Pickering, Ontario, Canada Battle Road Report

Man, so after being 1 DCE short of my 2nd Battle Road win at Oshawa, I’m dying to win the Pickering BR. This is my last Battle Road of the season and I’m just desparate to win a Victory Medal. So my morale is high, and I’m very confident in my DialgaGarchomp build that has never missed a top cut yet. There were a fair amount of people and it was 5 swiss to top 4.

pokemon-paradijs.comRound 1: Me (DialgaChomp) vs. Cotie (Gyarados)
This game kind of scares me as I never really had a chance to play Gyarados at all so I have no idea if I’m prepared for her 130 HP beast. However, I believe Cotie hasn’t played a competitive deck as she just built her Gyarados at league so I had the overall advantage as I could exploit her misplays.

The game starts and I believe I go first to her Magikarp start. I had a pretty lousy start to her okay start. I manage to KO her Magikarp with a Crobat G + 2 Poké Turns and she promotes her Sableye active. She has another Magikarp on the bench and I believe she used “Impersonate” for a Collector to get 2 more Magikarps and a Regice.

I make a crucial misplay by not getting an SP Radar to level up my Garchomp C to a LV.X and I end up not being able to snipe her Magikarp out. She gets a Gyarados out and manages to take a few prizes. However, she has nothing going for her other than her lone Gyarados and I end up Knocking it Out at the cost of 1 or 2 Prizes with Toxicroak G Promo and Uxie LV.X with an Expert Belt. From here on, she struggles to get back up. She does manage to get out 1 more Gyarados, but I have the necessary cards to get my last prize for the win.

Good game, 1/0.

pokebeach.comRound 2: Me (DialgaChomp) vs. Dejon? (Donphan/Blissey)
Agh! Donphan?! I was afraid of the donk and was pretty nervous. Game starts, he “wins” the coin flip and goes first. He has a very bad hand I believe to my okay set up. We end up trading blows until the prize is tied up 3-3 I believe. He has 3 Donphans in play, 1 Blissey Prime, and 1 Blissey PL. The one with the Expert Belt is considerably damaged, and he knew that 2 KO would mean the win for me anyway so he attaches Expert Belt to all of his Donphans.

I have a Dialga G LV.X loaded with 1 Special Metal, 1 Basic Metal, and 1 Double Colorless. I use “Second Strike” to attack for 70 because of his Active Donphan having 2 damage counters. He attacks my Dialga G LV.X for 70 I believe with “Earthquake”. I top deck a Warp Energy and Warp out in to Garchomp C, level up, heal, use Bronzong G’s Poké-Power “Galactic Switch” to move my Warp Energy to Garchomp C LV.X and Poké Turn it back to my hand and play the Garchomp C back down. I attack with my Dialga G LV.X to kill his Donphan Prime and manage to get another Warp Energy and Poké Turn from my prizes.

From here on, I know I have the game and I basically win the game repeating the step, Warp -> Garchomp C -> Level up -> Heal -> Galactic Switch -> Pokéturn -> attack.

Good game, 2/0.

pokebeach.comRound 3: Me (DialgaChomp) vs. David (Gengar/Garchomp C/Blaziken FB)
Agh! I play my best friend again! It seems that every Battle Road we go to together, we end up facing each other when we are both 2-0, and he wins all of them. Anyhow, I have a pretty good hand while he has a Spiritomb start with nothing to “Darkness Grace” on as his benched Pokémons were SP Pokémons.

I manage to take a prize lead with the better starting hand, but he catches right back up with Gengar AR. I Knock Out his Gengar AR and bascially steam roll my way for the win. He manages to stall for a few turns with Blaziken FB, but I had the overwhelming advantage and I win the game for once!

Good game, 3/0.

Round 4: Me (DialgaChomp) vs. Curtis (Machamp/Kingdra)
I instantly frown, repeat of Oshawa Battle Roads. I face Machamp and I have no counter to it. There is nothing to explain, I cannot turn 1 deafen, he manages to get 2~3 Machamps out, and just steam rolls his way through while I just take 1 Prize with Uxie LV.X.

Good Game, 3/1.

pokemon-paradijs.comRound 5: Me (DialgaChomp) vs. ?? (Donphan)
Man, Donphan again. However, I am very confident with my Donphan match ups as I have been fairly successful. Although I could not get my Dialga G LV.X as fast as I wanted too, I manage to Knock Out his Phanpy’s before they became a Donphan Primes with Garchomp C LV.X. Once he got rolling with Donphan Prime, it is too late as I already have Dialga G LV.X loaded with 1 Special Metal and Basic Metal and a Double Colorless with more than enough cards in my hand to either retreat, or warp in to Garchomp C to heal my Dialga G LV.X when damaged.

I wouldn’t say I steam rolled him, but it was definitely easier than round 2.

Good game, 4/1.

Yay, if you see all my previous top 4 Battle Roads, I always seem to lose my round 4 match ups. :(

However, I’m very confident with my chance of making top cut and when the top cut is announced, I’m in third seed. The top cut looked like this:

1. Curtis 5-0
2. ??? 4-1
3. Me 4-1
4. ??? 4-1

Sorry about the question marks, I just can’t remember their name. However, before the top cut matches actually started, my opponent, the 2nd seed seems to have been very happy with the fact that he got to face my DialgaChomp deck as he said that he has practiced only against DialgaChomp and he pretty much beat it all the time. So, he just boosts my confidence up (sarcasm) and I end up going in to the match paranoid.

Top 4: Me (DialgaChomp) vs. ??? (Garchomp C/Abomasnow/Sableye)

Game 1:
The game starts off and what do you know, I have the best hand for a donk. Garchomp C, Double Colorless, Cyrus’s Conspiracy (top deck), Dialga G, Energy Gain and some other cards. He “wins” the dice roll and goes first with 2 Garchomp C’s in play. His got nothing and I believe he passed after attaching an energy. I attach my Double Colorless and an Energy gain and use my Cyrus’s Conspiracy to get SP Radar to get another Garchomp C, than get another Cyrus’s Conspiracy and an energy and I “Earthquake” for the Knock Out. He has nothing and he scoops.

1/0 (5/1)

Game 2:
Blah! I was getting worried as I drew my 7 cards. Up until the 7th card, all I had was Uxie, Azelf, Double Colorless, Energy Gain, and something else and I am hoping for Garchomp C or a Dragonite FB for my 7th card and guess what, it’s a Dragonite FB and he has a lone basic start. He says that he will go first, draws a card, attaches Double Colorless to his Blaziken FB active and ends. By the way, he was dreaded when he saw the active Dragonite FB. I attach Double Colorless and an Energy Gain for the donk with “Mach Blow” to move up to the finals.

2/0 (6/1)

I was a bit sad that both of my games in top 4 was by something close to a donk and I really didn’t get to see his deck at all. However, things happen and it just wasn’t his luck. We decided to play a third game while waiting for the other top 4 to finish, and I almost had the donk, but he was able to get heads on Snover’s Attack “Hide” and managed not to get donked. But I had the necessary cards to pull ahead whenever he had a chance to come back and I won the third game too. So moving on to the finals!

I was very sad that Curtis won as I knew this was an auto-loss and I just stopped thinking about the win and decided to play for experience.

Finals: Me (DialgaChomp) vs. Curtis (Machamp/Kingdra)

Game 1:
I must say, this is an exact replicate match of my Swiss Round match 4 as he just steam rolled his way through my DialgaChomp deck consisting of no Machamp counter. Seeing no outs, I just scoop to move on to Game 2.

0/1 (6/2)

Game 2:
Blah, at this point, I was not thinking ahead in play and just wanted to play however I felt like and see how it went. He has a Machop Active, another Machop on bench, and something else on the bench also with 4 cards in hand. I highly doubted that he had the cards to get to Machamp because he showed me a Rainbow Energy, so basically I took the risk thinking that there can’t be Machamp next turn. So I make a very bold play which made everyone go wild as I attach Unown Q to my active Uxie, retreat in to Azelf, attach P Energy, Expert Belt, Drop a Crobat G for 10 damage on his active Machop and use “Lock-Up” for the Knock Out.

As it turns out, in that 4 cards he had, he has a Machamp and a Rare Candy. I just laugh and scooped a few turns after since I definitely could not see an out. However, I wasn’t really sad as Curtis is a very good player, very well mannered and really nice. So I congratulate him on here as I did not in the actual Battle Road.

0/2 (6/3)

So I end up walking away with 4 packs again and no Victory Medals. :(

To top it off, I had horrible pulls, got a Kygre Groudon Legend top piece which I already had. I did not even get cards I wanted such as the Houndoom, but overall a great day. So once again, I will be revealing my decklist

Pokémon: 17

3-1 Dialga G LV.X
2-2 Garchomp C LV.X
1 Bronzong G
1 Crobat G
2-1 Uxie LV.X
1 Dragonite FB
1 Toxicroak G
1 Azelf LA
1 Unown Q

Trainers/Supporters: 30

4 Cyrus’s Conspiracy
3 Bebe’s Search
3 Pokémon Collector
2 Professor Oak’s New Theory
1 Aaron’s Collection
4 TGI Pokéturn
3 TGI Energy Gain
3 TGI SP Radar
2 TGI Powerspray
2 Energy Exchanger
1 Premier Ball
1 Expert Belt

Energy: 13

4 Special M Energy
3 Warp
1 P
4 Double Colorless
2 Basic M

For this Battle Road, the changes I made from the Oshawa Battle Road is that I took out one Power Spray and one Crobat G for 2 Energy Exchanger which was a great help. I found that Power Spray was just more of a dead card early game and if I could take an overwhelming lead by getting the special energies I need in early games, I could easily win the game without using Power Spray.

My Overall Results:
1st Place – Oshawa Battle Road (Spring 2009 – 2010) or is it 2010-2011? :P
Top 2 – Pickering Battle Road (Spring 2009-2010)
Top 4 – Brampton Battle Road (Autumn 2010 – 2011)
Top 2 – Thorton/Barrie Battle Road (Autumn 2010 – 2011)
Top 2 – Pickering Battle Road (Autumn 2010 – 2011)
Top 2 – Oshawa Battle Road (Autumn 2010 – 2011)

-Not missing a single Top cut
-Getting a Reverse Call Energy and some other cards I need for 6 bucks
-Dragonite FB for being very useful

-Not winning a single Battle Roads

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  1. Martin Garcia

    Just a suggetion, but if machamp ruined you day in 2 BRs one after the other, then you NEED a counter.
    Just sayin´

  2. Peter Bae

    machamp didint really ruin my BR as i still went top 2 facing machamp. I might add toxicroak G psychic, not as a counter, but for a few turns of stalling while dealing 50 damage so that I could get set up to KO machamps before it deals critical damage. I didnt think id face machamps, and if i did, ill just take the loss and win all the other games in sacrifice for getting a much more consistent deck

    • Martin Garcia  → Peter

      well, normally i would agree, as i dont run a coutner myself because i havent faced any machamps yet, but since faced it two times in two Brs and both lost, including one of those in a BR finals, dont you think that the risks now outweight the consistency you gain?
      I mean, just add 1 or 2 cards to beat 1 machamp, uxie x will beat the second, and the third will be dealt with between garchomp and dialga.
      Then again, just my opinion.

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