Card of the Day – Ninetales (HeartGold & SoulSilver HS 7)

pokebeach.comWelcome to today’s Card of the Day. I will be reviewing Ninetales from the HeartGold & SoulSilver expansion.

Ninetales is a stage 1 Fire Pokémon. Fire is actually not a bad type to be because it can do double damage to Dialga G LV.X. It’s got an easily manageable Retreat Cost of one and an expected Water weakness. You probably won’t be attacking with it, because its only attack, “Will-o’-the-wisp”, for RRC does a meager 60 vanilla damage.

The reason you are probably using this card is for it’s Poké-Power, “Roast Reveal”, which was released last format. Roast Reveal allows you to discard one Fire Energy in your hand to draw 3 cards. However, it was only played in certain fire decks that could abuse it’s ability to send Fire Energies to the discard pile. All the other decks were either SP or used Claydol.

However, now that Claydol is out, most Fire decks will choose to run this card. Overall, this card is perhaps the best Claydol replacement in the Format right now. It’s unfortunate that only decks running high counts of Fire energy can really capitalize on it.

Modified 4/5 (Can only be used in certain decks, but in the ones that it can be, it’s excellent.)

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  1. Travis Yeary

    With two on the bench I can draw six fresh cards a turn. Claydol? No but it beats uxies in my deck anyway.

    • Tonu Taitto  → Travis

      You can use one Power to discard Fire Energy and draw 3 cards. Then you may use the another Power, discard another Fire and draw another 3 cards. If you have third on, you can do the same thing on third time during your turn! ;D

  2. venny kid

    Paired with Typhlosion Prime, with its Afterburner Poke-Power, Ninetails can be a beast engine. Attach and energy like regular, discard 1 for Roast Revel, then attach it to your Pokemon using Afterburner. Not only do you draw 3, but you also get an energy acceleration benefit! Plus, for every Ninetails and Typhlosion you have, you can draw an extra 3 and attach an extra energy per turn!.

  3. Peter Bae

    love the card but it can only be used in a limited deck IMO. For instance charizard. Interesting deck i see in play is with ursaring prime, roast revealing for 3 cards, than after burner to put 1 fire energy to ursaring to add 1 damage counter, memory berry, than use teddiursa’s takedown to do 80 damage xD id give it 3/5

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