Card of the Day – Smeargle Undaunted UD 8

Well, the people have spoken, and they want Smeargle from HGSS Undaunted!

Below is the start of the review (for lack of a better word).

pokebeach.comWelcome to the start of a 6prizes tradition in the works! Today’s card is Smeargle from Undaunted. When I first read this card, I knew that it was supposed to a starter Pokémon, much like Sableye SF and Pachirisu GE. It is a 70 HP basic Pokémon with a Poké-Power and an Attack. 70 HP is good because it means that it’ll give you a bit of insurance from being donked, which is always nice.

I doubt anyone would play this card for the attack, which does poor damage and is flippy. It’s Poké-Power, and the reason why you would play this card states that once during your turn, you may look at your opponent’s hand, choose a supporter you find there and use it’s effect.

The card I would compare it to the most would be Sableye SF. However, the differences being that Sableye is an attack instead of a Poké-Power. Also, you search your deck instead of your opponent’s hand. I would say they are both very good cards, but in there own way. If I had to choose, I’d probably pick Sableye, just because of the fact that you can guarantee that you can use the supporter that you want/need, where Smeargle will only let you choose from 1-2 most of the time.

One thing that Smeargle does have going for it though, is that you are able to look at your opponent’s hand, which will tell you almost exactly what deck they’re playing 98% of the time, which is always good.

Please, let me know what you think and discuss!

Modified Rating: 3.75/5
Draft Rating: 1.50/5(little supporters in Draft and a bad attack)

I hope you like it. If there’s anything you’d like me to change, update, do differently, please let me know. I’d love to know what you think.

Dakota Streck

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  1. Damian Burgin

    I love this card, im currently using it in my deck, when an oppenent knocks out my active at the end of the turn i throw him out there to be able to… 1 look at my opponents hand, and 2 well… use 2 supporters in 1 turn! duh! throw an unown q on him, or slap a warp after your done using portrait. then when your opponent knocks out another throw him back up there & 1 retreat.

    anyway, this is a great card to recover with. probably going to try and fit 1 into each deck of mine now. id give a 4/5 IMO

    • Dakota Streck  → Damian

      Just remember that, if your opponent catches on(probably will), they’ll do everything they can to make sure they have no supporter in their hand or it’s a Judge they wanted to use next turn anyways, cause remember once you look , you gotta use one if there is one.

  2. Dakota Streck

    That is one reason why it is better than Sableye. In some ways(like Damian Burgin says), it’s more versatile in some ways, but less versatile in others.

  3. Garrett Williamson

    Yup, while sableye is good for set up because you can search collector, since most people run collector you can copy your opponents and get the 3 basics on your bench on that turn. I like that haha

  4. steve McGann

    This is a good card for many reasons, He makes that warp energy energy a bomb in your hand, and good guy to abuse turn one with call energy. and not to mention he gets to see your opp’s hand in the process.

    A lot of people (like a friend of mine) under estimate this cards power especially against a deck like trainer lock ( vile and tomb)

    he is a solid one to two compies in the right deck.

  5. James Hall

    I know I am a noob, and just got destroyed the last two battle roads, but wouldn’t running this in an SP deck help against the VileTomb lock, and potentially help against a Garchomp C(non LV.X).

    (Edit: Just re-read the comment from Cry Bulbasaur Cry!, my bad)

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