Card of the Evening – Drifblim (Undaunted UD 12)

pokebeach.comWelcome to today’s COTD, I will be reviewing Drifblim from the HeartGold SoulSilver Undaunted expansion. Drifblim recieved a certain amount of hype before it’s release, let’s find out why.

Drifblim is a Stage 1 Psychic Pokémon, with 90 HP. 90 HP isn’t anything special and it has a x2 weakness to Darkness, so watch out for Tyranitars and Sableyes. The 20 resistance to Colorless is a nice bonus. The free Retreat Cost is helpful as well.

Drifblim has two interesting attacks. Drifblim’s first attack for PC does 60 damage, but it also does 20 damage to itself. The obvious thought is that it could be a Mewtwo LV.X counter. Due to the recoil damage, the Colorless (Garchomp) resistance is pretty much nullified if you choose to use this attack.

Its second attack, “Take Away,” for CCC shuffles Drifblim and the defending Pokémon into the owner’s deck. This is a pretty good attack to use against a number of Pokémon, such as Mewtwo LV.X (if your deck doesn’t run Psychic energy, this would still work to kill Mewtwo), Dialga G LV.X, Torterra, Tyranitar, etc.

The most common deck this card will see play in is in an SP deck as a Mewtwo LV.X counter and to help against decks that use Tanking.

Modified 3.25/5 (Not a bad card, but its uses are sort of limited to Mewtwo and Tank counter.)

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  1. Callum Jenney

    i love this card Vs Mewtwo
    card of the evening lol

  2. Poet Larsen

    I think this card gets over hyped. The energy cost to take away your opponent is just to high. Yah a DCE will cover a lot of the cost, but for a Luxchomp deck they would have to attach an eltric energy. This is an ok card.

    • Martin Garcia  → Poet

      I would normally agree with you, but if you consider that sp decks can just bronzong an already attached energy, and that you dont waste a DCE to take care of a troublesome pkmn (donphan with belt and 2 or 3 energies, dialga with 3 metals, scizor) the energy cost is really easy to meet even in just one turn, and the benefits are pretty high.

      • Poet Larsen  → Martin

        This is Blazchomp1 returning your email. The only problem is that if your battling a dialgachomp or other SP deck, a power spray would stop bronzong g. I do agree that he can get a good card out of the way, but a garchomp c and crobat g and take it out in one hit on the bench. I do agree on most things that you said, but those two points I made is what I think.

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