Brampton, Ontario, Canada Autumn Battle Roads Report!

Hey fellow Pokémon players. I haven’t written an article in a really long time so I decided I might as well as do a Report. I just got back from the Battle Roads and very tired, but I want to write a report as I know some people are wondering what they could do to their battle roads.

For starters, I had many decks to run. I had LuxChomp (with only 1 Luxray GL LV.X because I don’t have 2), BlazeChomp, DialgaChomp, Blaziken/Kingdra Prime Rogue, SableLock, Kingdra Donk and more. However, I decided to run Kingdra Donk for fun.

Game 1.

pokebeach.comMe (Kingdra Prime) vs. David O. (All I saw was Metang, Magnemite, and Probopass)
This game was like a freebie. He starts Metang Active and Nosepass, I start Horsea and Uxie. I decided to put the Uxie on bench so I do not get donked, however, I was very disappointed when I “won” the dice roll and what he flips up is a Metang. He attaches Special M Energy to Nosepass and ends. I draw my card and my hand was this: Kingdra Prime, Expert Belt, 2 Poké Drawer+, and 2 other cards I can’t remember. I use my double Poké Drawer+ to get a W Energy, and a Rare Candy, use them to get a Kingdra Prime with an Expert Belt. From this point on, I get 6 Knock Outs a turn while he has nothing. Good game, and I’m 1/0.

Game 2.

Me (Kingdra Prime) vs. Satrohan Rai (SableLock)
This game I am not too happy. Satrohan is my close friend who got me playing Pokémon and he is using my SableLock deck which is capable of donking me very easily. So before the game starts, he is telling me that his going to donk me as a joke. Anyhow, the game starts. He has a lone Sableye, I have a double Horsea start. He did not have any energy of some sort, so he “Impersonates” for a Garchomp C, Crobat G, and a Honchkrow G I believe.

I draw and my hand consisted of Judge, Broken Time Space, W Energy, and 3 other useless cards. I attach the W Energy, play the Broken Time-Space, drop the Judge and draw in to double Kingdra Prime and Pokémon Communication. I communicate for a Seadra, double evolve to Kingdra Prime using the Broken Time-Space I used earlier and “Dragon Steam” for the Donk. At this point, me, and everyone that heard him say that his going to donk are laughing as he got donked instead. Good Game, and I’m 2/0.

Game 3.

Me (Kingdra Prime) vs. Matthew K (A Cool Deck)
Before I start, I go around trying to find my table and asking who’s Matthew Koo, my opponent. At this point everyone is asking me why I’m asking for Matthew Koo. Well that’s because from what I heard, he is a very good player who is one of the top players in the world. At this point I’m nervous, but excited that I get to play a player of such a high caliber.

Anyhow, I have an Uxie start and he has a Sneasel start and I go first. With nothing to do, I end. Koo does something and I believe he gets a Jirachi active and a Nidoran♀. With a mediocre hand, I manage to get out a Kingdra Prime, but have no energy to attack or to even retreat my Uxie with and I end. Anyhow, this goes on for a few turns where he seems like he wants to get something but he can’t and I need to get an energy but I can’t. I finally draw in to a Cyclone Energy, so I attach it to Uxie and I end since attacking would have done 0 again anyway.

Kingdra-Legends-Awakened-7pokemon-paradijs.comMatthew Koo now has a bench consisting of Larvitar with a Double Colorless, and a D Energy, Nidoran♀ with an Energy or two, Sneasel, Uxie I believe and a Jirachi active. He uses his Weavile from Undaunted, uses the Poké Power “Claw Snag” to discard my Palmer’s Contribution as I had a hand of Palmer’s Contribution, double Bebe’s Search, and something uselss. Another few turns of no action goes, and I finally have a hand where I believe I could attack with. I use Pokémon Reversal, hit head, and bring his Larvitar active.

Then I use Professor Oak’s New Theory to get a new hand of 6 and draw in to an W Energy. I retreat my Uxie and knockout his Larvitar for a Prize. From this point, I take Prize a turn until I have 3 left. During his turn, he finally gets a Nidoqueen out on his bench, and ends. I was a bit frustrated at this point because if the 2nd reversal I used had gotten heads, I would have had the game in the bag, but the luck said no. He also gets out a Tyranitar Prime out with 1 D Energy and uses the attack “Darkness Howl” to spread 20 damage on all of my Pokémons.

However, I now had a bench consisting of 1 Uxie X, 2 Uxie, 2 Kingdra Prime, and 1 Kingdra Prime with an Expert Belt active. I use the Poké Power “Spray Splash” 3 times on his Tyranitar Prime and I hit for 80 with “Dragon Steam”. Matthew with nothing to do, he “Darkness Howls” again and ends. I put 3 counters on Jirachi or Nidoqueen and I Knock Out his Tyranitar Prime. He sends up his Nidoqueen out and “Ruthless Tail” my Kingdra Prime to revenge kill. However, Nidoqueen has too many damage counters from all the “Spray Splash” that added up before it could get to Nidoqueen and is Knocked Out by my Kingdra Prime and Matthew Scoops with nothing to do. Good game and I’m 3/0.

Game 4.

Me (Kingdra Prime) vs. David Meehan (Gengar SF/Garchomp C/Blaziken FB)
Before the game, I knew this was going to happen. I was paired up with my friend who I believe is like my mentor for Pokémon. I’ve tested my deck against his deck countless times the night before, and I only won once I believe with a donk. Anyhow, he has a Spiritomb start and I have an Uxie start with a hand of 6 trainers which I cannot use. Luckily he goes first, and uses Call Energy to get Gastly and Blaziken FB. I start my turn, and the Pokémon Lord gave me Professor Oak’s New Theory. I use it right away and draw in to Judge, Horsea, Cyclone Energy and something else.

I drop the Horsea the bench and I make a BIG misplay by using the Cyclone Energy prematurely. David sends up his Gastly so I attack for 20 and end. I have no Idea why, but he decided not to drop the energy to retreat in to a Spiritomb, but searches Garchomp C with Bebe’s Search, attaches Energy Gains on his Blaziken FB and Garchomp C and uses the energy on Garchomp C, uses SP Radar to get Garchomp C LV.X and ends. I draw in to an another useless card, so I choose to Judge to get rid of his good hand and my useless hand. I get a Broken Time Space, Horsea, Seadra and Pokémon Collector or a Bebe’s I believe. I use the Broken Time Space, evolve my Horsea to a Seadra, and drop the Horsea on the bench and attack for 20 again and ended.

pokemon-paradijs.comHe finally decides to retreat the Gastly after the Judge and uses “Darkness Grace” to evolve his Gastly in to Haunter and ends. This game of horrible card drawing goes on and he gets a set up with Gengar SF, Blaziken FB bench to nullify my Kingdra Prime and Garchomp C with 2 energy and an Energy Gain while I have a bench of Seadra, Horsea, Uxie and another Uxie active. David Knocks Out my Seadra and ends. I draw in to something useful, and was able to set up my Kingdra Prime with an Expert Belt. So I “Psychic Restore” and return my Uxie to the bottom.

He sends up Crobat G, retreats in to Gengar SF, and Level him up. However, he noticed that he didn’t have any energies so he ends. A few turns lasts while he cant get any energies on his Gengar LV.X or any other Pokémon and I was able to put 120 damage on his Gengar LV.X and succeeded on setting up my Kingdra from legend awaken. He retreats his Gengar LV.X and puts up an Uxie active and ends. I retreat my Kingdra Prime, send my Kingdra from Legend Awaken active, use Pokémon Reversal to get Blaziken FB active and I “Dragon Pump” to Knock Out both his Gengar LV.X and Blaziken FB. At this point, if he gets head on the “Fainting Spell”, I would lose the game no doubt, and if he gets tails, I’m back in the game. But of course, he hits head and from there I’m on a downhill and I lose. Good game, 3/1.

Game 5, Final Swiss.

Me (Kingdra Prime) vs. Matthew Kimmerer (Donphan/Machamp)
When I first saw him, I was surprised as he was a very small kid. However, I realized that due to the lack of Seniors and Masters, we were playing together and Senior with the highest record would win the Battle Roads. He is a senior with a record of 4/0 and I’m 3/1 from masters. Anyhow, I believe that this would be a fun game and we start.

We both get a lonely Uxie start and I win the dice roll. He attaches a F Energy to his Uxie and he hits for 40. I draw in to a Horsea, but I do not have the right cards to get out my Kingdra Prime yet so I attach and I end. He searches out a Phanpy with Bebe’s Search I believe and he Knocks Out my Uxie and ends.

At this point, his kind of upset as he knew I was running Kingdra Prime, but he didn’t realize the type advantage I had as a water Pokémon. Anyhow, I Bebe’s Search again for an Uxie, use Broken Time-Space from my hand, use my Uxie’s Poké Power “Set-Up” to draw up to 7, I evolve in to a Kingdra Prime, but I did not have the Energy to attack, so I believe I used Warp Point as I did not want to take the first damage.

He gets his Donphan Prime out, gets a machop on the bench and attacks for 60 to my Uxie with “Earthquake”. I use Pokémon Collector + Pokémon Communication to get Kingdra Legend Awaken, Horsea and an Uxie. Use my Uxie to get the cards to get my Horsea to evolve to Kingdra Legend Awaken. I use “Spray Splash” to drop 1 damage counter on Donphan Prime, Warp Point and than Pokémon Reversal to get his Donphan Prime active and I hit for 100.

From this point on, I have the absolute advantage and the game was almost in the bag for me. He manages to get a couple of Machamps out with a lucky 4 heads on “Hurricane Punch”, but not enough to Knock Out my 130 HP Kingdra Prime and Kingdra Legend Awakened while I Knock his Machamps out for the win. Good game, 4/1.

I’m 90% positive that I made the top cut. So I’m just now sitting around, trading cards when the top cut is announced. I made the top cut along with my friend David who went 5/0 and 2 other dudes that I played before in previous events. I end up playing Kevin who plays VileGar. I’m almost positive I will lose this match unless I get a donk, so I wasn’t very positive going in to this game.

Top 4

Me (Kingdra Prime) vs. Kevin (VileGar.)

Game 1.
Not much to say here. Kevin has an amazing hand, and was able to setup Nidoqueen, 2 Gengar SF, VilePlume while my bench is filled with Uxies and Horseas. I get my Kingdra Prime out, but doesn not to enough to make a difference as Nidoqueen keeps on healing and I cannot use my Expert Belt so I scoop to conserve time.
0/1 (4/2)

Game 2.
Pretty much the repeat of Game 1, but with a stronger start. He gets almost the exact same set up while I am desperately trying to reduce my hand of trainers and supporters with Kingdra Legend Awaken’s attack “Dragon Pump”. I manage to get a prize lead of 6-4, but that does not last long as he is using “Shadow Room” to pick off my Uxies and “Ruthless Tail” from Nidoqueen to Knock Out my Kingdras. The slaughter fest continues till the prize is at 4-2, with Kevin leading and I scoop.
0/2 (4/3)

Although I did lose in the top 4, I’m very glad that I did well with this deck. Coming in to regionals, I thought I would definitely regret running Kingdra Prime Donk, but in the end I did well with a deck that I came up with all alone and I was happy. Also the fact that I’ve only been playing since May 2010, and only been to 3 Battle Roads, and 1 Regionals and 1 Nationals. I am going to continue to go to Battle Roads in September and October and will be releasing my triumphant road to a playset of Victory Medals and achievements from different Battle Roads.


Pokémon: 15

4-3-3/1 Kingdra Prime/Kingdra LA
3-1 Uxie LV.X

Trainers: 37

4 Bebe’s Search
3 Pokémon Collector
3 Judge
2 Professor Oak’s New Theory
1 Palmer’s Contribution
3 Broken Time-Space
3 Rare Candy
2 Expert Belt
4 Super Scoop Up
4 Poké Drawer +
3 Pokémon Communication
2 Warp Point
2 Pokémon Reversal
1 Luxury Ball

Energy: 8

6 W
2 Cylone Energy

I know right? I can’t believe I topped with 7 Basics. It is very consistent and I hope everyone can try this out. Wait till my next Battle Roads as I will most likely play VileGar or DialgaChomp next. Good Luck everyone in your Battle Roads!

1st Place – Oshawa Battle Road (Spring 2009 – 2010) or is it 2010-2011? :P
Top 2 – Pickering Battle Road (Spring 2009-2010)
Top 4 – Brampton Battle Road (Autumn 2010 – 2011)
????? – Pickering Battle Road (Autumn 2010 – 2011)
????? – Oshawa Battle Road (Autumn 2010 – 2011)
Others are uncertain yet.

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  1. Michael Randolph

    How did he start with Metang? Wouldn’t he had to of started with a Beldum?
    Good article regardless and keep up the hard work.

    • Peter Bae  → Michael

      lmao yaa i meant beldum lol confused there, i was really tired.. i was out partying the night before, went to battle roads which took like 1~1.5 hours 6 hours of pokemon, 1~1.5hours drive back while hung over xD

      • Michael Randolph  → Peter

        Man that sounds exactly like my battle roads experience. I was hung over from mine and my report will probebly reflect my being hungover and tired as well lol. My ol’ lady had her bachelorette party the night before BR so I was playing on an hour of sleep and a queesy belly lol. Still pulled the win though so I guess I did alright after all.

  2. steve McGann

    Dear writer, I like your artical i felt it was modest and honest, I am curious with Kingdra donk deck was there any other reasons why you played this deck over your others, i made a cool kingdra gyrados deck.

    • Peter Bae  → steve

      lmao you wont like my answer :P. to be honest, i made the Kingdra Deck a week early and started playtesting it extensively, constantly switching cards. The night before the BR. Me, Satrohan (2nd round opponent), David (4th round opponent), we gathered to playtest some more. I kept testing kingdra altho i kept losing to David’s Gengar deck due to the trainer lock i get for a turn or two which hurt me a lot. However, with other match ups I had no problem. Most of all, Satrohan needed a good deck so i made him a sableye deck with all my SP cards so I couldnt test DialgaChomp before the battle roads xD Also I believed that I’d see more VileGar counters than Vilegar which was true for the most part, so running Kingdra wouldnt have been a bad idea xD. Also due to the extensive testing, I kinda had a thing for the deck XD

  3. Tony

    Great job and finish! I have to say it’s really refreshing to see another deck besides SPs and Gengar do well. However, as the World’s greatest Viletomb hypemaster, I have to admit that I’m glad the trainer lock deck did well.

  4. Tonu Taitto

    Congrats for playing 4-1 and top cutting. I faced Matthew Koo on Worlds on round 2. He seemed to have good deck and played quite flawlessly and won the game. He ended up being 21st on the Worlds. Congrats for beating him also. :P

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