Mesa, Arizona Battle Roads Report


This past Sunday I was lucky enough to find a last minute ride to the first battle roads that and competed in this season. I’m in Phoenix, Arizona and this one was in Mesa which is close to a half hour drive. If you read my last article I said that I planned on running Steelix, but instead I threw together BLG (Blaziken, Luxray, Garchomp) the night before. This was my first BR this season and after seeing the victory metal with Typhlosion I wanted one bad…too bad that didn’t happen.

We arrived at the shop and it was my first time there and I must say it was an incredible shop. Plenty of space and even a snack bar. pretty freaking sweet! Sorry I’m not good with remembering last names

But lets get on with the report!

pokebeach.comRound One: ??? with Ursaring Prime.

This match was incredibly short. I start with a Blaziken FB to his Teddiursa. With a handful of trainers and supporters, I pass. All he’s able to do is attach and DCE and inflict 20 damage on me. On my second turn I Cyrus for and Energy Gain and a fire energy, attach both to Blaziken and play Premier Ball for the X and Jet Shoot for the KO and game. I kind of felt bad but I was determined to win.


Round Two: Michael ??? with Viletomb.

Boy was I dreading this match up. I must say that this was one of the best games I’ve ever played. I must admit that due to some unfortunate luck, he did not get Vileplume out until I took out both of his Fainting Spell Gengars. This game was so long and intense that I can’t tell you all the details, but the decision that I made in the end is what won me the game.

He had a Vileplume active and I had Luxray LV.X active. His bench was a Uxie, Azelf, and Haunter. Mine consisted of a Crobat G, an Uxie with 60 damage on it, and a Garchomp C with a Call Energy attached to it. With a Lightning and Call energy attached to Luxray I almost Flash Impacted his Vileplume putting 3 damage counters on one of my Pokémon.

pokemon-paradijs.comI’m so lucky I didn’t because on his turn he lied down a Curse Gengar. Did I mention that we both only had 1 Prize left? If I would’ve used Flash Impact he could have moved one damage over to Uxie for the game. Lucky thing I used Bite instead. He goes and passes due to no energy and I top deck a DCE. I promote Garchomp, level up and Dragon Rush his Azelf for the game.

It was an amazing match that forced me to think more than I’ve very had to. Thank you for that Micheal.


Round Three: Anthony ??? with Luxchomp.

This is a kid who’s been playing Luxchomp for a very long time. Lets just keep this short by saying that he out sped me and I lost miserably. He went on to win that day so congrats for that man.


Round Four: Joe ??? with Luxchomp.

I’m not going to lie, this match was really irritating. I started with a Luxray GL and I went eight turns without drawing one energy of Cyrus and he constantly Power Sprayed my Uxie drops, so again I got creamed. Not to mention my Luxray LV.X and Azelf were both prized.


pokebeach.comRound Five: ??? with Arceus.

Three words: “Oh my lord.” I have never seen such an onslaught. This was my first time ever paying against Arceus so I had no clue what to expect. All I know is that it’s an AMAZING deck when played just right.

I go first with an Azelf start to his Colorless Arceus I pass and on his turn he Collectors for 3 different Arceus, attaches a Call energy and call’s for two more…well there’s his set up. The rest of the game consisted of him Ripple Swelling, Ultimate Zone, and just running through me.



Well I didn’t as well as I had hoped but I thought I might as well share my Battle Roads report with you guys and I hoped you enjoyed it. Everyone I played were awesome people and players. Congrats to the winner. From here on out I plan to just play original decks for fun and that starts on the first when I’ll be going to my next Battle Roads.

-My good friend David for placing second the day before.
-My other friend Curtis for placing first the day before.
-Micheal for giving me an amazing match.
-Anthony for placing first.
-Trading for a bunch of Claydols and Rossie’s because the shop was giving four bucks trade credit for them.

-Having no money for lunch.
-Having the worst luck in the third round.
-Starting of strong but then losing three in a row.

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  1. Peter Bae

    good article :) lol i had the same fate as you to losing as an arceus.
    I made a report but wont know until its up xD I ran DialgaGarchomp with no Stadiums to boost my consistency. However, the arceus deck was too fast and too consistent and me not being able to get rid of the stadiums or getting off deafen early enough hurt a lot :( in the end, i end up getting 2nd place losing to the arceus deck once again in the finals :( Also your vilegar sounds like it was a really intense match :D good job :)

      • Anthony Desiata  → Garrett

        haha thanks i prolly should have warned you about Arceus i had to beat it in t4 its prolly the biggest pain close to machamp to play against with SP it makes so many things useless its dumb.

        • Garrett Williamson  → Anthony

          Ya and not to mention that just like SP it’s got its own engine but better in my opinion. Ripple swell to get all of them energy, Beginning door etc. Sam traded me the entire set of Arceus yesterday, maybe ill give the deck a try. It would take me a lot of practice though haha

        • Anthony Desiata  → Garrett

          nothing beats the cyrus engine besides the holon engine imo youll see a new deck from me if i go to the next ones lol i already got the medals i wanted so ima play to test for citys now.

        • Garrett Williamson  → Anthony

          Sweet. Thats what I plan on doing. Dude since Im a leagues leader at 2 leagues I saw the new league promos. Spiritomb and later we’re supposed to be getting expert belt and Azelf. But im Trying like a Chen lock varient right now. I threw in a 2-2 Weavile line.

        • Garrett Williamson  → Anthony

          Will do. Its actually really good. It practically won me a game yesterday against viltomb by taking out gengar X in 2 hits. Not to mention claw snag is an amazing power

  2. matthew green

    Great report. ARCEUS?! I tried that deck for so long and I couldn’t beat anything.

    I always had ultimate zone and all arceus but no energy, or energy and all arceus but no stadium, etc.

    There was always something wrong and no consistency.

      • matthew green  → Garrett

        Had three colorless in my deck. You still need to get five more Arceus…all different ones just to use the attack. Then you need to get Ultimate Zone. Once its set up you are ok, but I would think a deck running lux chomp would be able to keep it from getting set up.

  3. venny kid

    Awesome report. I had no idea Arceus could be that potent. A random question to throw out to the community: Where might I acquire 2 Uxie LA, (for not too much money)?

    • Garrett Williamson  → John

      Sorry, didnt mean to “like” that lol But you cant use it because the rotation kicked in meaning that cards from Diamond and pearl base, mysterious treasures, secret wonders and great encounters cant be used.

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