Card of the Day – Regigigas LV.X (Stormfront SF 100)

pokemon-paradijs.comHow’s it going 6p community (or whatever you guys want to be called), I have another review for you today in the form of Regigigas LV.X.

Regigigas LV.X is a non-SP basic LV.X with a massive 150 HP (160 is a stage 2 Tyranitar Prime!), so it should survive a pretty good beating. It has a x2 fighting weakness, so watch out for double damage from Promocroak and Donphan Prime. I excluded Machamp since Regigigas LV.X is a basic, so it’ll already be 1HKO’d by it regardless. The Retreat Cost of CCCC is massive, but expected seeing as it’s a “Regi” Pokémon.

Regigigas LV.X offers benefit to its level down version in the form of a Poké-Power and an attack. It’s Poké-Power, “Sacrifice”, forces you to Knock Out one of your own Pokémon, which is a very steep price, so the reward needs to be pretty nice for this card to see play. When you “Sacrifice” one of your Pokémon, you remove 8 damage counters from Regigigas. In addition, you search your discard pile for up to 2 basic energy cards and attach them to it.

So, for the steep price, you get a pretty good reward (if you hadn’t, it wouldn’t have been able to be in a top 32 deck at Worlds this year). Now, let’s move on to the reason why you’d want those energy on it.

Regigigas LV.X boasts the attack “Giga Blaster” which for the massive, difficult cost of WFMC, (W for Regice, F for Regirock, M for Registeel, C for Regigigas, in case you didn’t know), does a nice 100 damage and also provides some disruption by discarding the top card from your opponent’s deck and one random card from your opponent’s hand. Lastly, Regigigas cannot use “Giga Blaster” during your next turn.

Many players, some excellent and some not, have tried out a Regigigas LV.X deck with a number of different partners, with the most common being Mesprit LA. The idea was to lock your opponent out of Poké-Powers as long as possible while to get Regigigas set up. Then, you go kick some butt with Regigigas LV.X. The other popular partner was Abomasnow SF, which really helped the match, with one plus being a counter to Donphan as well as helping against the Machamp match.

Regigigas LV.X’s biggest threat would obviously be Machamp SF, being able to 1HKO Regigigas, making your entire investment useless with the second being Donphan as Donphan can do 120 to Regigigas LV.X (or 1HKO it with an Expert Belt). One other deck that it would probably have trouble with is VileTomb, due to Gengar SF’s “Fainting Spell”. One heads and your entire investment goes down the drain.

Overall, I think that Regigigas was better in the last format, where Gengar wasn’t as popular and it had Unown G to prevent a Machamp auto-loss. I don’t think that Abomasnow will be able to fight these matches alone and Regigigas won’t be much help.

Rating 2.75 (The Meta is just too stacked against it, unfortunately.)

I want to know what cards YOU want reviewed. I posted a thread in the forums asking what cards You want reviewed. I’ll do pretty much any card that’s wanted, whether it be a situational tech, staple, new card, main attacker, trainer, supporter, energy, whatever! You can also post any other suggestions or ideas you have for the card of the day.


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  1. Red Ados

    Everyone says Gigas could be the best deck in format at my league, and they’re pretty good (top 32 at worlds). At first I had no idea what they were talking about. Then I understood. Now I don’t because you rate it 2.75/10! Dude, this is a good card and you have to understand that.

    • Dakota Streck  → Red

      Yeah, I agree it’s a great card. however, when I say the meta is stacked against it, here’s what I mean:

      Machamp OHKOs it, cause of Unown G out
      Mewtwo Lv.X blocks it

      I agree with you that it’s a good card, but it just won’t be able to do well enough this format. If I had reviewed it last format, it would have probably been about 3.75.

      • Zachary Slater  → Dakota

        Not only that, but Toxicroak G in SP Deck in itself can OHKO this card with a Flash Bite.

        It’s just really not that good in my opinion, I’ve never had trouble with it against my LuxChomp. Maybe I just play bad Gigas players, but with Sacrifice and Poison Revenge, you’re taking easy prizes.

        • Collan Baker  → Zachary

          Toxicroak G does 60 plus poison, which turns into 120 with weakness. So at the end of the turn WITH a Crobat drop they would be at 140…1 away from a K.O.

        • Dakota Streck  → Collan

          Yes, but SP can get it’s main attacker charged for 1-2 energy and an energy gain, Regigigas takes 4. Also, SP can use the SP engine, which makes it IMO a lot better than Regigigas.

  2. Tonu Taitto

    Even tho it has couple of unfavored match ups (just like every other deck has too) it can win those by playing the deck good enough. Being able to disrupt and powerlock the opponent, often you need to KO few Pokémons that causes you a problems to win the match. Drag Off Promo Gigas makes the deck really good. Gigas lost mainly a Unown G, Felicity and Azelf MT. During the past two Finnish BR’s, top-2 had Gigas mirror and Gigas vs DialgaChomp, so this is anything else than a “dead” deck. After the next set, the deck is going to be even better, trust me.

    I would personally give the card at least 4.5/5.

    • Dakota Streck  → Tonu

      That’s fine, I don’t expect everyone to agree with what I say, these are just my opinions on the card. I’d love to be proved wrong about Regigigas Lv.X, I love the card and would like to see it do well this season, but I’m not sure if it’s possible. I will believe it when I see it.

  3. thomas clip

    Great article about a (in my opinion) a mediocre card. :)

  4. John Rea

    Nice card overview. I is not card of the day it’s more like card for 3 days( every 3 days a card of the day comes out.:D

  5. John Rea

    Nice card overview. I is not card of the day it’s more like card for 3 days( every 3 days a card of the day comes out.:D

  6. Theo Seeds

    I have always liked the card, it was one of the first X’s I ever pulled out of a pack, and I think it would have potential if combined with the right cards.

    Uxie X to return OHKO Machamp

    Mesprit for slow down

    Water Arceus, Psycic Arceus, And Omnescient X to counter donphan and mewtwo lv. x.

  7. Papa_Mash

    The rotation has hurt it and it may look a little lackluster right now but it should get a big lift with Triumphant….Twins, Hunter, Black Belt and Junk Arm. Sacrifice to trigger Twins and Black Belt and Hunter to assist in maintaining the Mesprit lock. Junk Arm to get the energies into the discard and to reuse Twins, Pokemon Rescue, etc.

    As far as Abomasnow…In the last format, Abomasnow countered the three big threats to Regigigas – Donphan, Mewtwo and Machamp. Most people used various techs to try to counter these threats but at Worlds (at least) Abomasnow was used to counter all three (it’s a Stage 1 for Mewtwo and Machamp, and Water for Donphan’s 2x weakness). In addition, Abomasnow was used to slow down Entei Raikou Legend (its body Snow Veil reduces opponent’s attacks by 20). One note though, with Machamp Prime possibly coming out in the next set, Abomasnow may not be as useful against Machamp. Gengar Prime will be also be a problem for Regigigas (as well as every other deck) because sacrificed Pokemon will go to the Lost Zone and won’t be able to be “rescued”.

    Tonu noted that “Drag Off Promo Gigas makes the deck really good.” As usual he is spot on…but to me that is a huge understatement because without the Drag Off you probably just have a fun league deck.

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