Card of the Day – Solrock (Triumphant TM 9)

pokebeach.comHey guys! So I’ve been looking at some Triumphant cards on the internet because I was bored and I found a very interesting card. Yes, it is Solrock from the set and it is a definitely an interesting card that might see play in many rogue decks. So why is the card interest? Well here is why.

Solrock is a basic Pokémon with a decent HP for 70. It has 1 Retreat Cost, which isn’t bad. His weakness of x2 to Grass isn’t bad either as there is no Grass tier 1 deck out right now. His attack “Sun Flash” does 20 damage and when your opponent tries to attack Solrock next turn, they flip a coin and if it is tails, their attack does nothing. So from where it stands, it is pretty much useless.

However, his Poké-Body “Heal Block” is what makes the card shine, at least to me. “Heal Block” states that either player can’t remove damage counters from their Pokémon if Lunatone is in play (but movable). This is great as now you can stop the ever annoying “Healing Breath” from Garchomp C LV.X or Nidoqueen from Rising Rivals.

You might think now that since it has a HP of 70, it can easily get sniped by Garchomp C LV.X or vulnerable to Luxray GL LV.XBright Look” than getting KO’d by “Trash Bolt” or “Flash-Impact” with 1 Crobat G drop. However, pair it up with Lunatone from Supreme Victor’s and your problems solved. Lunatone is psychic, 70 HP, +20 weakness to psychic, and a basic Pokémon. His attack “Gravity Wave” does 30 damage to each of your opponent’s Pokémon with free retreat, which is okay.

pokebeach.comFree retreat is always great, and his Poké-Body “Marvel Eyes” makes a great pair with Solrock. Lunatone’s Poké-Body prevents your Solrock and Lunatone from all effects of attacks, including damage from any LV.X Pokémon. With this, your problem of getting KO’d by any Luxray GL LV.X or Garchomp C LV.X is solved. So I guess this really isn’t “Card of the Day” but “Cards of the Day”.

This combo may sound good on paper but it has a few drawbacks. First of all, your taking up 2 of your valuable bench space. Secondly, you may think it is a great counter to DialgaChomp but Dialga G LV.X will immediately shut off both of their bodies, making it completely worthless. Lastly, it is a counter to mainly SP decks using Garchomp C LV.X. It is mostly useless against any other decks unless they run Nidoqueen. However, I found this card very interesting and found it worthy of being “Card” of the day or I could say “Cards” of the day.

I give this card 2/5 in the current format.

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  1. aizyl

    nice! i was just thinking of using this combo for my palkia lock deck; figured i have the bench space for it. i agree with the 2/5… the card is interesting enough to talk about but i don’t see it becoming a staple in the format.

  2. thomas clip

    I went to a pre-release yesterday and pulled one of those. Also got Gengar Prime, Full Legend Dialga Palkia.

  3. Dakota Streck

    This is one of those cards that, I can just tell that there is some deck these cards would work great in, but just can’t place my finger on it. Like you said, it could kinda work via LuxChomp in a spread, but it’s far from perfect. My rating: 2.5

  4. Matthew Tidman

    Had a random idea for a deck just now, Gengar/Machamp. Basically the Machamp is there to combat any SP decks and the Gengar Prime/Lv.X are there to spread/kill evolutions/remove problems from play. Only thing is I have no idea how fast it would be with two different Stage 2 lines. Might be a fun one to play around with, though. I may have to build it.

  5. matthew green

    Saw it at pre-release and immediately thought of Garchomp. Then realized with Dialga X as you said it’s worthless. There are really no other decks you care about stopping their healing.

    The only thing I can think of is maybe everything will change once SP is gone. Healing decks may become big when things slow down. Then you can stop Nidoqueen, Blissey and a few grass pokemon that heal. Only time will tell.

    • Peter Bae  → matthew

      not even just healing ,spread I believe will be huge, and with solrock, it will be absolutely horrendous wouldnt you say so? xD Imagine Electivire from Triumphant hitting 50 on everything with energy on your side, or T-Tar Prime hitting 20 on all your non dark pokemon every turn for 1 energy and not being able to heal with nidoqueen cuz of Solrock xD

      • matthew green  → Peter

        U may be kidding but it’s actually true. If there are enough ways to move energy around Electivire could be a monster.

        I was playing my son who build a fun deck with Electivire. He did 50 to two of my bench pokemon and then another 50 on the next turn. I couldn’t OHKO him so I had to wait until I had something that could before I could attach any energy. Presented quite a problem.

        Of course most of us wouldnt be running anything that heals. However, the spread may come back when SP is gone.

  6. dude

    i put this into a gengar/vileplume deck with 2 primes as the main attackers. spread 4 damage counters around then compound pain for multiple prizes. drop a darkrai/cressy legend and take a couple cheap prizes if they KO your gengar since it only takes 1 psychic energy to use the attack that moves damage counters around.

  7. venny kid

    It’ll be great when Black and White come out. I think healing is gonna be big because they’re errata-ing all Potion cards to remove 3 instead of two, so I think it’ll be great next format…

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