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No matter how much of an innuendo this title seems to portray, it’s not meant to be taken that way at all. I am merely posting about… Dun dun dun! My first Battle Roads of the season. Anyway, this Battle Roads didn’t go near as well as my last. Last season I showed up with a Crobat/Nidoqueen deck I threw together at 4 AM. I went to Bentonville, Arkansas and placed 2nd, my only losses of the day being to one of my best friends and the only person I enjoy losing to, Michael Randolph, known around here as Michael Masacre. He ran his deck, KingGar, and placed first.

Also, for the sake of the statement, the KingGar lists I’ve seen are off and probably why it hasn’t been noticed. It really is a beastly deck, shown by this BR (Stomped DialgaG AND Sablelock). Anywho, the battle roads.

This time, rather than building my own variant, I used my friends Donphan/Machamp deck. Basic idea if you don’t know, Donphan for Earthquake, Machamp for Rage, Machamp LV.X rape-age, and of course, the Take Out SP destroyer.

pokebeach.comGame 1: Me vs. Unknown Electric Deck
This… This was disappointing. I felt bad about the match up and I’m sure he was disappointed as well. Not sure of the purpose of the deck because I literally saw 2 pokemon out of it. He went first, started with a Mareep. Essentially passed. I started with a Phanpy and a Machop. Placed an energy, pulled a Donphan from the deck, passed back to him.

He got another Mareep, evolved active into Flaaffy, hit my benched Machop for 20. My turn, evolved into Donphan, whacked him for the KO, ended. He brought up Mareep, had nothing else to do, and I KO’d it for the win. I really wish I could’ve seen more of what he was working at, but no way I’d turn down a win.


Game 2: Me vs. Michael Masacre (KingGar)
Of course, my luck. In pretty much the same situation as last time, I played my friend, had the donk, but effed it up and therefore failed it. He came back and pulled the win.


pokebeach.comGame 3: Me vs. DialgaChomp
Now THIS was disappointing. Machamp is almost literally built to ANNIHILATE SP with his Take Out attack and I lose. Halfway through the game I split a sleeve. Get a 4 minute extension, but it still sucks. Neither of us do anything for pretty much the whole 30 minutes. I literally do not get Machamp set up until the last 4 minutes, and once I do he chills on the bench while Donphan sits up front with no energies. My opponent uses only an Ambipom G and whacks me for 40 a turn until he takes out my belted Donphan. Unluckily, time was called a turn ago and I’m left with 1 turn to get 2 Prizes. So I lose. Very, VERY disappointing.


Game 4: Me vs. Dan Basham (DialgaChomp)
Basham happens to be a friend of mine. Me, Michael, Basham, and another friend Andy all drove up to Bentonville to play. It’s Basham’s first tournament, and probably his 10th time ever really playing pokemon and he has to run SP. That being said, he did run it pretty well. He made a few rookie mistakes which cost him wins, but he didn’t do half bad. And even with that being said, I mopped the floor with him. He took an early lead after setting up faster, but I got a Machamp and afterward it was prize city. Game, set, match.


pokebeach.comGame 5: Me vs. VileTombGar
Here’s the match that really decides the day, whether I go positive or negative. This guy was a guy I met at the last Bentonville BR and me and Michael actually helped him tweak the deck he ran this BR. I don’t remember what exactly happened throughout the match, but it was back and forth for a bit, but I did pull out the win. He made some mistakes, like never pulling out Vileplume, sticking to Spiritomb which essentially gave me some easy kills. This is the only game Donphan really pulled his weight. But I came out with a win, thus leaving me positive for the day.


– Went 3-2. Not great, but positive.
– Realized how much I missed pokemon since my last tournament.

– Played 2 of the 3 people I rode to Bentonville with.
– Lost 2 matches. :/
– Stayed up for 40 hours straight between Friday morning and Sunday morning.

All in all it wasn’t bad. I went positive, Michael won his second battle roads, Basham won a match at his first tourney, and Andy realized Jumpluff is nowhere near as good since rotation. (Basham beat Andy in the tournament, hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo…)

Thanks for reading and be looking out for me working on decklists for Eeveelutions, another Garchomp SV variant, and a pre-release deck idea for HGSS Triumphant!

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