Card of the Evening: Kyogre & Groudon Legend (Undaunted UD 87/88)

Today I will be reviewing one of the Legend cards, Kyogre & Groudon LEGEND (KGL). KGL is a Legend card, which means that it’ll have the usual double weakness. KGL is usually considered to be one of the better of the Legend cards along with ERL. It has no resistance and a hurtful, but expected 3 Retreat Cost. KGL also has a double weakness to Grass and Lightning. Grass will hurt a little bit because of Jumpluff, but shouldn’t be too bad as Jumpluff lost a huge amount of power with the rotation (Claydol will be missed). However, the double weakness to lightning is going to sting, meaning that with 3 “Flash Bites” it will receive a 1HKO from Luxray GL LV.X for 2 Prize cards. Let’s see if the risk is worth the reward.

Its second attack, “Massive Eruption”, forces you to discard the top 5 cards of your deck. For each energy among those cards, the attack does 100 damage. This attack has the potential to do HUGE damage. However, it could hardly be considered good because it could discard your key cards. Also, there is a chance that there are no energies among them, so you’d have discarded 5 cards for nothing as well as missing your attack. Of coarse there are cards that can help with this, but I don’t know if that would be consistent enough to be a viable deck option

Its first attack, “Mega Tidal Wave”, for WWCC will discard the top 5 cards from your opponent’s deck, doing 30 to each of your opponent’s benched Pokémon for each Energy discarded. This is one attack that, if you get really lucky, can Knock Out multiple Pokémon in one hit. It’s attack improves with the rotation, because Roseanne’s and Claydol are out, so players are running more energy, meaning that you’ll have a higher chance of doing more damage.

One thing to note with Mega Tidal Wave is that it discards the opponent’s cards, which if you get lucky, will win you the game because you just discarded multiple key cards. This card, if allowed to attack twice, has the potential to “mill” your opponent out of cards. One other good thing is that both of it’s attacks can abuse DCE.

Kyogre & Groudon LEGEND is a good card with Powerful attacks. However, they do require a bit of luck to hit a large amount of damage, so I don’t know how well it’d do in the Meta game.

Modified 3/5 (Has potential, but is a little too slow and luck based. May be worth playing if more Legend support is released.)

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  1. Anonymous

    Kyogre/Groudon could be used like a super Flygon Lv.X and focus on discarding your opponent’s entire deck. HS Triumphant is coming out with Indigo Plateau, which adds 30 HP to Legend cards will also help bulk it up. For Massive Eruption, you could use a tech like Slowking HS to look at your top cards and see if it’s safe to attack.

    • Matt  → Anonymous

      Personally I think the discard effect is what to look at more so than the actual damage it may cause to the opponent’s bench. Losing 5 cards from each attack, energy or not is incredibly disruptive early on in the game before your opponent has fully set up (not an easy task by he way), but even more devastating late game when decking out is a real possibility. If you consider the fact that almost a 1/4 of your deck is gone when you draw the first card of the game, and all legitimate decks rely on drawing multiple cards per turn (Uxie, Cyrus engine, Ninetales, even simple supporter draw) you can imagine just how effective dropping 5 cards a turn for 2-4 turns can be in ending a game quickly without even considering the damage that may build up from doing so across their whole board.

      The biggest issue is setting it up quickly and consistently and keeping it alive long enough to discard their deck down to nothing (and maybe win by spread if you’re lucky).

  2. venny kid

    “Card of the Evening”! I like it! Try “Card at Teatime” for the next analysis!

  3. Garrett Williamson

    I would par this card with slowking hgss. use 2 of them. That way you could look at the top of both players deck. Being able to look at the top 3 cards giving you an idea of how much each attack would do. If theres no energy the you have a 50/50 chance of the next 2 cards being one. And that’ll also help you decide which attack you should use at that time.

    Just an idea :P

  4. TheFresko

    Delcatty will let it OHKO anything in the format as it will put 2 energy on top of your deck every turn. Aside from that, I agree thR slowking is the only way to allow the spread attack to be even minorly consistent (still not consistent enough IMO as you’ll whiff in the top 3 often enough)

  5. Maxwell Sage

    I love this card in Blastoise… You’re already running DCE, and Floatzel + Blastoise let you power it up with minimal effort. If you can pull off two Mega Tidal Waves, your opponent’s most likely going to be screwed as far as the long-term game goes. I’ve actually drawn five prizes and wiped out entire benches with Mega Tidal Wave. I would display such a huge grin as I announced that my opponent was required to discard the top five cards from their deck. My next deck with this teched into it will be Rhyperior, for similar reasons.

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