Oshawa, Ontario, Canada Battle Road Report

Hey guys! I finally am back with a Battle Roads report as there was a long gap between this Battle Road and the Thorton one. I said that I would change my deck up every Battle Road before, but I decided that all of the other decks are just way too inconsistent for me and decided to run DialgaChomp one more time with minor changes. The decklist will be shown soon.

Anyhow, I was kind of hoping that no one would come because it is the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, but many top players showed up like Matthew Koo, Zach, Adam, etc. So like always, I trade and spy for a bit, then the tournament starts.

pokebeach.comGame 1: Me (DialgaChomp) vs. Curtis (Weavile/Houndoom Lock)
I saw Curtis play against Matthew Koo with a Donphan deck, so I’m little bit worried that I might get donked. I have a mediocre start with no Supporters while he seems to have a good hand. He uses cards such as Cyrus’s Initiative, Judge, Team Rocket’s Trickery, Houndoom’s attack “Dark Roar” to deal 50 damage and discard cards from my hand, also using Weavile to worsen it. I end up with hand of 2 useless cards and I just want to scoop as I can’t find myself going anywhere. On top of that, he drops Chatot G to rearrange my top 4.

However, I did not scoop and went on. It seems that his Chatot G’s were useless as my top decks consisted of many supporters that help me. I end up drawing into Bebe’s Search, search for Uxie, and “Set Up” for 7 cards and get a good going. From here on, I’m climbing the hill at a very fast pace and end up winning the game only losing 2 Prizes.

Good game, 1-0.

Game 2: Me (DialgaChomp) vs. ? (Slowking/Eveelutions)
This game, I really did not see much other than the Slowking, Eevee, and Umbreon/Umbreon Prime he searched out with his Eevee’s attack. I know that if he drops the Umbreon Prime, I’ll be kind of angry with the “Moonlight Fang” attack, so I immediately KO his Eevee with my Garchomp C, and from here on, I steamroll my way in to killing all his Pokémons for the win.

Good game, 2-0.

Game 3: Me (DialgaChomp) vs. Sean La Rossa (Slowking/Kingdra Prime/Salamence)
I faced his brother, so he knew what I was playing. I thought I’d ask him what he was playing, and he told me, but did not help because I had no idea how the deck worked.

Anyhow, I have a good setup, and it seems like he does too. I get my Dialga G set up with 2 Special Metal and few other energies and an Expert Belt, he has Kingdra Prime. He puts 100 damage counters on my Dialga G in 2 turns. Kingdra Prime has couple of damage counters, enough for me to 1HKO it with my Garchomp C LV.X. I retreat my Dialga G for the cost of DCE, get my loaded Garchomp C up, level it up, heal, and KO his Kingdra Prime. However, he pulls some trickery and get’s 3 Salamence out of nowhere and the game is competitive again.

However, I already have a huge lead with Dialga G fully loaded with 4 Special Metals, and he loses.

Good game, 3-0.

pokebeach.comGame 4: Me (DialgaChomp) vs. Aleric (Machamp)
Argh!!! I was so mad and happy about this match up. I was mad for the fact that I was down-paired again, facing one of my worst matchups, Machamp, and I had no counters for it other than turn 1 “Deafen”. But I was happy because I faced him in Thorton Top 2 match, and I lost to him, so I wanted revenge.

The match begins, and I have the best hand for this match up possible, Dialga G, Special Metal, and an Energy Gain, and he “wins” the coin flip, so he went first. He attaches Double Colorless to Machop, hits me for some damage and ends. I attach Special Metal, Energy Gain, and use my SP Radar to get my Garchomp C out and Deafen him for 10. He gets his Machoke with Bebe’s Search and evolves. I know that I have to KO it this turn, but I can’t, so I get set up some more and Deafen again.

He searches Machamp out, but never evolves (maybe he did not have a fighting energy) and ends his turn. I immediately go for the snipe with Garchomp C LV.X. However, he was just waiting for me to take the deafen lock off so he could drop his Broken Time Space, and to drop his Machop to Rare Candy in to Machamp and KO my Garchomp C LV.X.

I give him a 2 Prize lead just so that I could KO him without causing my SP’s to go down. I catch up so the prize lead is 3-1 for him. I have a hand full of useless cards, he has Machamp with 50 damage counters, enough for me to KO it with “Dragon Rush”. I needed a Double Colorless, so I end up using Professor Oak’s New Theory to get my Double Colorless at the cost of 12 cards, including Power Spray. I snipe his Machamp to catch up to 2-1 in prizes and I knew he had nothing going on unless he could get a good draw the next turn.

It ends up that he has an Uxie in hand that I cannot Power Spray since it wasn’t in my hand anymore, and he uses “Set Up” to draw into a Pokémon Rescue so that he could Rare Candy back in to Machamp to take his last prize.

Good game, 3-1.

pokebeach.comGame 5: Me (DialgaGarchomp) vs. ? (Donphan/Umbreon)
I have somewhat of a good set up, and he has a enough cards to get 2 Donphan Prime out, but just enough for 1 Donphan to attack. Anyhow, it ends up that my Dialga G LV.X has 60 HP left, and I could KO his Donphan right now, but I chose not to as I thought he had a F Energy in his hand, and if he KO’d my Dialga G LV.X, that would have been game for me as I had nothing else.

So I send up my Uxie and we both just draw and pass for couple of turns. We finally draw into some cards, and started to take prize after prize. I believe we were at 2-3 Prizes, in my favor. I had a Garchomp C loaded and ready, Dialga G LV.X active, enough energy to retreat, he has a Donphan Prime with 2 fighting energy, Uxie with 6 damage counters from all the “Earthquake” and Azelf. I show him my hand consisting of Crobat G, Garchomp C LV.X and he scoops.

Good game, 4-1.

Top Cut:
1. Zach 5-0
2. Me 4-1
3. David 4-1
4. Curtis 4-1

Yay! I was very happy to know that I made top cut once again and I was a step closer to getting my 2nd Victory Medal and that I had a chance to play Zach again :D. I end up facing David’s LuxChomp and Zach faces Curtis’s Weavile/Houndoom deck which I actually really like.

Top 4: Me (DialgaGarchomp) vs. David (Luxchomp)

pokebeach.comGame 1:
This game takes awhile as we seem to have good setups, and I finally have a chance to use Dragonite FB that I teched in instead of Ambipom G, hoping to face lots of SP, but was useless most of the time. However, as I am looking for my Dragonite FB, I realize it is prized.

Sadly, that was a hurting loss, and I had no way to get an Azelf. We are both getting set up quite well and keep taking revenge kill after revenge kills. Annoyingly, I was losing 2 Prizes to 1. I had the hand to take 2 Prizes, but I didn’t know if he had enough to kill my active Dialga G LV.X. But seeing as this was my only option of winning Game 1, I KO something that was active and bring it to 1-1. I have Garchomp C LV.X to KO for the last prize, but he ends up using “Bright Look” on my Garchomp C LV.X and KOing it for my last prize with his on Garchomp C.

0-1 (4-2)

Game 2:
I see my opening hand and it’s great: Garchomp C, Dialga G, 2 Double Colorless, 1 Special Metal, 1 Metal, and something else. I see that he only has 1 basic active so I let him go first. And guess what, it’s an Unown Q. He ends and asks me if I have the Donk, I said yes and I dropped the Double Colorless to take Game 2. I really do not prefer to donk, but I always take it when I have the chance.

1-1 (5-2)

Game 3:
This game was very hard to remember as there were so many actions going on. I had a pretty good set up, and he had an okay set up. I manage to take the prize lead and by the end, I had 1 Prize left while he had 2 or 3. I have a damage Uxie active, and a Garchomp C loaded to KO his Uxie. David could not find a way out and scooped. However, after he scooped, Matthew Koo comes out of nowhere and tells him that he had an out, but he already scooped, so I win the game.

2-1 (6-2)

I am in the finals! Zach and Curtis goes in to sudden death because of time. However, Curtis did not get a kill fast enough and Zach ended up winning. I remember telling Zach that we are going to face each other in the finals and we really are, and this ended up being the best match of the day.

Finals: Me (DialgaChomp) vs. Zach (DialgaChomp)
I personally really like playing against Zach as I learn a lot from watching him play. And the fact that my DialgaChomp is a traditional build as to his creative build but very consistent.

pokebeach.comGame 1:
I have an amazing set up and he has nothing I believe. I end up sniping main threats such as his Garchomp C. He realizes that by the time he get’s set up, I’ll have an overwhelming lead and scoops to get more time on Game 2 and 3. After he scoops he asks if he could see my hand and I show him my hand consisting of few energies, Double Colorless, and my next few draws were cards like Cyrus’s Conspiracy.

1-0 (7-2)

Game 2:
Agh! I was so close to winning this game. The first few minutes of the game were constant Double Colorless drops on our Garchomp C and Dragonite FB. We end up taking like 2-3 Prizes each. However, I did not have the third Double Colorless to KO his Garchomp C, which would have won me the game as he would have had nothing left. From here on, he just steam rolls me and I scoop.

1-1 (7-3)

Game 3:
This game was just bad. He has an amazing set up and I don’t. He Knocks Out my Garchomp C which would have been the only going factor for me and I end up having to “Giant Tail” for 100 on his Staraptor FB LV.X to KO it out as If I can’t my Dragonite FB would die anyway next turn and I would have lost. So I call “Giant Tail”, everyone silences and I roll the fated dice. And it ends up being tail, and I just end up scooping 1 or 2 turns after that.

1-2 (7-4)

So Zach is the winner of the Oshawa battle roads and I’m in second seed. It ends up that Zach only beats me in match ups that matter like in Nationals and the finals of Battle Roads as to me beating him in swiss match ups. :(

However, Zach’s a cool guy and I congratulate him for his like millions of Victory Medals. xD

Here is my decklist:

Pokémon: 18

3-1 Dialga G LV.X
2-2 Garchomp C LV.X
1 Bronzong G
2 Crobat G
2-1 Uxie LV.X
1 Dragonite FB
1 Toxicroak G
1 Azelf
1 Unown Q

Trainers/Supporters: 29

4 Cyrus’s Conspiracy
3 Bebe’s Search
3 Pokémon Collector
2 Professor Oak’s New Theory
1 Aaron’s Collection
4 TGI Pokéturn
3 TGI Energy Gain
3 TGI SP Radar
3 TGI Powerspray
1 Premiere Ball
1 Expert Belt

Energy: 13

4 Special M Energy
3 Warp
1 P
4 Double Colorless
2 Basic M

The decklist is almost identical to my last report however I changed Ambipom G to Dragonite FB, but I might switch back as Ambipom G is more universally helpful. I also dropped my 2nd Aaron’s Collection for a 4th Double Colorless because of the Dragonite FB.

My results thus far:

1st Place – Oshawa Battle Road (Spring 2009 – 2010) or is it 2010-2011? :P
Top 2 – Pickering Battle Road (Spring 2009-2010)
Top 4 – Brampton Battle Road (Autumn 2010 – 2011)
Top 2 – Thorton/Barrie Battle Road (Autumn 2010 – 2011)
Top 2 – Pickering Battle Road (Autumn 2010 – 2011)
????? – Oshawa Battle Road (Autumn 2010 – 2011)

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    • Zachary Lesage  → Peter

      Exactly, use ANY edge you can get and use it to your advantage. I saw very little Machamps going into the Oshawa BR so I switched my list up according to the “new” metagame.

      Using wit before, during, and after a tournament will net you more wins.

      BTW, congrats on coming 2nd in Oshawa & Pickering and for the finals game.

        • Zachary Lesage  → Anthony

          If you showed up to the BR, you probably have some sort of desire to win right? If you are going into an otherwise unknown metagame, look around, you may be able to decide which of the techs you want to play in your deck.

          At the same tournament, I had about 15 cards and only 3 spaces in my deck, I decided by looking around and getting a certain feel for the tournament, I ended up winning it 7-0. Using every advantage will net better results than just “guessing”.

        • Martin Garcia  → Zachary

          He´s right, if you are in for the fun thats ok, but go to leagues for that. Brs are the first step of competitive players. Sure, top players dont even bother with them, but unless you are one of them, you should.

        • Zachary Lesage  → Martin

          Actually, in Ontario, ALL of our extremely competitive players play.

          Here are some of them:
          Matt K (Regional Champ 2008, top 32 Worlds 2010, bunch of other wins)
          Curtis L (Top 4 Nats, top 8 Worlds 2010, bunch of other wins)
          Adam A (Nats Champion 2010)
          Michael L (top 2 nats 2010 seniors, top 32 Worlds 2010)
          Alaric MkB (Nats champion 2009 seniors)
          Jacob L (Nats Champ 2010, World Champ 2010 seniors)
          Zach L, me (Ratings invite 2010, 5th nats 2010, bunch of other wins)
          A few “newer” competitive players such as Peter B himself
          Many other Juniors with Worlds placings and nats wins

          There were top competitive players

        • Zachary Lesage  → Peter

          Actually it is 7-0 points-wise, If you want to sum up my whole day I went 9-2. The thing is though, 2/3 counts as “1” game for points and the person who wins the 2/3 is awarded a single win. Therefore, 7-0 is true lol

  1. Emanuel da Silva

    btw why do you play so much bebe’s i know their pretty well but dont you prefer collectors and sp radars with only 1 bebe’s that shoul be enough right??

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