Card of the Day – Rescue Energy (Triumphant TM 90)

pokebeach.comHey guys! Peter Bae here today to do a Card of the Day article. Obviously stated in the title, the card today is Rescue Energy that has been released in Triumphant. So why is this card worth mentioning? Let’s go on ahead and find out!

Rescue Energy is a new type of Special Energy that was just recently released, and probably one of the greatest cards for stage 1 or 2 decks to compete on an even level with SP variants. Like most of the Special Energies, it provides 1 C Energy on the attached Pokémon. However, the effect of the card is that when the Pokémon with Rescue Energy attached is Knocked Out by damage from an attack, instead of going to the discard pile, the Pokémon is sent to your hand (all attached cards are discarded). WHAT?! This card gives you an instant recovery after being Knocked Out by damage! This card brings all stage 1 or 2 decks to a new level and probably going to see play in almost any stage 1 or 2 deck.

Like always, whenever something good walks in, you can’t help but wonder what are the bad things that come along with it. Rescue Energy, a great card, also has pretty bad drawbacks. First of all, the Pokémon has to be Knocked Out by damage from an attack, which means that placing damage counters (Gengar SF mainly), Poké-Powers (Crobat G’s “Flash Bite”), and knock outs by conditions will render the card useless.

However, I firmly believe that the pros of this card outweighs the cons greatly and it is definitely a card that will see play in all stage 1/2 decks and even some SP decks. Just imagine you finally Knock Out that Gengar SF with Uxie to avoid “Fainting Spell” only to see it again next turn with the help of Broken Time-Space. Or how about having to Knock Out the same Gyarados over and over again.

Rating 4.5/5

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  1. Dakota Streck

    I’ve tested this in Gyarados and I must say, it’s amazing. However, I personally find that 3 works the best.

    Also, it doesn’t work that well in most Stage 2 decks. Either they have room for special colorless and will run Call, DCE or perhaps Warp, so finding room for this in most builds will be hard. Even if it’s a colorless deck like GArchomp SV, you need to watch out for Scizor Prime.

    • Peter Bae  → Dakota

      I really think that getting Gengar SF with rescue enrgy will be a pain to deal with. I mean you have to attach 1 more energy to use poltergeist, so why not rescue, it can be ran as 1 card tech, up to maxed out 4 at the cost of call energy or some supporters.

    • Jonathan Wiley  → Curtis

      Not 100% sure what your asking here. But if your asking if it Only works for stage 1 and 2 pokemon and not basics that is incorrect. The Card states “If the Pokemon this card is attached to is Knocked Out” – Does not specify what it has to be.

      If thats not the question you are asking, please try and make sense of it.

  2. Perry Going

    problem i have though is fitting it with call and warp already in my stage 2 builds

  3. DrMime

    Another deck balance issue to think about is how much of Rescue Energy vs. Seeker/SSU–haven’t resolved this in my mind yet.

  4. Travis Yeary

    I played a Gyarados deck with these in there. He was getting out Gyarados left and right, he’d always have one out with one of these on it, it was insane!

  5. venny kid

    Watch out for Scizor when running though…. But a great card overall!

  6. Andrew Adams

    Ya thinkie 1 Rescue with 2 Energy Exchanger will do?
    I figure I won’t want to be wasting attaches on it early on, and by the time I need it I’ll probably have at least one of those. But, haven’t tested it yet.

  7. Anonymous

    I played against a G-dos with Rescue Energies and I ran through it with DGX. I just kept using “Remove Lost” to get rid of the Rescues and healing. lol

    But I know Rescue Energy is a great card and I expect big things to come from it if it is played right

  8. dude

    i play it in magnezone. its pretty awesome. i play 2 SF (lightning type) and 1 prime for draw power after judges. play it like cursegar, use tomb to set up and switch to it after hitting with zone. after getting the energy for attack on it, i attach rescue energy. once a zone gets koed, i get all the stuff back, lay it back down, lvl up the other zone that should be on my bench, then super connectiviy energy to my new active, then attach to my bench or attach another rescue energy to my new zone (assuming i havent already)

    its awesome!

  9. Erik Gunnarsson

    when i see this card i just think GYARADOS PERIOD!!!

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