on to the enemy and next round you got a new Unown W ready to fight.

    Hey, not a killer combo, but certainly not one of the 20 worst cards ever.

    • Anonymous  → Tom

      eh, you’re still relying on an 8-9 card combo (unown W+belt+dce+energy+unown Z+unown !+another energy to drop+energy switch+possible snowpoint). I probably should have put up unown L instead from neo:

      40 hp, power: laugh. flip a coin, if heads both players shuffle their decks. 1 energy for 10 damage.

    • Anonymous  → Emily

      I figured since I can’t use youtube ads on sites with stop2shop ads I might as well use some familiar music. I might continue this in the future as long as I have a backer!

  5. Lordie Bevan

    hi Jwittz my names lordie i’m 10(goin 11) and i’m all the way from england w00p w00p anyway the thing i wanted to tell you is that i made a new deck called gargon so if you are interested just give me a shout on here

  6. Rokman

    Nice video Jwittz.

    I still think Minion of team rocket is worse. ;)

  7. Joe Callen

    SV Arcanine is sooooo bad. What makes it even worse is the fact that the HGSS Growlithe’s “Combustion” attack does 30 damage for 3 energy, and SV Arcanine does it for a whopping 4! So basically evolution makes an awful attack even worse!

  8. Joey A

    Hi J-wittz! I hope you respond! your the best pokemon player in the world and your videos are amazing! Keep up the good work!

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