I’m Back.

Hey everyone!

I was away in Las Vegas for the weekend on a business trip, but am now back and recharged, ready to push forward with improving SixPrizes.

(Sorry if I took a while to respond to any e-mails or messages anyone sent me… I was without internet for 4 days, but think I got back to everyone this afternoon.)

Anyway, last week I talked about some changes I was going to make with the site, and I have more things in mind at the moment…

1. Even more revisions to submissions guidelines.

Here is my new proposition:

Only approved persons can submit articles to the main site.

The biggest problem at the moment is just that I get flooded with article submissions (which I’ll admit is really cool), but it’s really time consuming to read every single one and edit them. Even just to deny an article takes time I wish I could spend on other stuff. When an article is submitted, I really wish I could just insert images and post it to the site… not spend time correcting grammar and spelling.

With that being said, here are the peoples who will be able to submit articles:

1. Staff Writers
2. Underground Writers
3. Contributors

Staff writers and Underground writers are people that I’ve selected to be regular writers for the site.

Contributors will be people that I approve to submit articles after seeing some of their previous writing. Right now I’m thinking that if you’re not a staff writer or Underground writer, you’ll have to post articles to the forums.

The writers and I will monitor articles posted on there, and if we see people getting good feedback or any really well written articles, we’ll approve those people to submit articles to the main site. We’ll also let you repost your article from the forums to the main site if you wish.

I think this is a fair way to approve people to become contributors. You will need to prove yourself first before making it to the big stage.

2. I am looking for article editors!

Edit: I’ve gotten 15 or so inquiries for the editorial positions, so I think we’re good! Thanks for the interest everyone!

I am planning to make a few screen-capture tutorials to teach people how I edit and doll-up the articles for the site. I am not sure how many editors I’ll need, but if you’re interested please e-mail adam@sixprizes.com. A few people have actually contacted me already.

It’s a fairly simple job though it does take some time (but hopefully a lot less once we implement the new submission protocol). I figure if I can teach some people to do it, then that will free up some time for me so I can work more on driving more traffic to the site and improving the design as much as possible.

It will also give me time to test and actually write some content.

I think that’s about it for now… I’ll get started on updating things throughout the week to reflect these changes.

Also regular posting will return tomorrow, sorry for the lapse over the weekend.


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    • Adam Capriola  → Tony

      Yea what do you think? I’m hoping I can start winning some game via sheer intimidation. “Hasta la vista, baby.”

      • Tony  → Adam

        Ha! I love it! I have to add the poke-profile to my psychoanalysis article.I could see this coming in handy in tournaments. Say, if your opponent is getting ready to donk you, interrupt your opponent, pull out your 45, and say you attach it to your active pokemon. I think your opponent would get the picture and scoop.

    • Adam Capriola  → Tonu

      Haha I actually managed not to gamble (aside from some of the questionable “food” I ate while there).

  1. Red Ados

    This makes me a little sad . :( The beauty of sixprizes is I submit an article and it appears on the front page. I will miss that, because I have not submitted enough articles to become a “contributor”.

    • Dakota Streck  → Red

      If you are submitting good, quality things to the forums, the mods/Adam will notice that and you (unless I’m misunderstanding something) could become a contributor.

      • Adam Capriola  → Dakota

        Yeah that’s exactly how it will work. I just can’t have anyone that registers on the site be sending stuff in, if you saw some of the articles people send me, you’d understand.

  2. Anonymous

    This format is reminding me more and more of the golden years of Pojo. Which I think can only be a good thing!

    • Dakota Streck  → Anonymous

      That sounds like a good thing, lol. I’d think that 6p should be exclusive enough so the content is good, but not so exclusive that it’s impossible to ever get an article submitted.

      Overall, it should be a good idea though, give the forums more activity. The only thing that worries me is if people give up altogether on submitting articles and don’t bother with the forums.

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