Card of the Day – Vileplume Undaunted UD 24

pokebeach.comWelcome to today’s COTD, Vileplume from the Undaunted set. It received a lot of hype before its release because of its Poké-Body “Allergy Flower” which stops both players ability to play Trainers (you can still play Supporters and Stadiums, though). Perhaps the deck that is hurt the most by a trainer lock is LuxChomp. Due to it being an SP build, it relies heavily on the Team Galactic’s Invention Cards, which are all trainers. A trainer lock stops all of that.

Also, it makes the flagship supporter of the deck, Cyrus’s Conspiracy significantly weaker because now it fetches useless trainers from the deck instead of game changing ones. It is usually paired with Spiritomb AR because of it’s ability to increase your set up speed and lock trainers as well. Another card that is often paired with Vileplume is Gengar SF, because of it’s Poltergeist attack, which gains a lot of power when your opponent’s hand is stuffed with trainers.

However, the question that comes into most players minds is, can Vileplume and Spiritomb consistently lock their opponent’s trainers each game and still have enough firepower to win the game? Can the rise in Dialga G LV.X stop Vileplume from running the format? Some players say yes, some say no. What do you think? Please voice your opinions

Modified: 4/5 (the success of Vileplume will vary greatly on what comes out the next few sets)
Draft: 1/5 (stage 2 Pokémon and little trainers in this format)

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  1. James Hall

    Well again, this being my first BattleRoads and not really having a competitive league to run against decent players, I got slapped around pretty hard with this deck. I was running a DBLChomp variant so it wasn’t a “standard” DialgaChomp setup. I found that this deck is pretty hard to get around. Now the other DialgaChomp players in the BR were able to get around him rather easily so you have to take into consideration my noobness and deck structure…

  2. Peter Bae

    its a great card but from what ive seen so far in action, youd think that LuxChomp match ups would be good, but it doesnt really do much as soon as that oddish or gloom hits th efield via Spiritomb, they iwll just brightlook and kill it before you have a chance of getting it to vileplume. However, its all situational but with the amount of bebe’s and PONT being ran this format, it wont be hard for Luxray GL to have 2 energy + Lv.X to bright look any threat and kill it

  3. Zachary Slater

    It shouldn’t be over-looked if your opponent can get it out with speed, but if you can get the bright look early and knock it out beforehand, by all means do it.
    The problem is getting that 1 or 2 turns to avoid the trainer lock and use SP trainers.

  4. Matthew Tidman

    There was a junior at our battle roads running VileGar. He went 3-0 using it and won his division handily. It was kind of funny to see because all the other juniors were running random stuff, nothing top-tier.

    Watching him play the deck it was easy to see why it has the possibility to make SP sweat. Overhyped or not, I think that we’re going to see Vileplume UD all season, and I bet that it will win quite a few juniors and seniors tournaments.

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