Vejle, Denmark Battle Roads Report: 1st Place with Luxchomp (Decklist Included!)

pokebeach.comHello all 6P readers, my name is Søren. This is my first article on 6P I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I started playing Pokémon about a half year ago together with my 8 year old son. In the start I just went to our local Pokémon League with him, but as time passed I knew all the rules and started to get a little addicted.

Since we haven’t played for long, Autumn Battle Roads were our first real tournaments. This one was the 3rd in 2 weeks we were attending. Here in Denmark we have a small field of players so it’s almost the same people at every tournament with a bit difference depending on what part of the country its held in, so I was pretty much aware what decks I was going to face.

For this tournament I was going to play Luxchomp as it’s the deck I have the most experience with. The evening before the tournament I was going thru my deck a last time before making my decklist. I made a few adjustments, the biggest one was sending Lucacio GL on vacation and bringing in Smeagle UD. My deck now looked like this:

Pokémon – 20

2 Luxray GL
2 Luxray GL LV.X
2 Garchomp C
2 Garchomp C LV.X
2 Uxie LA
1 Uxie LV.X
1 Smeargle UD
1 Drifblim UD
1 Drifloon UD
2 Crobat G
1 Unown Q
1 Azelf LA
1 Ambipom G
1 Bronzong G

T/S/S – 26

4 Cyrus’s Conspiracy
4 Poké Turn
2 Pokémon Collector
2 Pokémon Communication
3 Energy Gain
2 SP Radar
2 Bebe’s Search
3 Power Spray
2 Aaron’s Collection
1 Luxury Ball
1 Premier Ball

Energy – 14

4 Call
2 Warp
3 L
4 Double Colorless
1 P

We arrived at the tournament about 30 minutes before start. I had a quick warm up match against a guy from my local league. There were 8 Masters today so there would be a top cut of 2. This was the first of the Battle Roads I attended where Masters was going to have a top cut.

First Round vs. Lone with Gengar/Vileplume
There wasn’t much excitement in this game. I started with a Garchomp C and a hand consisting of some trainers and the most important a Warp Energy and a Pokémon Collector. She was starting with an Oddish UD as her only Pokémon. She was going first attached an Energy and passed the turn to me. I used Pokémon Collector for Uxie, Bronzong G and Luxray GL. I put all 3 on my bench, used the Warp energy on Garchomp C bringing my Uxie as active, Galactic Switched the Warp Energy to Uxie and used Psychic Restore to do 20. Oddish UD has 40 HP and x2 weakness to Psychic so it was a knockout. [Insert Oddish UD picture]


I was kind of happy to get a good start in this Battle Roads because the two last ones I went to I was donked turn 1 in my first game. First time a Donphan dunked my single Luxray GL, and second time Sableye donked my single Unown Q.

Second round vs. Michael with Machamp
I played this guy my 2 previous Battle Roads. He was playing Tyranitar the first 2 times so I was expecting the same again. But I was to be surprised. We both get ready to start the game. I was starting with Garchomp C active and Luxray GL on the bench. When he flipped over I was not happy, it was a Machop. Doing my short time of playing Pokémon, I’ve never played versus a Machamp deck so I was kind of nervous.

pokebeach.comHe went first attaching an Energy to his Machop and dropped an Uxie, using “Set Up” to draw 2 cards, and did 10 to my Garchomp C with his Machop. My turn I attached a Double Colorless Energy and a Energy Gain to Garchomp C. I used Uxie Setup to fill up my hand. I got a Pokémon Collector and searched for a Bronzong G, Crobat G, and Unown Q. I dropped Crobat and used Flash Bite on Machop, and Earthquaked for 50 for the KO.

He promoted Uxie to his active. At this point I felt pretty much had him where I wanted. On his next turn he put Machop on the bench, levels up his Uxie to LV.X attach a Double Colorless Energy and an Expert Belt, he Knock Out my Garcomp C with Zen Blade doing 80. I put my Uxie as active level it up to LV.X attach a Double Colorless and get the revenge KO.

Next turn he puts down a Broken Time Space and evolve his Machop all the way to Machamp, attaches a Fighting energy and KO my Uxie LV.X. I didn’t see that one coming. So now I was kind of stuck with my only weapon against Machamp in my discard pile. The next couple of rounds he gets a KO each turn and I struggle a lot to get any damage on him. He is now down to 1 Prize and I have 3 left and know he will take his last prize the next turn.

My hand consists of Drifloon UD, Luxury Ball, and a Double Colorless Energy. I search out Drifblim UD, put my Driflon UD on the bench, evolve into Drifblim UD attach the Double Colorless Energy, Galactic Switch another Energy to it, promote it to active, and use Take away.


Third round vs. Peter with Gyarados
This game I got a really bad start with Bronzong G as my only starter. He gets a Gyarados with Expert Belt active by round 2, with 2 Magikarps in his discard pile. He start wiping off my entire field. The game was really quick and there’s not really much to say about it.


Fourth round vs. Brian with Gyarados
I now had to win this one to have a small chance of making the top cut. Brian is a really nice guy from my local league that I play a lot of fun games against. It’s the first time I have to play him at a tournament as he usually is the organizer.

I think I got a decent start this game. I start with Smeagle UD as active and a Garchomp C on the bench. He got a start with 2 Magikarps. I go first and I use Smeagle’s Poké-Power “Potrait” which lets me look at my opponent’s hand and use a Supporter I find there. He shows me his hand and the only Supporter he has is a Palmer’s Contribution. I can’t do anything else as I lack energy in my discard.

His turn he draws a card and passes the turn on to me again. This turn I draw a Double Colorless Energy but I really don’t want to use it to retreat my Smeagle UD, so I attach it to Garchomp C on the bench. I use Portrait again, but he has no new Supporters. His turn he draws a Professor Oak’s New Theory and shuffles his hand into his deck and draws 6 new he puts down a Regice and passes the turn to me.

This time my Portrait pays off as he got himself a Pokémon Collector when he used Professor Oak’s New Theory. I use it to find a Luxray GL, Bronzong G, and Unown Q. I put them all on the bench and use Quick to attach Unown Q to Smeagle UD, retreat it and gets my Garchomp C active, use Claw Swipe to KO his Magikarp.

The next turns goes by and he gets his Gyarados active and only one Magikarp in the discard pile due to me using Power Spray on his Regimove and KO’ed his Regice the next turn using Dragon Rush and a little help from Crobat G’s Flash Bite. He scoops when he can see there’s not much more he can do.


I wasn’t expecting to make the top cut as we were 3 players with 3-1 and one with 4-0, but when the standings went up I was placed 2nd after Peter whom I lost to in round 3.

The standings looked like this:
1. Peter – Gyrados
2. Søren – Luxchomp
3. Lars – ????
4. Brian – Gyrados

Knowing I was going to play Gyarados again I really missed my Lucario GL so I would be able to 1HKO his Gyarados with my Luxray GL LV.X.

Top Cut 1st Place Match vs. Peter with Gyarados

Game 1:
The Tournament was held in a small room so after 2 hours of 15 to 20 people playing in there, it was really hot and I didn’t have any time after my first game to get a little break. So I was starting having trouble concentrating, and by the looks of it I think my opponent felt the same way.

We both gets pretty strong starts this game and it’s very even. I get ahead 2 Prizes early KOing his Sableyes with Luxray GL LV.X. Midgame he gets a Gyarados with Belt active and 3 Magikarps in his discard pile. I’m having trouble taking prizes at this point becauase I used too many of my resources early to get ahead on prizes.

At the end I got a Garchomp C LV.X active with Double Colorless Energy and an Energy Gain, a Luxray GL also with Energy Gain. In my hand I have Lightning energy and Luxray GL LV.X. He has a bench consisting of Uxie, Sableye, and Crobat G. His active Pokémon is a Gyarados with Expert Belt and there are 3 Magikarps in his discard pile. I use Garchomp C’s Dragon Rush to take out his Uxie knowing I would be able to take down Sableye next turn with Luxray GL LV.X, by using Bright Look to bring it as active and Flash Impact for the KO.

But it’s not going to turn out that way. On his turn he attaches an Expert Belt to the Sableye and KO my Garchomp C LV.X. We are now down to 1 Prize each and he will take another next turn. I can’t KO the Sableye anymore as it has 80 HP with the Expert Belt, so I scoop.


Can you see what major mistake I did there? I focused way too much on the Sableye and didn’t realize the Crobat G next to it having x2 weakness to lightning. Oh my god I could have killed myself when he made it clear to me after I scooped.

Game 2:
I don’t remember much of this game. All the games versus Gyarados are starting to blur together. I remember that I had 2 Garchomp C LV.X and a Luxray LV.X prized, but managed to use Azelf’s Poké-Power “Time Walk” early to organize my prizes. I get some KOs on his Sableyes to pick Garchomp C LV.X up from my prizes. It’s pretty one sided as I get to Spray his Regi-Move so he can’t get his Magikarps in the discard pile.


Game 3:
The last game is very even and we start off pretty much the same as in game one exchanging prizes. But this time it’s his turn to make a game losing mistake like I did in the first. I’ll jump to the end of the game where we both have 2 Prizes left. On his turn he has an active Gyarados with Expert Belt and 60 damage on it. I have Luxray GL LV.X active waiting to get KO. He plays a Super Scoop Up getting head and returning Gyarados to his hand thinking he has Broken Time-Space in play, but he doesn’t. So he can only get Magikarp down, but not evolve it to Gyarados. He puts it on the bench and passes the turn to me.

I Poké Turn my active Luxray GL LV.X and promote Garchomp C put Luxray down on the bench, levels Garchomp C up to LV.X and Dragon Rush his Magikarp. Next turn he uses Pokémon Rescue to get his Magikarp back, but its too late. I finish the game by promoting Luxray GL levels it up Bright Looks his Magikarp and uses Flash Impact for the game.


That’s the end of my Battle roads report I hope you enjoyed it. Construtive critisism is welcome.

Winning Battle Roads
My son getting 2nd in Juniors
Drifblim for saving my butt versus Machamp

The heat in the room
Lucario GL being on vacation

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  1. Martin Garcia

    Ahh, on game 1 of the top 4, you do realise crobat has a X2 lightining weakeness, and you could have Koed it using bright look+flash impact, right?
    Also, you could have still bright looked the sableye, forcing him to attach to retreat, buying you one more turn.
    Anyways, good job on your win

  2. Peter Bae

    Great read :D On game 3, I dont think playing the super scoop up was a mistake at all. If he chose not to super scoop up to pick up the Gyarados with expert belt, you would have just flash impact for 90 for the KO. Playing that super scoop up bought him 1 more turn basically. And also, Martin, Game 1, if you read it clearly, he did realize the misplay he made when he didnt bright look the Crobat G.

  3. Andrew Adams

    The card chosen for the main picture is the one he took out of his deck before the tournament even started?

  4. Erik Gunnarsson

    Hi good job on 1st place!

    first battle report i heard from denmark, always fun to meet new people!

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