Card of the Day – Scizor Prime Undaunted UD 84

pokebeach.comWelcome to the COTD! Today, I will be reviewing Scizor Prime. Like the last 2 COTD, it is a card from Undaunted that received quite a bit of hype. Let’s find out why:

Scizor Prime has 100 HP, which isn’t bad for a Stage 1. It’s a metal type, meaning you can use special metal energies to help protect it. This is especially good when used in tandem with the new trainer Energy Exchanger, which will help us search out those special metals.

Its Poké-Body, and arguably its best feature, is called “Red Armor,” which prevents all damage done to it by Pokémon that have special metal energies attached to it. That means Call, Warp, Double Colorless, Cyclone and all those other really good special energies are useless. That alone gives it a significant edge over a lot of decks, which is always a big plus.

It could do with a lower Retreat Cost, though. Fire weakness is ok, but could get worse.

It’s attack, for MC does 30 damage plus an extra 20 for each Metal energy attached to it, so if you power it up with 2 Metals, you’re already looking at 70 damage, which isn’t bad for 2 energy.

Can Scizor rise to glory in this SP infested format or will it be stuck at the back of your binder gathering dust? Please discuss and let us know what you think.

Modified: 3.95/5 (It’s really good, but I think if it could just find the right partner, it would be able to do a lot better.)
Draft: 3.75/5 (Not many special energies here, but a it’s got a good attack, 100 HP and is a Stage 1.)

I’d love to know what you think, so please give this card your rating and discuss!

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  1. craig wood

    Red Armour’s only real threat is Tyranitar Prime’s Power Claw attack which isn’t affected by either the Special Metal Defence or the PokeBody. On the plus side – this is the only attack T-tarP can use against you which limits the damage to 60 (plus any Special Dark damage).

    It’s a two turn take down, but combo with a Dialga (P5) and its Reverse Time PokePower can pick both Scizor and Scyther along with a basic Metal energy and puts them back on top of your deck in any order (so, if you have a Scyther already powered on the bench, your next draw can be Scizor and he’s back!

    You should also have Seeker available (to pick up Dialga for re-use) and Switch (or Warp Energy at a pinch) to get ScizorP back into active.

    Beware Spiritomb (AR32) and Vileplume’s (UD24) Trainer locks, though. This can seriously dent Scizor Prime’s ability to gain Special Metal Energy with Energy Exchanger – although Skarmory (UD21) can still be put to use here.

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