Watervelet, NY Battle Roads Report

pokemon-paradijs.comI’ve been playing Pokémon for just under three months. It’s something my girlfriend was into that made sense for us to do together and sounded fun. After playing Tyranitar for the first month and eventually trying Vilegar, I ended up playing the Sablelock variant “Chenlock“, a deck created by Jason Chen with 2-2 Blaziken FB line. After awhile I came to really enjoy this deck and changed it abit for this format including a 1-1 Honchkrow SV tech. I drove just under two hours to compete in my second tournament and had a blast.

I arrived early enough with the judge, my friend Tim from league, and his son Anthony. After filling out my decklist and having it checked I was feeling pretty good… a lot better than my first Battle Roads a few weeks earlier. However I was bummed my girlfriend could not make it. The pairings were announced and I was to face Tim. It figures, we drove two hours together and play each weekly. Tim and I were bummed that we’d have to give one of us our first lost. He brought Dialga Chomp. The deck he won Oneonta NY Battle Roads a few weeks prior.

Match 1: Tim Decker (Dialga Chomp)

This match really couldn’t have gone any better for me. I start Sableye with a Collector in my hand, along with some Energy Gains and a few other decent cards. I Impersonate Cyrus’s Initiative and slam two heads! This must have been the Pokégods’ good grace for having my Initiatives being horrible the first tournament I attended.

pokemon-paradijs.comThe first few turns I set up with Blaziken, Honchkrow SV, Uxie, and he couldn’t really get going. I took around 2 Prizes thanks to Honchkrow before he top decked Collector and was able to at least make something happen. He got 2 Prizes before I level up’d my Uxie and used Trade Off, nabbing a Double Colorless Energy. I attached Double Colorless and Zen Bladed for another prize.

At this point he Time Walked and I didn’t Spray. I was glad because I used 2 Sprays later on Flash Bites. He never really recovered from the early Cyrus and I won. This stunk because Tim has helped me alot and is a great player.


Match 2: Randy (?) (Jumpluff, Shaymin LV.X, Vespiqueen)

I was really happy going into this match knowing I had a type advantage thanks to my two Blaziken. I won the coin toss, started Blaziken and couldn’t do anything on my first turn. He started to setup his bench and make things happen. At this point I was slightly nervous because I had never played against or even seen Jumpluff Played.

Next turn I drew into a second Blaziken. I used Cyrus for a Fire energy and a Energy gain. I attached both and put down the Level X. I had to Jet Shoot to get the KO. Next turn he was able to get a Jumpluff active and Mass Attack to kill my Blaziken. During my turn I debated on using my Aaron’s so early. I carefully thought out my turn and the game and decided it was worth it.

At this point I already had a second Blaziken already made up on my becnch and I brought it forward and KO’d the ‘Pluff with the Level X I had just retrieved. He managed another prize or two but I saved a Blaziken with Poké Turn. I really respected this guy for his confidence and good nature the entire game despite his type being weak to mine and in many cases times two.

pokemon-paradijs.comWith my Uxie LV.X using Trade Off and Power Spraying his Sunflora he couldn’t recover. I think he took 1 more prize before my Blazikens and Garchomps went back to work and he eventually scooped. Good Game, good guy.


Match 3: Jose M. (Sablelock)

I was excited about this match, but knew Jose was a very good player. He helped me with my deck and a gave me some tips a few weeks earlier when I met him at Oneonta BR. He placed 3rd there and after the tournament we played a friendly match, but he had a TERRIBLE hand and I actually won. He got his revenge in tournament play.

I started my 1 Unown Q as my active basic with no bench, I knew it was over. He had a Sableye start going first and we both laughed and he said “Oh man, I donked you.” Thanks to Jose for helping me out. His deck is very similar to mine and I learned alot from watching his games and playing against him.


Match 4: Fire Deck (?)

I dont know what this guy’s deck was because all I saw was a Chatot. I knew he played a fire deck from talking with other people and glancing over at his games earlier in the tournament.

The Pokégods must have felt bed for the previous donk loss I had and opted to do look upon me favorably this time. He didn’t have a basic so I drew an extra card. Crobat. He started with Chatot to my Garchomp C. He won the coin toss and went first. He attached a Double Colorless and attacked me for 40. I had DCE in my hand, Crobat, Bebe’s, Sableye and some other junk.

pokemon-paradijs.comI topdeck an Energy Gain and attach it along with the DCE, verify he does not have a basic, and drop the Crobat for Flash Bite followed by Earthquake for KO.

At this point I’m 3-1 and later it was announced I was in Top 4.

My Top 4 match was against a great Vilegar player. I don’t really remember how these games went except that the first game was very close and I made a horrible mistake.

He had Manectric and for some reason I didn’t think that I could Luring Flame his Pokémon, so I lost this Game 2 Prizes to none.

Second game I couldn’t get set up or draw into anything with Trade Off, and so I lost. Thus my second tournament and 3rd month of Pokémon concluded with a 4th place finish.

My goal was to get at least 2nd, however just making top 4 felt great anyway. It was a great tournament run by great people and all games were a blast. I realized I truly enjoy this game.

Thanks to Chenlock for being a really fun deck to play.
Thanks Tim for getting me started and giving me great practice regularly and providing us with league play.
Thanks Brandi for getting me into the game. Love you!!
Thanks Jose for helping me with strategy and decklist and playing Sablelock yourself so I could watch and learn even more. Congrats on your win man! Representing Sablelock variants.

Special thanks to Jason Chen for creating this deck and taking time out of his tremendously busy schedule and helping me with anything I had questions about or what to do against certain matchups.

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  1. Perry Going

    Great job man! Top in your second Tourney… Congrats. Maybe youll do better at the next one!

  2. Poet Larsen

    I’ve never heard of the deck chenlock, or seen the decklist. It sounds like its blaziken, sableye, and garchomp c mainly.

  3. Poet Larsen

    I’ve never heard of the deck chenlock, or seen the decklist. It sounds like its blaziken, sableye, and garchomp c mainly.

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