Card of the Day – Dodrio (Undaunted UD 11)

Today’s COTD is another card from Undaunted, Dodrio.

Dodrio is a non-evolving stage 1 Pokémon with 80 HP. That is quite low when you think of Steelix, Scizor and Donphan each having 140, 100 and 120 respectively. It has one of the worst weaknesses in the game, a x2 weakness to Lightning. Dodrio also has a nice -20 Fighting resistance and 1 Retreat Cost.

So, if you’re wondering “How will this Dodrio help me deck?”, I’d tell it has one kinda-good Poké-Body and one potentially good, but mostly terrible attack. “Incessant Peck”, for CC is one of those “flip until you get tails” attacks. While it has the potential to 1HKO a Belted Tyranitar Prime, you’ll be lucky if you can 1HKO Hoppip.

The only reason this card should EVER see play would be for it’s Poké-Body, “Retreat Aid”. “Retreat Aid” reduces your active Pokémon’s Retreat Cost by two while Dodrio is on the bench. While that’s not a bad effect, keep in mind that it is a Poké-Body, meaning Dialga G LV.X will shut it off.

I think that “Retreat Aid” is certainly a nice effect that would be useful in almost every deck, the problem is Dodrio is a Bench-sitter that is made a liability when Garchomp C, Luxray GL or Dialga G hit the field. Those 3 cards are some of the most popular cards in the game…

Overall, a deck that could make good use of it would be CurseGar. In CurseGar, you want to be able to retreat for free each turn, so it may work well here, but most decks will just stick with Unown Q.

Rating: 2.5/5

Note: The length of the COTDs may vary a bit depending on the card. For example, even though VS could be considered a good card, since there wasn’t any huge secret of how to use it, it didn’t require a long explanation, but Gallade 4 took a bit longer.

The Card of the Day suggestion thread is still taking YOUR requests. I’d love to know what card YOU want reviewed. I’ve already gotten a lot of requests, so keep em coming, I’ll eventually get to each one!

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  1. Theo Seeds

    i actually give it 3.5/5

    i unown q’d a teched let loose, and when it was dragged active, I evolve to Dodrio and FREE RETREAT!!!!!!!!!!

  2. John Rea

    Great article,it has the potential to OHKO almost anything. ( With flips ).

  3. Travis Yeary

    ” [ARGH!!!] So, if you’re wondering “How will this Dodrio help me deck?”” Well mateys, the answer just be 3 peg legs away from ye ship.

    I’m sorry it’s early for me, I read the “Me” Instead of “My” typo and just lost it XD

  4. Adam Capriola

    Anyone else think it’s kind of odd that Dodrio itself doesn’t have free retreat?

    I think I agree with your rating, but I give the artwork a 5/5. ;)

  5. Matthew Tidman

    I teched one into my CurseGar deck since I run a low energy count and can’t afford to retreat every turn if one of my Pokémon gets dragged active. I found two problems with it, though:

    1. Dodrio itself doesn’t have free retreat, meaning I have to waste an energy to retreat or use one of my precious Warp Energy. This can be incredibly annoying, especially since I don’t run any Unown Q.
    2. Dialga G Lv.X shuts it off because it’s a body. With the increase of DialgaChomp, it’s like a death sentence for this card. There’s nothing more annoying than wasting precious resources setting up this card only to have it become completely useless.

    It’s a great card when you have something stuck active with 1 or 2 retreat cost, but it is only useful situationally. I definitely agree with Dakota’s score on this one.

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