PokémanDan’s PokéClass Episode 8 – Donphan & Its Many Decks

This week I am analysing Donphan Prime from HeartGold & SoulSilver.

This card pairs well with an array of different Pokémon and I’m going to be showing you a few today. Maybe you’ll decide to run it in your next tournament?


P.S. Thanks for all the comments, subscribes, and support from everyone.

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  1. Mike Kozerski

    I’ve been running the Donphan/Manectric deck with some crobats and uxies for about two weeks now and its going great.

  2. George

    Despite all the naysaying…this is a fair look at Donphan. I would suggest play testing it paired with Hippowdon from Rising Rivals and Hippowdon Lv X. The Sand reset really hurts your opponent and both Donphan and RR Hippowdon begin hitting with just one energy attached. Plus, Hippowdon RR pulls out the Fighting Energy from the discard pile with its first attack. Adding Stark Mountain will allow you to build Donphan on the bench faster. I would still tech Manectric into the deck OR perhaps Sandslash Supreme Victors. The Sandslash’s Pokepower Dig Down lets you look at the top five cards in your deck each turn, grab the fighting energies you find there, and shuffle the others back into the deck.

    Just some thoughts not included in the video.

    Keep up the good work Dan!

    • venny kid  → George

      Believe it or not, I’ve tested Sandslash SV in Donphan, and it didn’t work out too well. My variant was the simplest DONKphan variant and it ran only 8 basics (Phanpy, Uxie, Relinclanth, Sandshrew) and started with Sandshrew way too many times. Also, running 8 fighting energies meant that there was rarely 1 in the top 5 cards in my deck for some odd reason. It didn’t work as a tech for me, but that’s just my opinion…

  3. Peter Bae

    to be honest, I don’t this this is the format for Donphan right now. I mean DialgaChomp just eats Donphan Decks, well from my experience it does, it handles donphan quite well, LuxChomp is barely seeing play, against VileGar it isn’t the best, I mean I just can’t see it being that viable.

  4. Theo Seeds

    i noticed the nidoran is mt…. wassup with that? Nidoran RR is what it’s all about. Let’s face it, you are allowed to play it in tourneys and for a dce you search a supporter. And the new TU one is cool as well.

  5. Blake Smith

    I think the main reason Luray Lv X isn’t seeing as much play as Garchomp C Lv X is because of its ridiculous price. LOL!!!

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