PokémanDan’s PokéClass Episode 9 – Allergy Flower (Vilegar Analysis)

This week I’m analyzing a popular deck from the previous Battle Roads.

Vileplume/Gengar locks trainers from both players, and I’m briefly going to analyse how and what to play in it.

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  1. Gallade Ava

    Good analysis, I’ve starting running a VileGar deck recently and find that Cyrus’ Initiative and Seeker come in handy. You can check your opponents hand (if you’re getting a heads) and so they can lose their Bebe or PONT they need to refresh or to put that Dialga Lvl X at the bottom. Seeker can pick up the ‘Plume if you need any trainers to play like Expert Belt and such and play it back down with BTS.

    Nice vid!

    • Daniel Middleton  → Gallade

      Thanks :)
      Yeah Cyrus Initiative is interesting, never tried that before. I’m guessing it would be great for getting rid of their PONT and Bebes as you suggested.

      Gald you liked the video.

  2. Anonymous

    I think the British Accent is what makes these videos so good :)

  3. Theo Seeds

    where’s the love for promo noctowl hgss07 or something like that? What about teching a cursegar?

    • ostrigal ostrigal  → Theo


      I’ve had success running a cursegar along with the two fainting… spell-ars. Cursing damage around is a great preamble to both level-down and compound pain. Hitting and running is also nice.

  4. Peter Bae

    Judge is horrible… why would you want to reduce htier hands to 4… mnost of the time, they will be playing with a hand of 6+ cards full of trainers, using judge only makes you lose more damage

  5. John Kettler

    By and large, this was a great introductory description of the deck. “Where’s Noctowl?” and “Judge is bad” seem to be relatively trivial in comparison to how good this is at starting off players in a deck.

    Great job, PokemanDan.

    • Daniel Middleton  → John

      Thank you :)
      I hope everyone understands that I cant cover eveything in my analysis. I don’t like giving complete lists as I don’t like the idea of people copying. What I suggest are just merely suggestions and you fill in the gaps.

      Glad you enjoyed the video and thanks again.

  6. George

    I have to agree with John Kettler, where’s the Promo Noctowl? Nightscope is a Pokepower that allows you to look at your opponent’s hand every turn. Then instead of Lookers you can have more disruptive Supporters like Judge, Cyrus’s Initiative, etc in your deck.

  7. chrataxe

    Yeah, I don’t really agree with the Judge concept. You said you can use it to make your opponent shuffle back a Bebe so they can’t put back trainers….but, Judge shuffles their trainers back in. So, either way, your opponent gets to put back trainers. I think if you are looking at this strategy, Looker does just fine.

  8. Kurt Roy

    Putting a judge in a deck would be like holding the door open for a bank robber. The whole point of the deck is to clog up your opponent with trainers. Drawing 4 cards from a judge means those 6 trainers he just had in his hand of 15, comes down to MAYBE 1 trainer in a hand of 4. The odds just aren’t there to get sufficient OHKOS.

    Great video though, I love your accent.

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