VilePluff – “In brightest day, in blackest night…”

Well folks, it looks like Vileplume has done it. It has turned the format on its head. From what I’ve been seeing at league and on competitive sites like SixPrizes and Pokégym, he’s been used in a lot of new decks, but my personal favorite is VilePluff.

The main strategy is to use Sunflora HS’s Poké-Power, “Sunshine Grace,” to get a Vileplume and Jumpluff ready as soon as possible, and start swinging for 70 turn one or two.

How it’s done

You want to start out with Spiritomb. From there, you get a Sunflora up using its “Darkness Grace” attack, and start setting up your Vileplumes and Jumpluffs. Depending on the deck you’re up against, which one you get out first will vary.


4 Hoppip HS
3 Skiploom HS
4 Jumpluff HS
3 Oddish UD
3 Gloom UD
3 Vileplume UD
4 Sunkern HS
3 Sunflora HS
4 Spiritomb AR
3 Uxie LA


2 Rare Candy
4 Bebe’s Search
4 Broken Time-Space
2 Copycat
2 Professor Oak’s New Theory
2 Looker’s Investigation
2 Pokémon Collector


8 G

I’m sure most of you know plenty about this card. This guy is your main attacker. The only attack you’ll use (usually) is Mass Attack. Your bench is usually full by the time you can use this attack, so you’re hitting for at least 70 with only one grass energy.

Trainer lock is almost always a good thing. When you’re playing SP, it’d be a good idea to get this guy out very quickly, and to only retreat your active Spiritomb when you have one. His only real problem is his pretty hefty Retreat Cost. Watch out for Blaziken FB.

Sunflora helps make the deck more consistent. If you can get a Sunflora out within the first two turns, you’re usually in good shape. It can search for almost any Pokémon in your deck every turn using “Sunshine Grace”, making set up much easier than other non-grass decks.

I’ve been playing around with friends using this deck, and the only time it’s lost is when I get a Hoppip start, which are unfortunately pretty unavoidable. Anyway, I think that this deck could turn out to be really great for competitive play, and you’ll hopefully see me, or someone else, at the top tables at some tournaments playing this deck.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed my first Article for SixPrizes. If the feedback is good, maybe I’ll do more.

Thanks guys.

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    • Adam Capriola  → Anthony

      I agree that it definitely needs some Warp Energies… you even mention in the article that Blaziken FB is a problem.

      I don’t get 4/3 Sunflora… just go 3/3 or 2/2 might even be ok.

      Unown Q should probably be in this too…

      • Anthony Desiata  → Adam

        i have a list of this had it since the plume came out it only needs a 1-1 sunflora. and calls plus spiritomb cant get any better than that and also the warp energys save you so much.

  1. Tonu Taitto

    Maybe Dodrio UD, some Unown Q’s, Warp Energies, DCE or something else that ensures your Vileplumes won’t get stuck at front. Playing 4-3-4 low health main attacker seems quite suicidal if run Vileplumes and no Palmers at all.

  2. Perry Going

    i recommend some cyrus so you can get what supporter you need and a grass energy

  3. Ron Routhier

    why not run any Pichu’s to get your bench and your opponents bech full with Playground? then you don’t have to screw around finding all your basics when you’ll have them all out with a full bench turn 1.

  4. Alex Pike

    Interesting combination.

    I have no intention of ever playing Vileplume but i may have to just test this out

  5. AaronD

    Personally, for consistancy I would up the Collector count to at least three, since that’s the card that will really get you started and get basics out to evolve. Four would be even better, if you can find space. Unown Q is a must have, especially with Vileplume having a retreat cost of two, Spiritomb having one, and Uxie having one. Also, since you’re trainer locked as well, it seems important to run Warp Energy to get Spiritomb or Vileplume out of the active position quickly in case one or both get chatter locked. It also provides the necessary energy to retreat later in the game if need be. Just my suggestions, and since I’m not sure which cards you deem most important here but I’m not going to make any suggestions pertaining to what you should take out.

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