Card of the Day – Bronzong (Triumphant 15)

pokebeach.comWhat’s up 6p community? Today, I’ll be reviewing a semi-hyped card from the new Triumphant set, Bronzong.

Bronzong is a stage 1 metal Pokémon. Being a metal Pokémon gives it the nice bonus of special metal energies. It has an average 90 HP, an expected fire weakness and a -20 Psychic resistance, which gives it a little defense versus Gengar. It also has a Retreat Cost of 3, which is terrible, but expected.

Bronzong doesn’t have a Poké-Power or Poké-Body, so it must have some useful attacks if it wants to see play. It’s second attack is hardly worth talking about, for CC does a measly 30 damage and moves an energy attached to it to a benched Pokémon. Even if you use Double Colorless, still bad and not worth the investment. The only way you’d ever use the attack is if it’s stuck active and you have a DCE in hand.

The reason it’s receiving a bit of attention however, is for it’s first attack “Legend Ceremony”, which for one colorless let’s you search your deck for both halves of a Legend card and put them in your hand.

This card is a lot like Furret SW, which is a stage 1 Pokémon with an attack that is meant to help you set up. However, Bronzong is much worst because the attack isn’t free, a big Retreat Cost and is much more restrictive.

Even with all of that, I think the single biggest thing that will stop Bronzong is the lack of a really good Legend Pokémon. I know that there are a few good ones (ERL, KGL), but just aren’t good enough to be a successful deck on their own. Perhaps enough good Legend support will be released, so a full Legend deck can be successful, but until then…

Rating 2.5/5 (Just not enough good Legend stuff out yet, hopefully that changes.)

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  1. Tony

    A poke power would have been great with the legend search but an attack stinks. Twins would be just as effective without the downside.

    • Dakota Streck  → Tony

      What they should have made was Bronzong with this Poke-Power. However, this would only be if they wanted Legend decks to actually be good.

      Once during your turn, you may search your deck for either one Legend Pokemon (would only be one part) or one basic energy card and put it in your hand. Then, shuffle your deck.

      It would be great in a Legend deck and other decks would be able to benefit from the energy search.

      • Theo Seeds  → Dakota

        i think (i know this sounds stupid) wants legends to be good. They just don’t know about anything in the game today.

  2. Garrett Williamson

    You search your deck for a full legend and then your opponent judges/lookers….what a waste lol :P

      • Garrett Williamson  → Dakota

        I think this card will do more harm than good to legend decks. I saw something that I never thought of at my last BR where a guy was playing RD adn ERL legend deck and to win he dropped to reverse time dialgas and then used legend box to get a fully powered RD legend out in one turn.

  3. Adam Capriola

    I wish it was a basic like Bronzong G. As is, it’s hard enough to get the card out and then you’ve got that massive retreat, so you need a way to pull it back to the bench. Then you’ve got to worry about Judge and Looker’s like other people have mentioned. I’m not a fan…

  4. Zachary Slater

    I still will never understand how Bronzong G is x2 Weak to Psychic and -20 to Fire, while Bronzong’s that are Stage 1 are x2 to Fire and -20 to Psychic…

      • Rocket Prof  → Travis

        it’s because of in the game bronzong has an ability heatproof removing its weakness to fire… which leaves ghost as the next most prominent weakness, which translates to psychic in the card game…

        as described in the Video Game… and the Cartoon…

        • Travis Yeary  → Rocket

          Thank you! That makes alot of sense… I still don’t think the creators of SP or most cards play the actual card game though.

  5. Zachary Slater

    I still will never understand how Bronzong G is x2 Weak to Psychic and -20 to Fire, while Bronzong’s that are Stage 1 are x2 to Fire and -20 to Psychic…

  6. wisconsinsquad

    I think it will be played after SPs and Machamp leave the format, (with Legends of coarse). But untill then it will be a useless card IMO.

  7. Theo Seeds

    it’s a stupid starter, and maybe decent if it was a power like Sand Reset.

  8. Travis Yeary

    I saw a GKL draw five prizes in one turn at a battle roads I went to. If this guy could get him into your hand, it might be worth losing a prize. But yea, with judge and disruption such a big deal right now, you could easily just waste an attack with him. I’d try him in any legend deck if I built one.

  9. Colin Peterik

    This card deserves a 1/5.. Furret does the same job 100x better. NO, 1000000x better and still doesn’t see much play. For god’s sake, even the Dragonair from this set has a better attack.. Bottom line- If you ever play this card over Furret or MAAYBE Dragonair.. you are doing something wrong. The retreat cost alone is a huge red flag.

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