Wormadam Decklist and Analysis Video

Thanks for watching PokémanDan’s PokéClass :)

This week, I’m analysing a very new deck which many people haven’t seen. I’m looking at a deck that involves Wormadam and Mothim from Arceus. It can hit hard and fast in a few turns so watch and see if it’s a deck you would like to try out!

Thanks again for watching. The next PokéClass episode will be the 9th October.


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  1. Michael Randolph

    I remember building Burmy last season, It can be a really excellent deck, now more than ever with it’s built in evolution (if VileTomb/VileGar/Whatev remains to be a big play). Great video!

  2. Andrew Adams

    Looks pretty fun to play! Good explanation of it. Play it at Battle Roads!

  3. thomas clip

    Seems like a cool idea, but if your opponent gets set up fast and is able to deal 90+ damage you’re in for some fast knockouts. Cool video though!

  4. thomas clip

    Heck, if you get a belted Wormadam Trash Cloak out that’s 60 to any Pokemon for 1 Metal Energy!

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