Card of the Day – Uxie LV.X (Legends Awakened LA 146)

pokemon-paradijs.comWelcome to today’s COTD! Today, I will be reviewing Uxie LV.X from the Legends Awakened expansion. I assume that you are all aware of how good this card is, but let’s start with the basics.

It is a basic LV.X with 90 HP, which is quite low compared to SP LV.X’s such as Dialga G LV.X and Luxray GL LV.X. It’s a psychic type, meaning it can hit Machamp for double +30 (double with Lucario GL). One good advantage is having Uxie LA as it’s basic, which is what I would say to be the best draw card in the format.

It’s attack, “Zen Blade” for 2 colorless does 60 damage, but you can’t use Zen Blade during the next turn. It’s Poké-Power, “Trade Off”, allows you to look at the top 2 cards of your deck, put 1 in your hand and send the other to the bottom of your deck. It’s essentially a Pokédex Handy 910is every turn, which is nice, but not Claydol nice. There are very little non-fire decks that shouldn’t use a 2-1 Uxie LV.X line(fire should probably use Ninetales and 1 Uxie LA).

In the since it’s release, it was considered to be a good card, used in many SP builds due it needing a Basic and a LV.X, making it easier to get into play. Also, it was used to help counter Machamp as well.

However, due to rotation, we lost Claydol GE, which was easily the most played engine in the format (along with Uxie), so many people are using Uxie LV.X as the engine for their deck, with some people having more success than others.

Wanna give 6p and the rest of the world a piece of your mind? Leave your comments, questions and ratings below.

Modified 4.5/5 (since Claydol is out, 98% of the decks out there are using a 2-1 Uxie LV.X line)
Unlimited 1.5/5 (Claydol IS in this format, along with being a bad attacker in unlimited seals it’s fate)

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  1. Anonymous

    I would say that the unlimited rating would be a .5 at the greatest considering that you can use NG Cleffa, Bill, Professor Oak, Erika, etc. for better draw and things like Computer Search and Item Finder for better search so it’s basically pointless.

  2. Adam Capriola

    I think we could just focus on modified ratings for future articles. Does anybody play Unlimited anymore?

    One weak point of the card is its price… I hear they’re going for $60+ on ebay.

  3. Theo Seeds

    is anyone willing to trade one? If so, it would be beast. I need one bad and will not pay 90 bucks for one.

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