PokémanDan’s PokéClass Episode 7 – Gyarados, The Comeback!

This week, I am analysing a deck that was very popular last season and even took second place at Worlds in Seniors. However, after rotation it has suffered a bit from the loss of certain cards, but here I am looking at how Gyarados can be better than ever before after the release of Triumphant!

P.S. I went to another Battle Roads on Saturday and managed to get 2nd place, only losing to the winner of the tournament, so I’m pleased with that.

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  1. Peter Bae

    gyarados will make a comeback. they are not a bad deck right now as it is. There is a girl at my league who plays semi competitively, meaning her deck isnt perfect, but it is still a pain if it gets set up right. Also, Rescue Energy will not bring gyarados back from Gengar Prime’s damage as it stands right now because of the fact that Gengar Prime’s only damaging skill is the second one, which places damage, unless you were knocked out by genger Lv.X with compound pain. No official english translation isnt out for the cards so we wont know xD however, i am love the gyarados deck and hoping it becomes tier 1 xD

    • John  → Peter

      then again, it usually takes 4 hits by gengar prime to kill GYRA (3 if they play crobat g, which most list don’t). By four turns, you should have removed the damage, either by blissey, super scoops, or hunter.

    • Shining Yue  → Peter

      gengar prime’s second attack put damage counters, rescue energy is activated by damage, so it doesnt work. Gyarados has actually a bad matchup against vilegar because of that, Fainting Spell doesnt activate rescue energy neither water rescue, and under trainer lock your only chance to restore a magikarp is combee sf. Or running 1-1 Dialga, though it carries warp energy,

  2. Red Ados

    “Regice is your main discard engine.”
    lol whenever I play with this deck my Regice is prized.
    Blissey has good synenergy with this deck. Blissey Prime heals your Gyarados (but will be sprayed) and Blissey PL heals and can discard a Karp.

    • Peter Bae  → Red

      I’d preferably run Blissey PL because of that discarding, although Blissey PL wont see play until Gyarados is fully set up, which means youd just be discarding useless supporter like Pokemon Collector. But I find PL is more consistent as its not just a one time effect

      • Theo Seeds  → Peter

        I tried blissey pl, and it was too slow to get a magikarp discarded. It works 10x better with Blissey Prime. All that I discarded with Blissey was Sableye and spec dark.

  3. Theo Seeds

    okay, for those of you who need a Gyarados list, that is not one.first of all, you need to draw into a Gyarados or you need another Impersonate, so run four.You need Unown Q in Gyarados to get Sableye out of the active slot or to retreat after you recover a Gyarados, because it won’t be a Gyarados you move up.Blissey Prime is a neat tech because it allows you to completely heal your Gyarados for practically no cost.You need Registeel as well because sometimes your opponent starts Uxie, or Azlef, or Regice, and you don’t want to give them a free trip out.Return Unown allows you to Reuse drop special Energy.You also should counter Luxray GL Lv. X Somehow.you only need 3 Volkner’s because Regice is your main discard engine.you need 2 bebes to fish out gyarados.you need 2 warp, 2 cyclone, and 4 call in Gyarados, as well as consider spec dark and luxray counter energy.

  4. Eric Lari

    Cyclone energy is very good in Gyarados and allows to get KO after KO.

  5. Tonu Taitto

    I think the Rescue enegy should be able to return Gyarados hand instead of Lost Zone against Gengar. For at least on current translate wordings.

    4 Sableyes aren’t needed any more since Smeargle UD is better starter here. I would personally run 2-3 Smergles and Sableyes. T1 Collector from Smeargles power helps the deck a lot. Even a tech Special Dark+Unown Dark has worked better than 4 Special Darkness Energies… for me at least. With a T1 Collector, you can donk the game as long as all of your Darkness Energies aren’t on prizes. Sableye and Smeargle usually want a Unown Q on to it so runnin 1 or 2 is quite vital.

    Junk Arm is going to be awesome in this deck. Rescue energy is a nice add, but I would run maybe like 2-3 of ’em only. Warp energy+Hunter combo is really awesome in Gyarados. Skeleton list also missed a Azelf (or even two of ’em) and Combee. Few Rescues and Hunter+Combee is usually enough to deal with Vileplume decks.

    Running 4 Rescues aren’t anymore so needed since you also have a Combee, Rescue Energies and Junk Arm’s to fetch used Pokémon Rescue from Discard Pile.

    I totally agree that Gyarados will become tier-1 deck once again.

  6. venny kid

    I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again. a 1-1-1-1 Garchomp (X) MD is a really cool tech for this deck. Once setup, Restore will allow you to get a discarded Gyarados from the discard on to the bench, leaving ALL FOUR Magikarps in your discard pile. 120+ TAIL REVENGE!!! Plus, Garchomp X’s Power can spread the bench.

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