Card of the Day – Staraptor FB LV.X (Supreme Victors SV 147)

pokebeach.comStaraptor FB LV.X is a very interesting card (skipping the intros today) that a lot of people don’t reconize as being so. Staraptor FB LV.X right way gets the bonus of being an SP, meaning it can (ab)use the SP engine, which is always good. How will it help you? It has a Poké-Power and an Attack.

Staraptor is has a low 100 HP, a terrible Lightning weakness, a nice -20 Fighting resistance and a great Retreat Cost of 0.

First off, is its Poké-Power “Fast Call” which lets you search your deck for one Supporter card each turn and add it to your hand. I’m sure you all can see how it could be useful in an SP deck. Staraptor can start your Cyrus’s Chain or get an Aaron’s from your deck mid-game without forcing you to fish it out with Cyrus’s, thus breaking the chain. It also allows you to play certain supporters in lower counts because you are able to fish the one you need out of the deck.

Which is better, Cynthia’s Feelings, Professor Oak’s New Theory or Copycat? I’m sure I’ll get a lot of different answers (I personally prefer PONT). With “Fast Call”, you could play one of each so you always can have the one you need. Pokémon KO’d last turn, get Cynthia’s, opponent have a 10 card hand, get Copycat, opponent have a 3 card hand, pick PONT. The possibilities are endless. Note: You could remove one of the above cards in favor of Judge if you like.

It even boasts a nice attack, Defog with for CCC (DCE + E-Gain) will do 40 damage. However, if there is a stadium in play, it does 70 damage instead. This will allow it to 1HKO Garchomp C LV.X, which is excellent, making it an effective Garchomp counter.

The biggest drawback of this card is the x2 Lightning weakness. In one way, Staraptor FB is great for the mirror, but the weakness makes it much worse. Overall, it’s a nice engine that’s great for nearly all match ups apart from LuxChomp, where it could be liability.

Staraptor has replaced Uxie LV.X in a lot of decks, which most say is a good thing. However, doing this helps a lot of matches, it hurts your Machamp match.

Rating: 3.25/5 (Good card, but with Luxray GL so popular, I’m doubtful to its use in the LuxChomp match.)

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  1. the sidewalk

    I kind of want to run a 3-1 line of this in VlieGar instead of Spiritomb, and run a bunch of trainers to help me get set up. It doesn’t really sound toooo promising, but the ability to use any supporter whenever you need it, while your opponent is relying on top-decks sounds fun.

  2. Zachary Slater

    I don’t think it’s that good at all, as was stated in the review: Luxray GL hurts it too much, weak attacks, low HP, Smeargle/Sableye/PONT/Cynthia don’t make it that worthwhile. Especially not in SP, since the Cyrus Engine can keep you running.

    • Dakota Streck  → Zachary

      I think its attack is pretty good, being able to OHKO Garchomp C and Dragonite FB is good.

      When you put a tech into a deck, you want it to cover as many of the deck’s weaknesses as possible.

      For example, Honchkrow in Sablelock is a Machamp counter, Mewtwo Lv.X counter and a much needed heavy hitter in the deck, plus something else I forgot.

      • Anthony Desiata  → Dakota

        to add to dakota a way to get quick prizes while not using garchomp C

        and also to pkmnprime

        idk about you but it looks like the meta is being shifted downplaying SP’s and dont forget you can still tech staraptor into non-sp decks because of its free retreat and easy ability to get it out.

        but note when teching cards ppl really need to look into the card and say exactly how much will i need this card,is it a tech at all or is it a staple card in order for me to get setup? The ability to tech correctly accordingly and not stressing on the tech is what makes teching “skillful” and proves A. you made the right choice or B. you made the wrong tech choice.

  3. thomas clip

    Searching for different supporters is pretty good… I wouldn’t use it’s attack too much in a game though… 3/5

  4. venny kid

    Initiative/Judge for extra disruption mid-game to slow recovery. 8/10!

  5. the sidewalk

    I attribute a large portion of TPC’s reason behind our impending HGSS-on format to this card. They knew that this would be the new Claydol, if it were RR-on, and would force newer players to go home or go on eBay.

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