Card of the Day – Raichu Prime (Undaunted UD 83)

pokegym.netHey guys, what’s up? I know that you haven’t gotten too many COTDs from me the past week or so. Sorry about that. I’ve been having internet trouble, but we’re working on getting it up asap. Okay, enough about me. On to the review!

Today, I’m reviewing Raichu Prime from Undaunted. Raichu Prime is a Stage 1, 100 HP Pokémon that evolves from the loveable Pikachu. It has a bad Fighting weakness, a nice -20 Metal resistance and an average Retreat Cost of 1. It’s Lightning-type, so you can hit Gyarados for weakness, which is great.

Being weak to Fighting and only 100 HP means it won’t last too long, so you’re going to want a card that hits fast for 1-2 energy. Unfortunately, that is the complete opposite of what we get.

Instead, we get an attack in the form of “Mega Thunderbolt”, which is for LLC, does 120 damage, and makes you discard all energy attached to it. I could be wrong about this, but, in my opinion, the card won’t be amazing even if you didn’t have to discard any energy. Sure, the damage output is some of the biggest in the format, but it takes 3 turns to get set up just to do a 1 time 1HKO.

So, we’re off to a kinda rough start. Can its Poké-Power make playing Raichu worthwhile? Well, not really. “Voltage Increase” lets you move as many L Energy as you want attached to your other Pokémon to Raichu Prime. First off, it’s always nice to have a non-Sprayable Poké-Power. Other than that, it’s not amazingly good. Sure, you can use a Basic Pokémon with “Recharge”, then switch the energy to Raichu, getting a quick 120, but after that it’s kinda meh.

One deck that could potentially benefit from playing this card is Magnezone. Magnezone decks got a nice power boost with the release of Magnezone Prime, which is like a mini Claydol. However, I wouldn’t even recommend playing it here as Magnezone Prime outclasses it in this category as well.

Overall, Raichu Prime is a card that isn’t bad and you know that, but it just isn’t good enough.

Rating: 2.75/5 (Fits into too little variety of decks, and, the ones it does, it doesn’t do much for them)

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  1. Anonymous

    You could, as JWittz puts it, play a Raichu Prime Lv.X to blind your opponents with ridiculous amounts of shiny foil. =P

  2. wyeth miller

    personally I prefer the one from heartgold&soulsilver, just because it makes a better rogue deck.

  3. wyeth miller

    personally I prefer the one from heartgold&soulsilver, just because it makes a better rogue deck.

  4. venny kid

    I have a problem with my prime (Donphan) :( Its in mint condition but has a significant bend due to the foil (I think). What can/should I do about it?

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